Zero Waste Chicken Feeder

A zero waste chicken feeder. I should have
built one of these a long time ago. Lets get started. I have most of the pieces
I'll be needing already cut to size. The front, sides. And here is the back side. Some pocket holes will start my day. I'll use these to attach the sides to the back of the feeder. Notice I'm only drilling pocket holes on one
side. Thats because I won't be using pocket holes to attach the front. So far so good lets attach that front. Nothing a little glue and brads won't take care of.

Flip it on its head. Spin it around. Attach the bottom. Alright its time for the front inlet…feeder….awning
thing…you know the part that the chickens will stick there heads into to get the food….you know the hardest part
about all this is actually coming up with names for all this stuff. I got an idea. Just… all that I'm
doing…..and enjoy. I need to attach an L shaped piece inside
the feeder about an inch or two from the bottom. This is going to prevent all the food from just spilling out onto the ground. You
know because it wouldn't be a zero waste chicken feeder without it. Pocket holes is how I intend to attach it
to the inside. A cut list and materials can be found at my

Simply Easy diy dot com. Check the description. I'll have the link. The lid is slightly oversized so I can attach
a lip to keep the moisture out. Hinges…obviously. An entire 50 pound bag of feed fits inside
and After a few coats of wood protection, it didn't take em long at all to figure out
where the grub was. Hey thanks for watching subscribe if you havn't.
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