Wood Grain Effect with Stain and a Wood Grain Tool – Fake Wood Effect Chalk Paint

I thought I would quickly show you how I'm getting this wood graining technique on this table that I'm currently doing I primed the table with a coat of the chalk paint the recipe can be found on my blog and I am just going through and now applying the wood graining section of it with a gel stain as you can see I've got my next strip ready to go just a thin strip about the width of my wood graining tool and then not too heavy because you want to remove product without leaving too much on the table so I'll go ahead and get my wood graining tool here this is what it looks like you can see the pattern on it as you rock this tool up back and forth is draggin down at the table it will as you're driving it down the table it will leave a wood graining affect to it so go ahead and start at the end here make sure that I'm lined up with the end of the table and just go ahead and start pulling that damp gently and rocking the tool pulling it and rocking it now as you can see the more I rock it the different technique I'm getting or the different wood graining effect that I'm getting on the table rock it all the way down to the end and then back up again gently removing as much stain as possible but not too much to affect the outer look of the table itself and all the way to the end now this tool does have I don't know if you can see on the end here some teeth that you can also if you switch it around get some just some straight lines in your table or another there's some more teeth on this side that will give you another effect when I'm doing this I like to take this tool and I will switch the head on it so one time I will do with the big chunky teeth at the top and then I will take it off and flip it around so that these little tiny teeth are at the top so that it gives me a different effect not the same same wood grain effect as you go throughout the table as long as you pull it the same direction it looks like the wood grain is running the same way but it gives you a different pattern Oh

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