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okay check this up recently I went on the internet to find some woodworking plans because I was my brother's birthday and I found Ted's Woodworking calm I am so amazed by this website and the products that he has on this website he's got over 16,000 woodworking projects and plans I side on of course I'm a big wood working fan not that I'm that great with my hands my brother is I'd save so much money it's not even believable I wanted to build an outdoor set but I never really knew how or I could never really follow the plant and so I was able to do that from Ted's system I got all the the blueprints the plans and materials full-color pictures easy to follow everything was detailed and understandable to me because I'm a visual guy like to actually see it I have a hard time actually with written instructions but that's just me I also signed up for his free bonuses which is a CAD plan viewer and I can design my own furniture on my computer and this was so inexpensive unbelievable unbelievable price for what the set that I got a I got a hundred fifty premium wood vidiians which really that's a hunter taking different pieces of furniture to move I don't know how I don't know how excels entry-level price they did like I'm very happy to have found Ted's Woodworking calm and just check it out see if you like it but I think once you see everything that's on there you're either going to buy it for yourself or someone in your family or a friend that is into woodworking or just as starting out my son is 12 years old and he's going to be helping me with some of this I think I've been a set of loose on its own with a few of these outdoor projects for working so uh that's what working it is the best you you

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