Woodworking Projects: How to Make a Moxon Vise on the Cheap

Todays Woodworking project is this cheap and
easy Moxon bench vise that you can knock out in no time at all. todays woodworking project is this moxon style
bench vise this is a great little vise pretty cheap to make it cost me $27 – $28 for all
the parts not including the wood for the wood i just used some hardwood i had lying around
some Australian Brush box but you could use anything just get some plywood laminate it
together it will cost you nothing even just some 2" x 6" boards would be fine as well
there a couple of little cheap options its better than selling your kidney for those
standard moxon vice bench vise kits that you get around the place nice little simple handles
that you can turn on pretty fast its quiet sturdy when something is in there its staying
in there so I'm quiet happy with this little project so stick around and we will knock
this thing out.

All you need for this project is some wood
some washers some bolts some nuts and some threaded rod now this piece of wood i have picked it does
have a cup in it so what I'm going to do is use my hand plane just to get it out and smooth
it up so got my dog holes here with little bench vises we can just quickly wind this
on I'm just going to use a straight edge and a pencil to measure my progress Screw this babe I'm going to the woodwork
i mean going to get milk.

Who cant resist a spiral head thicknesser
on sale yeaaah You complete me I'm just going to use a Grr-ripper and a grip
block if you haven't seen a grip block these are another product from Microjig they have
these little drop down feet so when you push it down they drop on and catch the wood and
push it through make life nice and easy for you and nice and safe so you get to keep your
fingers. okay now that Ive got the 2 pieces milled
to the same size and dimensions and there nice and flat I'm just going to make a mark
4" in and 1.1/2 inches up and thats going to be thats where we will drill the holes
for our bolts okay before we take it to the drill press
I'm just going to use some double sided tape to stick these two together so they don't
move. For the bolts i am using 3/4" threaded rod
so I've drilled the hole there but i have't gone all the way through what I'm going to
do is just use the point of the forstner bit and just to finish all the way through and
then I'm going to come at it from the other side with a bigger forstner bit which is going
to mount the bolt that will bind these 2 together okay now I'm just going to line up the larger
forstner bit which is going to help seat this with the little hole we have drilled from
the other side.

Okay now i've drilled out the holes so what
were going to do just get our threaded rod with the bolt on the end and drop it through
and you can see it just sits a little bit larger than the hole so all we will do is
trace around it. okay using a really sharp chisel I'm just
going to go around and widen this hole. I'm just going to use my trusty little veritas
low angle block plane and I'm just going to take the corners off all the inside bits on
the vise just like incase there is a little bit of racking or something like that when
i clamp the vise I'm not going to get dents in my wood. so what I've done is just cut another little
rail that sits flush with the front of my vice with the front of my bench this is the
vice that we cut out our nuts are going to go here and they will get pushed against that
wood so i want it to sit flush with the top of my bench so what I'm going to do is just
use the other piece to line it up so I've just drilled a little hole with the forester
bit that the bolt head can just sit in there so it does not protrude out and scratch your
work piece and now we can just go all the way through with a normal drill bit.

Okay now I've go the backing plate mounted
to my bench and its super strong its not going anywhere the next thing we need to do is drill
through for the hole for the threaded rod just drill through the rail which will act
as a bit of extra support as well so just a 3/4" or 19mm bit okay for the handles what I've done is got
the treaded rod and a friend to weld the nut on to the end of it so we can use that the
same as we did in the back of the vise so i will just chisel it out and this will become
the handle and we will carve some sort of a shape out of this to make it look a little
bit neater there are lots of options you can use for your handles you could weld a couple
of little pieces of bar on the sides there that would work pretty well and if you have
access to a gate valve for a irrigation pipe they would work really well I'm just going
to go wood i just want it to look sort of you know wood worky okay now I've chiselled
out the holes to accept the the nuts and I've just drawn a little bit of a diamond pattern
nothing to fancy on there and I've taken this opportunity put the vise together just using
a spanner to tighten it up and seems to be holding things pretty well which is good I'm
just going to cut it off with a hand saw this is a Japanese pull handsaw rather than a traditional
saw which cuts on the push this one cuts on the pull its also a different style of handle
it quiet comfortable to use try it out if you see one.

Okay so i cut these out with the saw and then
just did a bit of shaping on the disk sander so up with a just a nice simple shape that
i like I've just drilled a 3/4" hole here for a piece of dowel which will suit as our
handle i want the handle be actually able to rotate in this hole as well so i can hang
on to it and just crank it pretty quickly all I've done just got a coin drilled a hole
in it screw screw it in and there you go so when i turn it that will move freely okay now all we gotta do is epoxy the threaded
rod into that so what i normally do is get some kitchen grease proof paper this is also
handy if you want to wrap it around the bars on your clamps and things like that when your
glueing up to stop mess its good you know does not stick to anything so glue come off
easy its cheap to get rid of so all you do is you just you have a A and B part you mic
these 2 together in equal parts I've gone for the 5 minute quick epoxy as well quick
stir okay now I'm just going to apply a little
bit of finish i wasn't going to go to crazy with it what i was going to use was some of
this woodsheen which is just a mixture of i think its beeswax and tung oil just gives
nice sort of lustre and i think it will look good on the front of the vise obviously you
don't put anything on the inside of the vise because you don't want that transfer to your
wood WOW that looks pretty good.

This WoodSheen might be my new favourite wood
finish look at that that i don't know if you can see it that really shinny and it bought
a lot of the shine out in the wood i like it. okay so the last thing to do is put it all
together so what I've done just got a couple of washers on the treaded rod line it up with
the big hole. thanks for watching i hope you enjoyed this
nice little project it came out quiet well I'm very happy with it the handles work quiet
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