Zilch’s DIY Home Cockpit

this video is kind of a response to people online who have asked me what kind of home cockpit I'm using and controls and stuff like that for things like DCs and I play a lot of star citizen also and I found that playing at a desk was completing an adequate for using a um sorry flight stick and the throttle you have any auxiliary controls like that g13 there you know everything's weird and you got to move it all around so I wanted something that hold all my controls in the right place was super comfortable and was easy to make because I have zero skills in woodworking none so I looked online for some design ideas saw the acres barns tried it screwed it up like I said I have no skills so I ended up making something it was entirely right angles so pretty easy to cut so you put together other people designed really cool stuff that's super impressive that looks exactly like real world aircraft or a hypothetical spacecraft or something like that but my problem is well first off I'm not that skilled so I couldn't make it anyway second I play DCs obviously there this is the a-10 that you see here 8nc but there's like I don't know a dozen different aircraft you can fly in DCs so to me it didn't make a lot of sense to build an exact copy of for example in a 10 when maybe 30 minutes later I was gonna be flying p-51 or an f-86 or even this Starfighter like an x-wing or you know playing star citizen like an M 50 or a hornet or something like that you know if you look down your controller don't myth what you see up here and it's like ah you know it just doesn't make much sense anymore aside from that what I found out is that when I'm playing a simulator all I'm looking at really is up here everything else is all by feel so as long as everything was in the right place I was gonna be good to go so what I did is I got a an office chair and I said it to a comfortable hike put the pedals a comfortable distance away you know measure the distance between the top of the chair to the ground and then the distance from the front of the chair or the pedals and all that other stuff and then I got a couple of benches put one on each side of the office here and stacked books to get the controllers at exactly the right height that I wanted him to be so they were super comfortable and then designed the boxes around that those measurements then I just built the table from a very simple plan I found online there's nothing to this table it's just some two by fours oh bring him under it did I put the surface on top computer self goes back here it's been opens I've been working on it CS products flat yolk Xbox 360 controller those are doing use a whole hell of a lot but there they are the yoke is really cool I like it a lot but I don't have a wait a minute yet I'm gonna install something later this is a seat from a nineteen ninety-six Mustang I owned a 98 Mustang loved the seats so I just want to impress list to find something I know it's gonna be comfortable for long trips the Mustang is super comfortable I've driven across the country a couple times never got sore or tired so I just duplicated it 20 bucks or was it dirty doesn't matter really cheap and then the ugly part I had to anchor it somehow so I just put two by fours and screwed everything together and then screwed those and the reason that platform is up on 2×4 rails like that is because like I said I have zero skill whatsoever so I put the screws up through the the board from the bottom side and then want to scratch the floor so I just lifted it a bit with this two by fours unintended and happy consequence when I later bought the surround sound it just happened to fit under here to the subwoofer when there's an explosion this whole thing goes wrong so it's kind of like a happy accidents surround sound I got later and that's pretty much it these are just boxes you can and give you the measurements I think it's like these are this is the like IKEA style shelfing board I think it's 10 inches wide I think this is 11 inches long 11 no 10 and a half inches by 10 this part is 25 inches off the ground this is 21 and I think the whole thing is like 12 20 ways into the 2021 so when I put it together I thought yeah I'll just put some hinges here in here these both leaves open up so I can put all the peripherals will actually fit in here and the other side I can fit the computer case so that's kind of cool if you need to move I put checklists and stuff in there to find DCs when I forget how to start up the you know f-86 or whatever you can always refer to it wireless keyboard when I'm typing a paper or something I just put that in my lab so that's it simple design nothing to it two boxes the platform when the car seat on it and then a simple table I built the only thing it was expensive and it was like pre-made there's something it was like you know it's too much but um the only thing I could find that's really gonna hold four monitors that I'm gonna have eventually have right now these are just coat hangers I have a webcam for my live streams here but hipbones over there um eventually these will have monitors on them some device that um that's my old monitor from years ago I just use it as like an auxilary no this is my it's my main gym so let's hop in the pseudo cockpit show you how it works sorry about the bumpy camera here no it's kind of hard to get in but once you get in super comfortable nothing is anchored in part of the reason I built this on a platform is I thought I was gonna have to tie down these pedals with like tie wraps or screw or something like that to come from sliding around but they actually don't slide around at all which is good I guess I need to like move them or something and I got the long legs and if I was sitting like this for a long period of time I'd get crampy so well thing is every people complain that these pedals are too close together the CH product one I don't think they are pretty comfortable I just sit naturally and use my toes on them and they rock if I want to stretch out boom comfy this goes here I was gonna anchor it permanently but there's a lot of problems with that mostly getting in and out of the cockpit also if it's too far forward it'll hit the monitor of too far back it just feels weird you can make that joke Logitech g13 the most little thing I've ever used and you can program this to do anything this little LCD screen here does an amazing number of things there's applets you can download the people have made that are super cool there's like a ton of proof you can set up whatever profiles you want each profile can have three like subsets and you can change these colors to be whatever you want it's super cool and it does everything I have a friend who's an accountant somehow he uses it for accounting I don't know how but it's got macros it's easy program it's amazing you can only get one peripheral it's not like a joystick you need for flying this may be the one to get because it's super great this the key to my hotel I think joy-silk I like CH this feels great it's gonna last forever whoa and I started cruising here why the bricks let me pause that actually um personal preference whatever feels good to you has the right number of buttons you can have them with twist this one doesn't have twists but it's got you know if you look I'll show you in DCs here this looks almost exactly like the stick that's in the 8nc and the f-16 is modeled after those there's a 4 way 4 way 4 way 8 way button button button it's got a one-stage trigger and it doesn't have the that's the difference between this and the thrust mentor semester warthog this has a one stage trigger only instead of it too and it doesn't have there's like a pinkie slap switch right here that the warthog has that this does not anyway this is plenty good enough for my purposes the key to the whole hotel thing my opinion is actually this because it's got all the buttons you want no there switch it feels really comfortable it's gonna last forever because it's a CH products thing hate way for my for way for way three buttons this clicks in like an analog stick because it is an analog stick and that is critical um because you have another two axes you can use and it clicks in click click click click and you can use this as a mode switcher or just use it as a regular button that's also switching modes don't use it but you could first start citizen or really dangerous this is the perfect strafing controlled strafe left right up them what however you want to set it up because it works exactly it feels just like a gamepad you know like if you've never used one of these you already know how to use this it's just super comfortable super natural so um not super natural like Ghostly but it's just natural you know what I mean so that's great I get asked a lot about that if you watch my videos playing stars it is in or whatever I have full real-time six degree of flight control over everything and that little stick right there is exactly why that it takes a little getting used to slightly because you see your thumb comes in contact it doesn't feel exactly like a gamepad but you get used to it and it makes sense with how this thing is designed I'm kind of light but I like it that way and as you can see it doesn't slide around or anything it's a little rubber feet on there hold it down pretty good um I thought I was gonna have to anchor this but I don't think like us sometimes I want to hear sometimes I want to hear no you know just whatever I don't like things perm really fixed track I are also critical for is like DCs hopefully support for that will come soon four stars a decision oops I dropped a speaker you just one second I'll show you how everything kind of comes together nothing too fancy here you've seen BCS walkthroughs er what's plays or anything you kind of get the same effect but I wanted to talk about these Thrustmaster MFD things as you can see they look very much like what's in the actual aircraft I think they were modeled I'm sorry turn in my head and you know my hand at the same time they're you know the buttons and the rocker panels work exactly as they do here in the actual simulator which I would assume work like they do in the actual a 10 and a 16 so you can see this what's in this screen here is duplicated I'm sorry what you see here is extracted and duplicated here in my secondary monitor you can see the map and I'll zoom in a little bit you can see the map what I like about it is let's say I didn't have this screen at all I would have to lean in real close and as you can see sometimes a track IR gets a little confused when you get your head close to the monitor and goes all over the place it gets a little squirrely whereas right here I just got a look at it it's not going anywhere and it looks you can see the detail there it's pretty high over here doesn't really matter so much just letters but you can see all the numbers on all the icons and stuff like that if you have a wing man you can see them there's all kinds of stuff that I never noticed was up here when you extract it onto a bigger a viewport it's awesome now all these buttons work very intuitive least you got a target upon let's actually keep this in actually I haven't turned on the target upon clicking stuff in the simulator um let's say you want to manage your weapons so you go to dismiss in a digital stores management you want to turn the missile systems on you do it like that it works pretty great target pi is still warming up detectable awareness display I'm sure your map you can do all the cool stuff that you can do in the actual aircraft just like so that's pretty much it um oh yeah in DC s2 same thing get that targeting pod cooking it's still warming up ittsan messages for their crafter players that's my CDU navigation target pot still warming up but um in dcs that's what I use this for I use that to slew the targeting pod around or if I'm in a 15 that's also great to move the radar cursor and designate targets that's pretty much everything as far as the design of the cockpit and all that stuff goes I not gonna be able to actually fly the aircraft in filming with my phone at the same time without crashing if you want to see me crash maybe that's how you are me that's how you Gary jollies I don't know but that's it um super easy and again I have all these controls and I'm super happy with all of them I don't think I want anything else for this except for that monitor and then lerner and then my design will be totally complete and I'll be super happy with it maybe even if I never get those this is great how it is I wouldn't change a thing very comfortable I could see here for hours I know because I've done it probably too many times and um all told if I took this kind of the mount for these monitors out this whole project would be under 100 bucks just put all you need is the buy you some wood you can use cheaper wood than this but I did like this because it wasn't warped just cheap lumber and that's it 100 bucks maybe 150 if you make mistakes like I did then you can buy whatever metal you need the controls I picked up one by one overall I'm bearded so it's not like I threw down a bunch of money all at once it took me years to collect all the cool stuff that I wanted and I'm finally where I want to be it's pretty cool feeling um targeting pod let's go I'm just kind of want to show you how that looks real quick the air-to-ground mode it's just getting shots at the runway right now so what the cool thing is if I slew it around you can actually see the pod on the wing where on earth so nice little touches that make DCs awesome anyway that's it hope you enjoyed it um I feel like this let me know how if you try it out you want some advice or some tips or you have any advice for me send it on and I'll listen to you and hardly reply when they can alright see you later and good luck

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