Woodworking Shop Tour 2019 – 2 Car Garage Workshop

Welcome back to Fix This Build That I'm Brad and today I'm gonna be taking a tour of my workshop aka my two-car garage I'm gonna go through the whole shop today But if you want to see how the shop has progressed over the years, I got a link right up here There's a playlist you can see the other two shop tours I've done in this same space and a lot has changed since the first one, but just to get started The whole space is 31 by 19. So it's about a car and a half or a car and a half deep two-car garage So that's what I'm working with, but I do have it all to myself other than the small little space for the kids toys Which I'll show you guys a little bit later someone get started over here in the corner Then we'll work our way around the shop but the new thing that I'm most excited about is the cabinetry that I've added in the updates and I'm actually gonna start shooting all My intros against that wall so let's head over there and take a look This is one of my favorite parts in the shop.

This is my modular garage cabinet system and I have this nice little corner I just finished up I do have plans and videos for all of this that you see and For most of the things that you see that's made out of plywood in the shop So I'll have a whole playlist out there Linked down in the description if you want to see how I built any of this stuff Not going to go over to ton because I have full videos on that as well as plans But basically I have a couple different styles of upper cabinets and lower cabinets for different kinds of storage whether it's two doors With some cool little cubbies and things inside here.

I've got my finishes over in this one and then down below This is just some long term larger storage got some glues and different things down in here And these are just a great place for me to have total storage over here on this other side I've got a nice little tool wall where basically I have the things that I use the most And so I'm gonna have a lot of my little hand tools measuring devices Tape safety glasses things like that and then down below. I have a lot of extra storage as well in the drawers So the drawers I have the two five drawers on the side and then the larger three drawer of which it was the last piece That I added which has been great for some of the larger storage items that I didn't really have a spot for Before because I did have it as a desk with a stool It just didn't work out for me as great because I needed storage So I love this area here and actually a sneak peek of what's to come Let's take a look over here and I'll tell you I'm gonna do So this is a 60-inch run of cabinets that ends right here So in the modular system is set up for 60-inch runs And really what I want to do is I have all this other spaces here.

I'm an old bandsaw that I've had forever This is 14 inch bandsaw also have another one So this is more for curves and small things, but I don't really use it a ton So I'm considering getting rid of this and then doing another run of cabinets moving the wood storage up and then getting another run so that then this will be my backdrop and I will do the work have my workbench in front and Have this as my backdrop instead of just a blank wall because I love these cabinets and they look great So why not show them off and why not have that as a backdrop for my videos? This is gonna be changing a lot And basically I just have a ton of wood still if you watched my other videos I talked about. I have a wood hoarding problem Still have it? Let me show you.

Okay. So here's a just a glimpse of the different types of wood I have in here. I kind of got the long-term storage of nicer hardwoods typically so a lot of walnut and things up there But I need to go through it and then these are the shorter scraps. So this stuff is mostly usable these things over here I'm gonna be doing a lot of scrap wood projects for these as well as what's in this bin here These have been here for years and I've just been slowly picking through them and it's time to just let it go And what I want to do is just get rid of all this stuff because it's gonna free up a ton of shop space That I'm just squandering quite honestly because I'm just not using it.

So that's what we're gonna do and that's the plan So you'll see some scrap wood project videos coming up really soon. But here's a great look at down the rest of my shop So we're gonna just turn the corner around here but before we do that, this is the updated miter saw stand and this is the mobile stand with the folding wings and And I don't have it locked. So maybe I should lock that This is the mobile miter saw stand and I just updated did a video on so you can go check that out but this thing is really a workhorse in the shop and most if not All of my projects go through this and I really like having the folding wings Because I can basically get the outfeed I need or the side feed and then when I don't need it I could just put it away.

So it's really nice and compact if you do have a smaller garage space It's a perfect solution for that for me at least so I've been really enjoying this Back here. I have a lot of storage that is Somewhat just general repair. I've got the drywall buckets the painting the electrical the plumbing and insulation cutting your basic homeowners DIY kit if you will Also have some back stock of different materials and things like that I've got about 72,000 drawer slides because I use drawer slides a lot. All right, and then of course back here we have the bikes and This situation. I wish there was a better solution, but we're gonna have kids bikes and that's just gonna be what it is And so I try to just keep it as much as I can confined to this area And it's working.

Okay. So what I have back here, I have my original flip top cart actually This was the third one I made But I do have this one that I'd made earlier so I still have my spindle sander on there the new one got my new Planer and the K4 which will or excuse me of the Kreg Foreman, which you'll see in just a moment I also have my jointer right here And this is a great spot for the jointer right here because of the shape of the jointer it kind of fits in nicely kind of like a little game of Tetris back here where I can have some nice outfeed and still kind of put things in here because The jointer is long.

You need a lot of infeed and outfeed and this is a great spot for it I bought this a long time ago off of Craigslist and it has worked awesome for me All right coming back to the back of the shop. I do have insulated panels on my garage door I get asked that a lot It is a great way to help insulate the doors and it does help with noise reduction And pass through to outside and it also does help with the heat I don't have any great measurements on how much it helped, but it is noticeable I also have the mobile laid stand which I've not been turning in a while I did a lot of turning a year to ago And I want to get back to it and do some more things. I have the jet 12 21 vs and this is great time to talk about jet because you're gonna see a lot more jet in the shop Jet as a great sponsor of mine and also another awesome sponsor of mine is wood craft and they're both sponsoring today's video Also if you have a local wood craft You can go there and put your hands on it and really get a feel for the product So there's a lot of stuff on display go check them out I'm having a link down below in the description If you want to find out more about any of the machines that have in the shop And also I have links to them so you can go check them out on the wood craft website and get all the details that you need Jet and woodcraft have been amazing sponsors of mine, and I've really enjoyed working with them for the past few years All right.

This is the metalworking portion of the workshop This is about it, I I do not have a lot of dedicated space to metalworking unfortunately But I do have a nice folding table that I just picked this up This is an Eastwood table that works really nicely because you can fold it up and it's still a nice little surface here So I don't have to put that on my outfeed table, which I was doing before. I'm putting an eighth inch plate down I like this a lot better for small projects I do have the Lincoln 210 MP welder Which is awesome with a big nice tank on it so I can do shielded welding, which is really clean I would love to do more with the metalworking but it just takes up so much space and I have so many other things I'm doing the best I can in my shop. And actually this is a great setup So if you're looking to do some metalworking and you think that you don't have enough space in your shop You really don't need much because you can do it out in the driveway, you know I never grind in here because you get dust everywhere but this is kind of what I've Been drawn down to and and this works for me so you don't need to dedicate a ton of space to do it Right and turning the corner here.

This is one of the newest additions as well. This is my ex car from Inventables This is the a thousand by thousand millimeter and I did build this nice work table for it So looking at the work table, if I did it again, I probably have added a few more inches on both sides I believe this is 40 by 44 I probably gone 48 by 44 if I did it again just to have a little bit more space But I did do an integrated little stand.

I actually welded to stand up using the metalworking product So that was kind of fun and I have the a desktop computer back there So I do have a wireless desktop I use easel, which I can get You know on the internet and so I don't have to worry about loading anything up. The computer is an older computer It does a great job, but I got some drawers in here for all my bits in storage And this has been working out great It's been fun getting to learn to know the CNC system and being able design some things and add You know some cool little features to projects so I've really been enjoying that and more to come on this as I get more into CNC and figure out how to incorporate it more projects and one of the most under a but most important things in a shop is The dust collector, so I have the jet three horsepower Cyclone and this thing is a beast It can easily service the entire shop and I'll show you what I do for it I had a ton of questions about what do I do for dust collection? How do I use it? This is what I use This thing has a massive canister on it actually upgraded from the two horsepower to the three But I only have a single hook up right now Which is on a flex hose and I want to hard pipe in the shop.

I've just not taken the time to do it So that is on the list and I know I've been talking about that for a while But I need to get to it So I'll show you what I'm doing right now, which is basically just taking the hose and switching it. It's kind of like playing whack-a-mole except you know, you don't get any points or tickets, so But you get less dust. I don't know. I guess that's a win. So basically I take it off All right run it around and if I'm going to be doing something on the bandsaw, I hook it up And obviously not only does that take time. But now I have a hose running right across where I can trip on it you know, sometimes it will pull off most of times it works very well and The dust collector is so powerful.

It can make up for the bins and everything But if I have something hard piped it's gonna make it a lot easier on me and it's gonna be a lot more efficient So that's why I want to upgrade it and just make it so I don't have to actually change it around every time All right, and this is my outfeed table This is on a short list of things that need to be replaced Basically because when I bought my jointer I took it apart and put the bed on top and it now has a huge dip in it because I left a 100 hundred fifty-pound jointer bed on the top of it for you know a month So I made this thing a long time ago when I lived in Cincinnati and it served me well But I need to upgrade it.

I do I do store some tools down here so I've got my metal cut-off saw a light duty welder as well as a cordless sliding miter saw so it serves me great as far as storage But I want to upgrade it and make it a little bit more multi-purpose as well as straight and even on the top This is kind of the business wall If you will This is where most of my milling and most of my work goes on when I'm making projects obviously the heart of the shop the table-saw this sits here this I've had this for About five years now works great and I like having it up against the wall I do get that question a lot about why don't I have it centered? I really enjoy having it up against the wall because I think it just allows for better storage So back here on the wall having the clamp rack up here is great as well as the table saw storage cabinet so it really makes great usage of this space and the table saw and Basically, I feel like I can get the most use out of my space using it this way some clamp storage and my sander Right here.

So this is just a nice little French cleat wall that I've had I really could probably utilize it quite a bit better because I don't have French cleats going all the way across So there's not a ton of flexibility, but it served me well and again I kind of put this there and I've used it this way for several years now. It's probably due for an upgrade soon Coming down the wall here.

Got a lot of jet tools on this wall have the 12 inch drill Press this is the jwd p12 thing I love about this one is it's got the digital readout so you can change it on the fly instead of having to do the Pulleys, I've got that on my drill press stand which holds all the things that I need when I'm at the drill Press all my drill bits and clamps and everything and this one is their 14-inch steel bandsaw. I've been digging this bandsaw I've had this for about a year and a half now. I keep a 5/8 of an inch blade on it So I use this one mainly for resawing and straight cuts I use the smaller one over there.

If I need to do curved cuts that are smaller, but this does honestly this product gets 85 to 90 percent of the work I do I have really enjoyed this bandsaw It works very well. And this should be a very familiar view for everybody And this is where I obviously do most of my intros and on the wall here. These are all mobile tools So as I need to use them, I will pull them out. So I've got my jet router table I've got the flip top stand which has the new jet bench top planner. This thing is awesome and actually I've been using it for quite a while now have gotten a lot of projects on it and I can say that I'm really enjoying this over my old planer The main thing that I love about it is the fact that's got the segmented cutter head and so it was a lot quieter than my old planer and We're gonna giving this away check a link down below in the description for the giveaway get all the details So check that out for the deadline because this is gonna be something that is gonna be done by the end of the year I hope you are a winner for this because it's an awesome planer, but it's all on the flip top here on the underside I've got the Craig Forman So whenever I need to use those I will just pull those out use them and then put it back and then finishing it up Over here.

I've got the jet. This is the 18 to 36 drum sander And this thing's a lifesaver if you don't have a drum sander Is such a nice thing to have it is a luxury and it is expensive, but it'll change your world Okay, it won't change your world but it's super nice and it saves you time. Alright, let's go around to the other side All right. This is my typical setup. We just walked down that wall We'll hit the back wall in just a second, but I have this mobile workbench here And I really love having a mobile workbench Especially because those tools there when I use them I have to pull them off So a lot of times I'll have to move this over so that I have room to use like the planer or something like that and honestly, that is a huge pain in the butt at times as well because then I have to have the room to walk in between And some kind of pushing everything that way so that is also another reason why I'm going to put this here and now I'll be able to use the workbench here pull the tools out have plenty of room in between And then shoot on that back side quite honestly, I don't know why I've not done this I just kind of get locked into using that as my main shooting wall and You know, I just kind of took it for granted that that was the way I needed to do it So I'm gonna try this out and I think it's gonna be a great new workflow for me We'll see if you change around you see me back on that wall soon people though It wasn't but let's go take a look at that back wall and I'll show you guys whatever we have left in the shop Alright, here.

We are on the back This was one of the first things that I got organized in my shop as far as the custom cabinetry and furniture that I built So this is my base cabinet with drawers. This is all one piece. So it's 60 inches wide I store a lot of my screws and the Portable hand tools down there as well As these are also on French cleat switch again don't really need to be but it's a great hanging method And I have a lot of hand held power tools up here as well So but I need a little bit better storage because not all of these store very well So like this little guy, you know, it's got a small base and so it'd be nice to have it hanging So I think I want to have some hanging storage as an option as well So I'm gonna be working on that trying to figure out when to put that here All right.

So this is one of the most important things in the shop I am so proud of my picture of Norma Abram because Norma has been a Huge just a huge inspiration for me as I grew up watching the Yankee Workshop it is so fun to have an autographed picture aside from him and whenever I need to put on my safety glasses I Always look up at norm and remember to do that so I love having this over here and just a few other things of may for profit and Some different things I have on the wall. It's kind of my nostalgia wall over here Alright, one of the things that you probably noticed right off. The bat is the lighting in the shop So I wanted to say that for last because that's the last thing I actually did That's the last thing I was waiting on to do the shop tour, but I just installed all new LED lights so we used to have Four fluorescent lights now I have nine LED lights that are more evenly distributed throughout this portion of the shop and I've got three more on the back side So these were from American green lights? they give off great light and I actually have some stills of what it looks like because these are 5000 Kelvin daylight where the old ones they were closed But they didn't quite get it right so Jim over at American green light did a simulation and showed me exactly Where I would have how many lumens I would have in each of the areas so I could see What part of the shops needed more like right now? What had it? Here's a few shots of what it looked like before and then what it looks like afterwards and These are both in the same white balance so you can see what a difference the 5000 Kelvin makes as well as the same settings so you can see what a difference the extra output makes These lights are awesome.

It is just amazingly bright in the shop right now I'll have a link down below in the description to American green lights You can check those out and see if they're right for you. And as one of my viewers, they're also offering a discount code So go check that out. You can get a discount on your lights, which is pretty cool I've really enjoyed what this is done in the shop and I'm glad that I made switch over to led So if you're the playlist for all these shop projects The playlist is right there and that's going to go through the builds of all these things that you saw today in the shop I hope you enjoyed the tour The links down below in the description will give you all the information that you need about the tools and such and until next time Guys get out there and build something awesome

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