Woodworking- homemade kreg jig! Pocket hole jig!

good morning everybody welcome to think what works I'm Izzy Swan and today I'd like to talk to you about pocket hole joinery or a lot of guys call them Craig joinery or use a Kreg jig or a pocket hole jig to make the holes for doing all kinds of different things in the construction industry Furniture cabinetry today I'm working on the sofa tabletop and one of the ways I fasten the tops to the aprons is I use pocket hole jig x' and I'm not sure let me see if I can see that there right here there's a pocket hole in a pocket hole right here and I'll just put the top on and fasten it up through those holes and I elongate them a little bit to allow for some movement but you know that's one little tip for using one one you can use a pocket hole another way it's here's a you little utility cabinet that I built for the shop and you know if I were to use traditional methods it this would take quite a while but with pocket hole joinery I was able to build this whole thing out of some scrap wood I think it took me two hours I build my drawer boxes out of the with pocket hole joinery you can see that here where I use pocket holes and on the insides here if I can see that lighting is probably terrible right here I use pocket hole joinery and that's how I put my drawer boxes together all my cabinetry work is done the carcass itself is all put together with pocket hole joinery and those are just two very basic methods of using pocket hole joinery I use it a lot and I'm cheap so I don't want to go out and buy some fancy you know jagger you know power machinery to make these pocket holes for me so what I did is made my own if you can see all that but this right here I just a bunch of scrap wood and I don't know I think I might have twenty dollars into it that includes the bit and this little Craig piece I used way it works is you put your step drill in to do your drill and this is a toggle comb a toggle clamp you just put this piece in here push the foot foot pedal on the bottom and then run that down and that create your pocket roll but now I threw this together really easily because I needed one for a lot of cabinetry work I was building a display case for a t-shirt company and I had a large large amount of pocket holes to do and I didn't want to go out and spend 150 bucks or $200 on a decent Kreg jig so I just whipped this together now it's so handy and so fast I decided I'm going to make a more permanent one one that I can use for years to come and I will show you guys that the process and all that one I've done so keep an eye out subscribe to see future videos and this is the next big project that got some sofa tables to build first and then I'll get to it so hope you enjoyed the video and don't forget to check out my other videos see some cool homemade shop tools and furniture thanks again

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