Wood Projects MADE EASY!

introducing pocket hole jig from Craig tool with a Kreg jig strong wood joints are as easy as grill drive done all you need is a saw and a drill and you can build almost anything shelves bookcases tables even complicated cabinetry can now be built in half the time with the Kreg jig so whether you're a fine craftsman are just getting started pocket screw joinery and the Kreg jig will help you build faster and better look around your home look at your cabinets your built-ins your furniture look closely and you'll discover that many of these items are built in exactly the same way let's take a look see these holes these holes mean that this table was built using pocket screws now pocket screw joints are the preferred method of joining wood by professionals because they're fast they're easy and they're strong and now anyone can build with the strength of pocket screw joints because of this the Kreg jig one of the reasons the Kreg jig makes building easy is because it makes glueing optional even better if you want the strongest joint possible then glue it you can glue your project without using clamps or waiting for the glue to dry because these screws hold the joints together with a Kreg jig strong wood joints are as easy as drill drive done the Kreg jig builds strong wood joints quickly and easily but that's just the start the Kreg jig opens a world of new possibilities to all skill levels because it makes complicated buildings simple now you can finish projects in hours instead of days and all you need is a drill and a saw to get started so what are you waiting for start building your projects your way with the Kreg jig [Music]

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