Woodworking Projects that Sell & How to Continue Selling 2021

welcome to Johny Eh's woodshop my name is 
Johny and I'll teach you five different   woodworking projects that actually sell and 
how to continue selling them. There are some   tips near the end of the video so you don't 
want to miss out on that. Let's get started.   Project number, one coat racks. These are 
really easy to make easy to sell also now   this picture here all I needed for material was 
a 1×10 2×2 paint stain hooks and that's it.

Now   to hit more potential clients, what you can do is 
offer different stains and different paint colors.   Let's move on. Project number two. These are 
entry benches. I love making these. There's   two different styles I make the one with the 
x legs and then one with the shelf underneath.   I actually like making the one with the 
shelf underneath a lot. It's really simple   all you need is two by fours and pocket holes 
nothing else.

The other one is a little bit   more difficult to make but it's still fun 
making also what you got to do is offer more what's the word I can't remember more styles. I remembered 
the word there we go. More styles you have of   different projects the more clientele you can hit. 
Alright moving on. Project number three. Alright   so these are entryway tables check out this half 
moon table I made from one of my clients. She   absolutely loved it you can make different 
tables it doesn't have to be a half moon   you can do rectangular tables square tables. 
Entry way tables roughly are a little bit taller   they go from 30 inches in height 36 inches 
in height. This half moon table is actually   36 inches in height turned out really nice 
and it actually fit perfectly in the area.   Moving on. Project number four. Coffee tables. 
These do take a little bit longer to make but   they're actually really fun to build. Alright 
I'm gonna leave a link in the description down   below for the farmhouse coffee table I made.

shows a step-by-step process of how to make it,   turned out really nice and it's 
really really easy to build trust me   and you're gonna have fun with it. Alright let's 
move on to number five and the last project,   dog leash holders slash key holders. alright check 
this key holder out I made for a client of mine.   It's really simple to make one piece of wood 
stain hooks you're done for the dog leash holders.   Trust me guys they will sell and in the last year 
alone there have been an increasing number of dog   owners. I will be making a dog leash holder in 
the future videos and I'll be posting that video   later on.

Alright guys so for the tips now. 
Now when you're posting different styles of   coffee tables or benches or whatever it is, 
please do not make them all in one post okay.   You're gonna get people like me when I go browsing 
online and I see a coffee table for sale but that   first picture is not my style I'm gonna skip it 
next, but let's say when I actually do click it   and you go over to many of different pictures 
they have.

There might be a coffee table I like   in there but I'm not gonna waste my time and click 
on that because I only see the first picture. If   I'm not interested, I'm not interested, it's 
that simple. Make different posts for different   styles. Alright you're going to hit majority 
of different people when you're doing this,   when you're only doing one post for different 
styles of coffee tables let's say the first   picture is a farmhouse style now let's say 
one-fifth of people are farmhouse people   like they like the farmhouse style look. Only 
one-fifth of those people are gonna click that   photo. The other four they're not gonna touch it. 
They like the modern look, they like rustic look,   they look different styles they will just skip 
it. If you have multiple different posts for those   benches or coffee tables the different 
styles people will click your projects.   Alright that's one tip. Alright guys I want 
to share an experience with you that I had   recently. Uh reason why I want to share this is 
it actually gives you an understanding of how I   post my products so I did some research found 
out that my area was big for entryway benches.   Went on pinterest found out different styles found 
one I loved.

Here's a picture of it that I made   built it with an extra lumber I had and I sold 
it within a day. What I did on top of that was   I posted a custom-made order, so what people 
would do is message me with the dimensions they   wanted pick the color they wanted the stains 
they wanted. Also okay now this gives people   customization of how they want it to look right 
uh I had a lady message me saying that she wanted   that exact same bench 36 inches wide but she 
sent me a picture of a coat rack she wanted to   match that bench and she wanted the coat rack 32 
inches. I built both of it both of them sold it to   her. What I did on top of that was I had left that 
post for the bench created a separate post for the   coat rack created a third post for a combo the 
coat rack and the bench. Now here's a screenshot   of the first seven days I posted that uh combo I 
got less than 700 views all right that's huge in   seven days just under 700 views that's massive. 
That's the reason why I have to show you this,   the more you post the more views you get 
the more potential clients you get alright.   Alright so guys I'm going to teach you how to find 
out what sells around your area.

So each area each   region has different things that are popular 
okay. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna   go on facebook, kijiji, etsy, whatever platform 
you wanna sell your products on I use facebook   and kijiji. uh what you're gonna do is type in 
two different things, you're gonna type in custom   made or you're going to type in wood furniture 
alright. You're going to see lists of different   items that actually sell in that area, it could 
be floating shelves or towel ladder holders. Different things planter boxes right, actually 
it is a season for planter boxes so that would   probably sell really well right now. uh 
what you're gonna do is you're gonna then go   on pinterest try to find different styles 
that you've seen that are posted.

Something   different, but that's nice, something that you're 
comfortable making alright, then try selling that.   If you have scrap wood, build it try posting it 
then make custom made order uh post up to you.   You'll figure it out really simple okay that's 
tip number two. Alright guys the last tip I'm   going to teach you is staging, you have to 
stage your products that you want to sell.   Alright I have some pictures that I've tried 
selling that weren't staged, some products,   they didn't sell.

Okay some of them did because 
they were actually just really nice as they looked   and people really wanted it, but if it's 
something that's a little bit more pricey   and if you don't show them how it functions 
with the staging part and how it looks with the   area it's in, then people can just can't picture 
it and they might not want it. But if you stage   it properly and you take pictures of it people 
glancing at it might be like oh that that just   catches their eye and it might work similar 
to their area and they're like you know what   I really need it I'm gonna buy it alright, so 
it just potentially grows your clientele right   so that's the last stage.

Alright guys and 
lastly I want to give a shout out to Matt   Outlaw and his wife Amy, they're at 731 woodworks, 
their YouTube channel is linked in the description   down below. Alright check him out send him some 
love. The reason why I want to give a shout out   to him is he actually encouraged me to make my 
own YouTube channel I've been watching for the   last few years and he's a really cool guy. He's 
bald just like me so he's in my good books all   right. Also, he's retired from his job and he's 
doing woodworking full-time so this is his pure   career right now so help him out up there. Guys 
send me love my way, send me a comment down below   let me know what you thought about this video, 
hit that like button, slap that subscribe button,   share this video to your friends, alright more 
videos to come on Johny Eh's woodshop Johny's out you.

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