Why I Am Not A Mechanical Engineer | Constructing A Mitre Saw | Miter Saw

I'm out here trying to put together this
saw. I'm really excited about the saw but I'm I am terrified to putting it
together wrong. So it's one of those ones that comes down and goes ooh. I'm pretty sure I haven't got it aligned straight but I'm sure that will all
come in time. So I've got an instruction manual that
has loads and loads of illustrations as well as words. I'm just working my way through
it, little bit by bit, hoping that I'm doing it right and then going
back and double checking that everything makes sense as I go. I've put
this bit into here, put something somewhere else as well. Oh I put
a bit on the end here. I'm on step maybe ten of about 40 steps.
Oh no it's 64 steps! So I'm not going to show you all of them I just wanted to
share how excited I am to be to be doing this.

But it's a very bright sunny day,
I've got this on not because it's a fashion statement but because I'm trying
to stop the sun from burning my shoulders and I think I might have to do
this in several parts because it's so warm and lovely. So yeah, I'm not great
with following instructions because it says do the put something on the
something and I don't know what either of those some things are. Anyone who's
put one of these together is probably shouting at me to just go get on with it
but I do want to do it right.

New toys, new things and pieces of
equipment to learn about are really exciting but I do want to get it
right the first time. So next I need to do that…. Apparently when I put this on here I'm gonna
push it on and it will go click. Or not! Oh it clicked! Hooray!
That is the noise I wanted it to make. Lovely. the instructions
almost make it look like they need to come out, these lugs come out further
than they are but there's no way for them to come out further. Perhaps I'm
just panicking that I don't want this flying off while I'm using it. It's interesting because they call various bits different things and I'm
still not entirely familiar with what they are.

Well look at that, it actually
lines up with this. That looks like I've done that bit right! Ok so the next thing is I've got to look at a handle with a screwy bit in it. It's using
terminology I'm not familiar with at all so I'm looking for two parts to fit
together – I don't know what they look like and I don't even know what they do!
I need to go back and look at the the pictures of all the parts once
again. I'll come back in a while. So here we go for day 2 and I'm really pleased
I left up where I did the other day because I then went back and read the
manual, looking more carefully and the piece that I couldn't get to fit in
there doesn't go in there. The piece that does fit in there does go in there! So now
I can get the power cable support in place and it says to to leave it a
little bit, with a bit of flex.

Let's just check how much I need. I'm really trying to do this carefully
so that I don't have to redo it. So following the instructions it goes
like this. Okay, superb, that clips onto there, that
goes on there, I've got a screw just here, which goes in here.
And that all becomes much simpler process than when I
was trying to put this extra piece in there. It wouldn't sit flat and what this is
actually for is it's cable tidy, so that we can tidy it up afterwards.

that is, that's feeling pretty good. Raise and lower, I need to raise and lower the
the cutting head several times to check that the cable doesn't get entangled. Well you know I would if I knew how to do that. Apparently I need to check it that way.
Yeah that's fine and then we're checking it that way? I actually don't know how to lift this up! There is something quite marvelous about
not knowing machinery at all. So how do we think that happens? It says raise and lower it, but I actually don't know how to do that! (Mumbles) Raise and lower the cutting head. Am I just really incredibly dim? Yeah
maybe I am actually! Oh next lot of instructions is unlatching and raising
the cutting head. To release the cutting head from the locked down position,
gently press on the cutting head handle pull out the head latch pin and allow it
to rise to its upper position.

So what did I have to move? The latching pin.
Let's find out where the latching pin is. I'm not even seeing
anything listed as the latching pin. It's here somewhere. Why do I feel so dim all
the time? It's here! Is this it? Press that down, pull out the latching pin.
Look it's so easy when you try! So the next thing I have to do is rais and lower this. It's just taken me five minutes to work out how to do that. But you press
down a little bit, pull out this latching pin and check that this doesn't get
entangled in anything. I actually want this to be going…. underneath that. So the next bit is installing the blade – aha! Which I'm quite excited about.So I'm
going to read this.

Ensure the cutting head is in its upper position. Yes! Press
the lower blade guard locking trigger. So the next part of this is to put the
blade on and it says to make sure that I've got the arrows on the blade going
in the same direction as the arrow on the body here. It says lock it fairly
tight but not so tight that…. I don't think I've done this right
because the blade is impeded. This should come down again when we stop
using it. That should automatically pop back down and it's not. It's
rubbing on the blade. Okay, so now I when I go to use it
that's brilliant it's gonna cut and it comes back. It's on, so maybe that was just I hadn't
clicked it quite far enough in. It's all learning stuff and I am really pleased
to to be able to learn it. It won't let me tighten it up any further than that. It is worth, it's always worth
double-checking over bit's like this over and over again.

Particularly with something like a
blade because the last thing I want is to be using it and it come spinning off
at several hundred or thousand revolutions a minute with a blade
whirring at me! So I'm now really happy that I when I
stop cutting that falls back into place. Hooray! I am slow at things like this, but in the
end I'd rather take my time and do it correctly than go 'yeah I know what I'm
doing', throw it together and there'd be some horrible accident. So got the blade on!
Okay so it says that, um, it has loads of different adjustments you can
do with it. I'm going to start by just using it straight as far as I can tell.
I'm really happy… it says that we need to check that this is sitting evenly in
there, which I feel it is.

It's set to a 45 degree angle at the moment and I
want to be making straight cuts, so I need to move this around so that
it's on at the zero point here rather than around here. So I need to move it
round. So my next thing is to learn how to do that. So I'm gonna undo that.

Does that make any difference? It's good
job we've got the instructions because I feel really like I have no idea what I'm
doing! Sometimes I wish things like this were
just more obvious to me. There are bits that can be turned, there are
various different tools that can be moved and I actually have no idea….did you see
that?! I have managed to move it around – hooray! Okay, so what I'm not a hundred
percent sure about is whether that goes on this zero like that andwhether that
is an absolutely straight complete right angle.

How do I tell? How do I tell if
that's a total right angle? I take something that is a right angle and put it against it I guess.
Well that looks like a right angle on that side. I have done! I have done it!
So to move this there's a release mechanism underneath here, there's a sort
of trigger that you squeeze here and that allowed me to move this round.

Can I remember what this one is for? Probably not! I'll tighten it, that seems like a
smart move. Yeah so I had to loosen this and do the
trigger and that stopped it, that allowed me to move it around. This one I remember
allows me to slide it backwards and forwards for depending on how big my
piece of wood is and I'm probably not going to be doing huge pieces of wood to
start with, so I'll have it there. So the next bit is to work out how to do this
dust extractor thing. Well that's made my day! I've gone from feeling quite dim and a bit despondent about not being able to put this
together to 'ta-dah'. I'm going to pause while work out there to get the dust extractor
and bag on there. Okay it's all set up! I've got the dust bag on it, which you
can only have on when you're cutting wood, well that's I'm cutting wood, it
doesn't have any nails in it. You can't use it when it's got metal parts
that you're cutting.

It's switched on I'm going to give you a quick demo that it is
working and then and get some woods and I will
start making something! To say I'm excited just doesn't cover it!
I'm gonna get some safety goggles and some gloves..

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