Woodworking projects for kids | Make a Phone or Tablet Stand from Mulga Wood

welcome to woodworking for kids hi I'm Warren and welcome to woodworking for kids we're gonna do a little segment today we're gonna make a multi-function phone and tablets thing and a drink Cresta woodworking is a great way to spend time with your kids or your grandkids and teach to move out lots of things so a lot of woodworking things are about problem-solving so it's about getting that mindset in their head as well on how to do things so we're going to go through this this one's just a little simple project this week but we're going to do some more involved projects with them very shortly I've also got lots of little jeans and little bits and pieces that help things make life safer to them as well and make it easier to soar and things like that so let's get stuck into it one of the first world problems we also faced is watching youtube videos on our phones and tablets and leaning them up against something we all lean them up against something and they never stand a pull-off so what we're gonna do is gonna make a couple of little stands out of these two pieces of wood these are about 100 middle or 4 inches square a little bit more and then this is mulga which is a beautiful wood so once we put a finish on these so what we're going to do is we're going to teach the kids how to use a saw how to use it chisel and hammer so what I've done is I've cut two notches in a piece of wood and now what this all actors are just a little guide saw so they can just drop the store into there and saw a way they hopefully won't bounce it out and copies so all I need to do shake which way the brain is running line that up so we've got our witch and a little piece of wood and we're stuck it in and you mock's advice we've got the other way so the kids can just drop this sauce straight on there and start storing and be relatively stable just got our two little cuts down here and then all we need to do is just chill this or watch out and then sand it and we're done so I'm just going to put a couple little small mark here just so it doesn't took the wood and have a song and okay that's it that's all done okay the last bit we're just gonna take up all these little sharp edges so just put it in your voice this bit here is razor sharp on the baby so it never touches me we hold it with their hands like this like you're right stop erasing I'm out of the piece of wood now now you can watch your favorite look working channels on YouTube who's your favorite oh thank you I got one hey I say this is a nice little project we took no time at all the knock this out it was a nice little introduction to the workshop Keith so we've got some more involved projects coming up for them as well I'm just gonna put a little bit of Danish oil on it and pretty nice and you can also click here for a link to some of our other YouTube videos so I hope you liked this quick little project and make a bunch of them you can have it like this or the other way thirty-six people

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