Woodturning – Blood Veins Evil Epoxy Resin !

uh welcome back folks look at the chunk on this 
i found this on tinternet ebay actually and i   thought i was scrolling through and i thought 
oh this looks pretty neat and i'm thinking to   myself i reckon that would make a really cool 
funkadelic piece of something i'm not too sure   what i'm gonna make with it as always but stay 
tuned folks because this one is gonna get crazy   yep it's spaghetti   right so there is our mold folks hopefully 
this will hold out now i've done this in clear   plastic because i want you to 
experience what i'm about to do so we're going to knock up some resin and we're 
gonna mix up some colors just because i want   this to be you know a cool shape and it's 
not really a cool shape there's not really   a lot i can do with it as it is until i kind 
of get that shape so uh let's pour some resin i made earlier now i knocked this up 
earlier on because i've been leaving it to   set because we're going to need this to set 
for about an hour and a half before we add   some color so it makes it nice and thick so 
the colors don't mix a few minutes later oh oh man i left it too long didn't i i'm supposed 
to leave it just right so i could put some color   in because it's best to let it sort of set 
for a bit so it mixes well with the rest   of the resin but i've left it too long and it's 
gone off it's gone off it's gone off in the pot oh look i mean it looks pretty cool though look at 
that that does look quite smart we should just do   a project just based on kind of that happening but 
i've left the stick in there so that's not going   to be cool enough is it really i might be able to 
use it on another project but so it's gone off um   too quick can't use it 
can't put any color in there rubbish i'm gonna have to go again well that's 
an hour and a half of my life i won't get back   right folks so i've knocked up a couple more here 
uh and this one's getting getting warmer not quite   there yet but it's getting warmer 41 well it's 
basically 46 in there so i'm gonna add some color   pick these up the other day um not too sure what 
colors to go with because we're not gonna see   a lot of this okay folks so i'm going to have 
a lot of this wood this project it's going to   be more wood than it is resin and stuff because 
i think i love this piece of wood and i want to   show off all the features in it so i think we're 
going to go with maybe a little bit of black um   i think that might look quite nice maybe a bit 
of red what about black and red are we concurring   are we concurring or should we go with blue now 
we always dab blue didn't we we've done purple   already on a project we've done gold on a project 
before uh could go pink no i think we did pink the   other day as well i think i think black and red 
might look quite smart let's go black and red   i'm going to pop a little bit this hit in there 
now just to get things going know what i'm saying loving that color yes now black is 
a bit of a dangerous color because   it could just all go black but hopefully 
that's why we're waiting for the resin to   seal up and get warmer the mold basically gave way so i had to quickly 
off camera this was it was just starting to pour   out everywhere and just pop the resin because 
i didn't want it to leak out all over the floor   into this bowl um and obviously now all we've got 
is we've got like a big black resin mess really   which wasn't really kind of my plan although 
it might be all right once we've because again   we're not going to see a lot of the resin 
anyway but i wanted to sort of get a bit of a   i wanted to get some resin in it just sort 
of give it some shape but that's not really   it's not really panned out so this is i think this 
is too thin um and it's just started to sort of   melt through it really it's way too thin i think 
for this project uh and it was just gonna pour out   all over the floor so i just quickly grabbed 
it off camera stuck it in there that was it   right so i think what i'm going to do now is um 
i don't know i'll come back into you in a minute   hear what the french call les encompeton what 
right i've knocked up some more resin some red   um and i've already put the uh piece in 
the pressure pot um and i'm gonna because   it's quite big it sort of touches the sides 
almost so i'm gonna just pour it in there   like this just mix this up this is a slow 
hardness so it's going to take a while   to kick in but i'm fearing that this is 
just going to end up with just a black   it just just it's going to be a black uh whatever 
um but um so i'm going to pour this in here i don't know yeah is that and they should be 
secured down oh man right take this back out   i'm gonna secure it down with some tape put 
it back again right tape is on it oh oh oh   well i'm going to put a bit more on so i 
reckon that could go down a bit more than that   of course hot it's hot in here not in in the 
workshop in this bowl because the resin is   is going off as we speak so it's um 
i'm struggling to keep this thing down   whilst the resin's going off well i 
need something to hold it down there i'll do cool it's boiling in there boiling boiling come on come on come on right tape is in secure piece is secure 
oh let's get this back in the pot right stay right it's in 
there now so oh what a palava ah what kerfuffle ready she's gone off right ah so yeah color's not too bad 
actually some let's unmold this wow look at that it wasn't 
the color i was going with   but actually that does look pretty cool however we're not going to be using we're not going to 
be seeing a lot of this because i'm intending   to well i don't want to make a bowl out of 
this because that's not what i wanted to do so what i am going to do here is um 
what am i going to do nick i don't know   i'm gonna put it on the lathe but i'm 
gonna mount it this way and not that way now this piece is getting 
smaller and smaller by the minute   it's kind of not what i had 
planned but nothing ever is right so i'm just turning this to round and 
there are an awful lot of cracks in this   look at those now that is not good because in a 
minute we're going to have an explosion so what   i'm going to try and do i think i'm not sure why 
that's happened maybe the wood was a bit wet but   damp and it's i don't know expanded but it's 
looking quite cool i think we can get a really   cool looking piece out of this but not as it is at 
the moment so i'm going to try and get some resin   in all these bits i might have to make a little 
mold try and fill it a little bit with some resin   because that's no good at the moment right that's that done oh   right folks this has been in 
here now uh for a few nights   so i've left it for a little while so 
here we go let's see what we've got alright let's get this bad boy out did it leak and if it did did it cover the cracks i think it might have leaked all right i don't think it did leak but i'm not 
too sure if it covered all the cracks up along   you know do i put a bit more resin in 
now because that was up here before   and then leave it another night or two   ah or do you reckon that might have sealed 
the cracks as the crack there though i can see oh that took me hours literally 
if you need to make a mold   make sure you use mold release something   that i don't use often right let's get this 
back on the lathe and see what funk we can make well i'm just chomping my way into 
this piece and we still got our cracks   so that last bit of resin that we put in there 
kind of well didn't really do much but there we go   i thought the resin was going to kind of get into 
the cracks and seal it up didn't do that didn't   do that so this is the this is the look at this 
wood this is going to look so nice polished up   this is going to look really really cool 
especially with some of the resin features   in there as well a bit of chip out but we'll get 
rid of that that's no worries no worries um but   um i'm just going to keep turning this around 
we've got this big chunk here to get rid of so so we get rid of that and then i'm not 
too sure what i'm gonna be making here   it's definitely not gonna be a bowl folks i'm not 
gonna be making a bowl that is for sure uh so um   something else with a bit more interest to this 
one i really like the wood in this i want to   try and keep as much of the wood in there as 
possible so but let's keep on turning oh yeah so now i'm having to be very very gentle with this 
piece because one i don't want it to pop off   the lathe like the last one did and see this 
wood is so soft you've got to be gentle when   cutting into it otherwise just take 
big chunks out of it we don't want that right now for the most exciting bit of all sanding right folks this is where we've got so far so i've 
carved out a little pattern in the bottom here of   whatever we're going to be making it's not about 
um and uh got a little room in there for my emblem   so we've got my emblem here which you've all 
seen this is these are from von hank uh on uh   he's actually part of make central members as 
well so you get discount off of these if you're   a member of make central so that pops in there 
just jubbly so what i'm gonna do now i've gone in   and sanded this back now to about 240 grit so you 
can see we've lost all the chip out now but we do   boom have this one crack left all the other cracks 
have gone but we've got this one little crack   with a little bit of damage in here i don't know 
what's happened there it wasn't chipped out it   was just i think it was like a bubble or something 
like that but i don't want to go any any smaller   i could like kind of try and carve it all out 
but then i don't know i'm going to lose more   of the wood and i don't really want to do that 
so what i'm going to do i'm going to squidge a   little bit of milliput in there and if you haven't 
seen milliput before i'm sure you have most of you but it's this stuff so a bit of black in there 
will be just jubbly squeeze it in there and   that'll be dry in a couple of hours and then 
we can finish that side off but for the moment   what we've all been waiting for we're going to put 
a little bit of sanding sealer on this and look   this is the bit it's going to 
look really funky check this out   good oh it's looking groovy yeah no i'm saying right 
let's knock up a little tinkle of milli pack now what you gotta do is mix this up 
real good just keep mixing it mixing it   kneading it and needing it a goose right so i've added in the milli putt um and that 
will just set now when we just sand this down   once it's done it won't take long uh and 
it'll be just doubly you won't even know   hole filled now we fill the oil it's 
time for some yorkshire's finest that's just for the yorkshire grits now for the 
bit that i absolutely love using misshila wax   and let's splodge this all over the place looks like marble right i've just flipped this 
over to start doing something with this side   now it's always important just a little 
tip for you if you're getting going in   wood turning or anything uh you're flipping 
this over and you're doing up the chuck   make sure you tighten up both of these there's two 
there's two for a reason they both need tightening   because if it's not secure it's gonna 
come off and pop you right in the conch so sometimes it's easier to just 
do it the old-fashioned way so insertion uh uh oh this shadow wax is sensational 
i love using this stuff   shines up like a beauty i love 
it i'm so excited right now now i used to put in back in the day when 
i was wood turning i used to put in these   kind of little tops for the lid um and here's 
our lid look at that that looks pretty awesome   so i'm wondering whether or not 
one of these pieces would look   kind of cool in there so we've got that 
one we've got this one which we could   probably try and get in there needs to 
come out a bit potentially like that or a bit of this crystal look at that   i actually like that i do i like that 
i think that looks quite quite fancy i'm gonna go with that oh yes   we made it there was quite a few moments 
that i thought that we weren't gonna be   able to complete this one again but we 
did and i think it looks pretty cool   so i opted for the little crystal in the 
top there i think that looks quite cool   i know that's not going to be everybody's taste 
but i had to go for one of them folks so the the   colors actually are quite nice they weren't the 
colors that i was going with originally because   obviously you had a little bit of a mishap with 
the mold and what happened there was the plastic   that i got was too thin very very thin and 
the resin just melted it it's just gone so uh   but look at that look at the 
features in there looks so cool   really really nicely finished that is it's got a 
good tight fit on it at the moment i won't pull on   that too much almost only just glued it and then 
we got the inside could be a little jewelry box   or something you know maybe put your sweeties 
in there but i kind of i didn't want to make   a bowl i wanted to make something different 
i don't know what it was going to be bars or   something but i wanted to try and keep some of 
this really nice wood in there and look at that   now that is beautiful b e a beautiful we 
gotta have a thumbs up on the wood at least   so if you're gonna put a thumbs 
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