Wood Floor Refinishing FAILS! (YouTubers Called Out!)

oh my god some of the videos that I see on YouTube about sanding and refinishing floors are utterly unbelievable it's like the blind leading the blind what's up YouTube well they've been from how to sand a floor in this video I'm going to point out some of the atrocities that I have seen committed on floors in YouTube videos so if you find this video helpful and helps you avoid making some of the committing some of the same atrocities then please click like and click Subscribe the first video that we're going to criticise here I'm trying not to hate I'm just trying to help people the first video we're watching is re fishing hardwood floors costs and home depot rentals the first thing that I can see straight away is that he's using a square buff which is a big it's like a palm sander but massive and all it does is kind of just wobble a bit like this and he is sanding a pitch pine floor or as they call it in America hard pine and these fools are absolutely terrible to sound especially when they're really old and they've got deep dents in them it's a very sappy wood so it clogs up the abrasives I've said before about these machines these square buffs they should only really be used for the very last pass on the floor to make it ready for the stain so to give it a scratch pattern that is the same all over the floor and right into the corners and usually doing it with a 120 grit but the surface area on these things are massive and you can't you can't sand flaws with them which you're about to see perfectly in this video so let's have a little watch [Applause] they turned it on and now you can see a lot of a big change straightaway so all of the unand nted areas the high spots they they get sanded off straightaway and it it looks like it's making a big difference and it is making a big difference but it's not going to get down into the the gaps and dam or into what are the dips in the floor or the dents so it's just what's a bit more of this see that okay pause pause pause pause pause look at that you can see all the the the scratches and dents and stuff that were done on the previous sanding like he's only sanded the peaks of the floor off all the little Benson stuff that Square buff is not going to touch here and he that's basically it that's what he's done on this floor he's using a really cool script as well absolutely shocking shocking I feel sorry for the guy this must have been soul destroying now he's using a palm sander which is just oh my god like you they you oh shoot me if I had to sand the edges of a pitch pine floor with a with a palm sander oh my goodness just shoot me oh no he's tickling it tickling it the floors laughing yeah not doing a single thing congratulations look at that floor look at it the dents and scratches all around oh my goodness he doesn't get that out that's not how your floor should look there are so many videos on YouTube and pictures I see on blogs and stuff people that sand their floor once and then they make a how to blog and this is how they got their floor looking and they they think that it looks great which is funny because if I did that I wouldn't get paid yeah when people do it themselves this is absolutely fine look and he is trying to fix it up Butler it's not it's not working absolutely terrible this is hilarious this is why you need to wear a respirator a mask do you see the airborne dust oh my goodness this is a travesty this is just terrible this is definitely the worst of the lot less less fast forward a bit [Music] [Music] okay I've just gone and skipped ahead towards the end and as you can see here it's just he's lacquering it now I think he's using an oil-based polyurethane I think he's sealing it first look at the state of this floor it is an absolute disaster that looks it would have been better if he would have just put a coat over it to make it shiny now he's highlighted all the dents and dings and scratches it looks terrible from start to finish everything took two days but if he decided it properly properly that probably would have taken about two weeks if he wanted to sand it down enough to get all of those all of the old finish off look it looks absolutely atrocious he should have just put a lack of coat over the top to make it shiny and he would have got a better effect I think enough of this and if you want to watch this video as I say it's refinishing hardwood floors costs and home depot rentals DVB DVB dVB's one of the highest viewed videos on the subject so make sure you go and check that out it might actually be in the sidebar wherever that is so check that out let's see what's up next okay the next video we have is hardwood floor refinishing by trial-and-error or as I like to call it hardwood floor refinishing by error error error by matias randall so this has got the most views on youtube this guy's is some sort of DIY err but he I can't bash this guy so much because bate it's almost like he's on purpose doing the most ridiculous things to his floor that he possibly can it's like I don't want to I don't want to search on the internet whatsoever I just want to create machinations in my brain and and just do random stuff to my floor and see if it works because it this is literally a train wreck and to pretend that this is even a that someone that intended their floor to look like this is Israel obviously he says it himself that's not what he wants so let's take a look at this so basically what he's doing is he's using a handheld belt sander which I mean I've done it before ten years ago and I mean it's very tough to see on these videos like how much you know how much they've actually managed to get the the old finish off the floor or the dents and scratches it doesn't look that great now he's just decided to start scraping the floor with a corner scraper now is it there's a bit of a difference between a proper floor scraper when you have hand scraped hardwood floors and then just a corner scraper like this and and yet he creates this this thing this thing – unbelievable he's created this thing to try and and make it so that he can scrape the floor with this tiny thing from standing up it's just what a joke actually it's kind of a clever idea right and hello he's I'll go give him some creds let he's got a little spring on it and it's and it and it helps to hold it down I don't know quite a funny idea maybe be a hardwood floor scraping guys should actually take a leaf out this guy's book and create a system that you can do it from standing up cuz scraping hardwood floors by hand is a slog I mean that is hard work you can't you know that is not for the faint of heart let's let's skip ahead a bit here putting this putting this floor sander on the edge of us on the end of a stick like this this is a again I mean it's it's kind of genius but also terrible like it's not going to make life easier honestly it's it's you're not your floors not going to look good it's the most important thing like yeah you can work hard but you need your floor to look good because that's the thing that's gonna last for four years the hard work will be forgotten oh absolutely hilarious oh my he's he's brushing the dust over the the wood to fill the gaps which is just gonna come out when he finishes it with the lacquer and now he's scraping with that on a pole scraping the finish over the floor just here's my advice okay don't refinish your floors by trial-and-error do some googling do not listen to people that have done it themselves once on their own home listen to professionals there are so there are so many professionals for upload videos and they don't get any views on YouTube some of the people I know put up stuff that I think is unreal in terms of skill and they don't get any views on YouTube people like this get views is just it's sad don't listen to professionals that's what I'm saying don't do by trial and error that's ridiculous okay enough of this what have we got up next we have how to refinish hardwood floors by skilled power tools this how to refinish hardwood floors video I saw this is posted in September 2010 this is long before I ever posted a video online and this again this is not too bad I can't hate the guy he's definitely probably a better presenter than me unfortunately err if any of you have watched more of my videos then you know that I'm not a very good speaker I can't communicate very well and I don't present very well so but this guy does present fairly well and he has got some good tips on it his tips on filling the gaps are good the only thing that I don't really like about his videos are that the he's using a finishing sander to start with it has started with a 36 grit which will make it a lot easier but what these videos never show you is that when you start with a sander with these massive surface areas is it it takes ages if you've got a flawless perfect flan it's in very good condition sometimes it's possible to do this but you can see the wear marks by the front door let's watch a bit of this skip forward a little bit so yes it to the the previous video when you're using a finishing sandal like this and it cuts all YouTube videos are cut obviously but um you know you don't know how much time you're cutting out I know that if you've got an app could flow DS finishing Sanders can take forever to get the finish out to get all the dents and scratches out to get the floor clean and ready for a finished detail sanding here we go he calls it detail sanding detail sanding is usually referred to as the very corner so he has got very small edges because he used that and that finishing sander but these two parm Sanders are nowhere near powerful enough to to get the job done so at least in a time efficient manner that looks good it's got to be quick and it's got to look good usually with machines like this if you do it quickly then it's not going to look good if you if it looks good then you've taken forever on it that you can tell by the way that swirling it's just a random orbital it's not a geared orbital like the Festool which I might have a link to in the description and this honor it's on Amazon the Festool that's the one hand sander that I would use on on floors if I wanted to sand a floor by hand I would use a Festool wrote X ro 150 right what do we have here he's doing the finishing let's hurry this up a bit here's a great tip using the using a trowel to stop yourself from getting in the edging that you want to protect but he's brushing all the way around the edge of the floor first which I mean I I don't know I've seen this viral thing before but in my experience you want to just do the edges in the in the section that you're doing and then you roll it out or mohair or t-bar and then you brush the next bit you don't want to brush all the way room like the way around the room like he has there because it dries out and it can cause marks it looks terrible the other thing is the way he's he's he's just pulled all the way the length down the board and though he's rubbing it like I don't know where that's disappearing to but usually what he's just pulled down there would be enough to to coat half the room so what he's using is a mohair and not a mohair roller a mohair pad [Music] [Music] you know what it doesn't look too bad I mean obviously you can't see up close and obviously he seems like it doesn't do he doesn't do this every day but he is handy with tools but that doesn't look too bad but I still think save yourself some time that those big Sanders with the multiple heads they're supposed to be for after you've finished with the floor sander and the edge sander it's it's suppose that's the thing that gets it really smooth and gets the scratches out the linear scratch marks as he says in that video that it's got a random pattern and it doesn't really matter which way you use it because it just polishes it smooth makes it really nice and smooth so again check out this video how to refinish hardwood floors by skilled power tools of the three that we've looked at so far I mean that's by far the best the next video we have here is how to sand and save a wood floor by Ron Tanner I haven't even looked through this one yet but I can just tell that we're gonna find some absolute gems in here now just look at this a layer of polyurethane look what someone has done to their floor before that is absolutely horrific obviously this is not his fault by the looks of it he didn't do this someone previously had done this I mean that is just impressive ok so he's decided to use a handheld belt sander which many people do many people for some reason think that it's a good idea to sand the floors by hand and just don't quite know how much work is involved so yeah he's just absolutely blowing dust out all over the place here which he then decides to Hoover behind him let's just change the clip and now he's got the Hoover behind him it's just I mean even with this belt sander it's you're not gonna be pressing as hard but it's just gonna take so long you're gonna spend so much time on your feet and on your tray on your hands and knees like look at this see when when you first work when he's first started this and he's made he's made a bit of an impact already he is he hasn't he's not gonna have realized how long that this is gonna take him it's only after about half an hour to an hour is when he's gonna go hold on a minute this is gonna take forever even now you can see that the sander is doing the peaks and all of these little dents that were put in last time by the previous person to sand this floor they're still there so all these little dents and dings you can see them they are shining in the floor a lot of people will then tend to do is start angling the sander to try and get them out which is where the problems came from in the first place the reason why those dents and dings they're from from the previous sanding is because someone couldn't get a bit of dirt or a dent out so the angle decided to make it faster it ends up make it look atrocious what you should be doing instead is using a floor sander or an edger to remove more wood until it's clean and flat not dig into these little sections and create these dips that just look absolutely horrific I'm just gonna fast forward here to this section where he's using alcohol or something to clean off the floor I think to clean the dirt off the floor I haven't got the sound on so but can you see all the darkness in the grain of the wood there and right now you can see even before he's put anything on it there's it's really dark in the grain that's dirt that's gotten into the soft grain this is red oak so that the soft grain in red oak is is really open and dark and get down deep into it so you can see all of the the dirt that's still in the grain he needs to sand the floor a lot more to get that out so these videos will never do justice just to how bad these floors look when they're done so don't take these people advice you know it's you know if you search for professional like if you search for floor sanding in New York and you see videos you don't see people on their hands and knees sanding the middle of the floor with a handheld sander you know you're gonna see people with stand up Sanders getting it done in a reasonable time all of the people that use hand tools like this or orbital Sanders because they're too scared to use of a floor sander they don't take longer they just never get it done properly it won't it never looks good I mean look at this right now the floor looks atrocious and is that easy lacquering now no he's just cleaning it I think I'm not sure and just like everyone else they take pictures of it or record a video of it looking all shiny and pat themselves on the back when it actually looks terrible I just wanted to show you this little gem floor is done at this one particular you're gonna see some dings it is not worth sanding the floor down that far to come to get to those dings particularly a hard-working floor like this okay so he says it's not worth sanding the floor down enough to get these dents out the problem is these dents are far shallower than you think they are they look quite deep but they're usually about half a mil maybe a millimeter and it is worth sanding the floor down enough to get them out because you want the fool to look new every time you sand the floor you want to bring it back to new and then you knock her out and then you sand it again and bring it back to new this is someone that's just given up they've given up trying to get these marks out he's probably spent like four days sanding this floor and now he's just given up all hope of removing these dents and dings so we're I'm sorry about this video I don't want to be a hater I don't want to put other people down just want to help people prevent from making these same mistake so if you did find it helpful then please click I click subscribe on my face and I should have some links to more of my videos right here so click them click them now [Music]

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