What Tools Do You Need For Woodworking?

– How you doing? I'm Matt with 731woodworks.com. Today we're gonna be talking about the top woodworking
tools for beginners? So, if you're just
starting out woodworking, you don't need all those
big tools that you see to make awesome projects. I started out with two
drills and a circular saw, that circular saw to be exact, and I was able to make
tons of awesome projects, various styles of benches,
outdoor table and chair set like you see here, all using
just those three tools. Once I was able to make a little money selling those projects, then I started upgrading
tools to a cordless drill and driver set because
I didn't wanna unplug and replug the drill so
much and change those bits with the regular chuck.

But, the basic woodworking tools you need, all you need, is a saw and some
way to connect those boards. So, you need a way to cut the wood, need a way to put the wood together. In this video, I'm gonna show
you what those tools are. Be sure to stick around
to the end of this video where I'll have two playlists for you. One of them is woodworking
projects for beginners. The other one, my top five
woodworking projects that sell. To make it easy for you, if you're interested in any of the tools that I talked about today
for beginning woodworkers, I'll put links in the description below that you can go check out
those tools for yourself. If you're an experience
wood worker watching this, drop a comment below letting others know what you think is the top
woodworking tools for beginners. That'll help the community out a lot. So, if you're gonna be working
with wood, you gotta cut it.

The one way to cut it is with a saw. I recommend getting a
good quality circular saw or borrow one from a family
member, which is what I did. So, I actually still have this. My dad gave it to me after
I borrowed it for awhile, but this is just a Master Mechanic. It's a no name saw. Actually still use it. I haven't even upgraded the circular saw because I haven't seen a need for it to spend the money on something when this one works perfectly fine. I did get a better blade. Those Diablo blades are really nice. If you have a jigsaw, you
can use one of those as well. The only thing you'll run into is when you're using two-by
material is the blade depth. Sometimes you had to
get an extra long blade and those blades, the longer the blades, they start walking on you
like this, left and right. So you have a hard time
making good square cuts. A couple of drills. These two, I borrowed
from a father-in-law. I wound up inheriting
these when he passed away. So, I still have them.

I don't use them, but I keep them just because
this is what I started with. So, this is old Black and Decker drill, and this is a Makita drill. And I upgraded the first thing I did when I started making money woodworking was upgrade these drills
because I got tired of unplugging and replugging these things into extended cords. And they had the standard chucks. And I got tired of switching bits out with a chuck every time. So, if you're starting out
and you don't have a drill, or you don't have an impact set, I recommend getting a, it
doesn't matter really what kind, I went with Ridgid because
they have a lifetime warranty on the tool and the battery if
you buy 'em from Home Depot.

And that's what I did. I bought this set, come
with three batteries. And these two tools for like
179 I think it was at the time, or I think it is what the price were. So, you can actually get DeWalt tool set, a drill and driver set for, or a drill and the impact
set for about $200. Sometimes a little cheaper depending on if you get a good deal. I recommend if you're
gonna buy a set of drills, or if you're gonna get a drill, get you a cordless set. It's so much easier than having to plug and unplug those things. They're so inexpensive now with the battery technologies
the way they are, they last quite a long time. You can get Ryobi. They make perfectly great
tools, Rigid, DeWalt. Any of those things. When you start getting
into Milwaukee tools, they get a little bit more expensive, but they're very good quality. I don't have any issues
at all with Ryobi or Rigid or the lesser expensive brands because starting out woodworking, you're trying to save money, those tools will last
you a very long time.

I've had these Ridges now for three years, not one problem on any of them. And the great thing is that
the batteries all interchange with the tools you have. So, I picked up a router
later to do round over edges, things like that. The batteries work with that. So everything's interchangeable. It's great. The one YouTube channel I will recommend to you is TOOL BOSS. He's always posting deals
on tools like every day. Go subscribe to that guy. He'll get you a good deal on some tools. Obviously, if you're woodworking, you need a decent tape measure. Most any tape measure will work, just use the same one
because a lot of times if you'll take two tape
measures side by side, if they're different brands especially, they'll be off a little
bit here and there. So, if you've got one over by your saw and you've got one somewhere else and you're using both of 'em, you'll wind up messing yourself up.

One tape measure. I got this one off Amazon, 16 foot, plenty long enough for the wood shop. I like the fact that
it's recessed in there 'cause I kept dropping them
and bending that blade. So, once I got this one,
every time I drop it, it won't bend because it's recessed. I like it. It also has numbers on
both sides which I like. Now, when I started, I
didn't have any clamps. So, I bought some clamps pretty early on. I built those table and
chair sets without clamps. It's doable. It worked perfectly fine. But, I do recommend you
getting some clamps. This is like a 24 inch Bessey clamp. You can get it for about 10 or $15. This is our Irwin 36 inch clamp. I use this clamp probably more than any.

It's a really good clamp. They were $15 each and
I bought two of them. But, if you have a Harbor
Freight, these things are really, really, really, really, really
cheap at Harbor freight. So, you can get a really
good deal on these. Just to be honest, this is the Irwin, this is the Harbor Freight. There's not a lot of
difference in them at all. And, so you can save quite a bit of money if you wanna pick up some
clamps at Harbor Freight. You can spend tons of money on clamps. As you progress in woodworking,
you're gonna find out you can never have enough clamps. It doesn't matter if you've
got five or if you've got 200, you're always gonna be running
out of clamps seems like, but these are the basic
ones I started with. They're just F-style clamps. Find them most anywhere,
Home Depot, Lowe's, Rockler if you like to shop on
Rockler.com, stuff like that. You can buy other type clamps, parallel clamps, and they go on and on.

There's tons of different ones. These are the basic ones
for beginners I recommend. If you're big in woodworking,
you're gonna need a way to smooth that wood down
so I recommend a sander. First one I got, it was a
Hyper Tough from Walmart. It lasted about six months,
but it got me through. I paid like $25 for the sander. So, if you want a little bit better sander than the Hyper Tough, which
there's nothing wrong with it, it worked fine for six
months or so for me, this DeWalt sander, I've
got a review on my channel if you wanna check it out.

It's the DWE6423. I don't even think they make this model. There's a different model now. This is just a random orbit
sander, five inch sander. Takes standard Velcro discusses, 69 bucks. You need some type of square
if you're gonna be woodworking. You gotta have square cuts. You have several different
options of squares, just a regular square,
this is a Johnson square, very inexpensive four or $5.

It's perfectly square,
worked perfect for me. You can also pick up a combination square. This is a Swanson combination square. It lets you do 45s and squares. So, it's a combination. It slides. Swanson speed square is
what I started out with. That lets you get some angles going. So, like those table and chair set, the bottom of the feet
are set at 10 degrees and all the angles are either square or 10 degrees on that set. Swanson speed square is
the way to go right there. Very inexpensive, get those
10 degree angles every time. If you're building projects,
pick you up some wood glue. It's like $5 for a thing of this. And one of these small
eight ounce bottles lasts me probably two months. It really just depends
on what you're building and how much you're gluing.

If your woodworking, chips, sawdust, stuff like that's flying
around, get some safety glasses. They're like 50 cents a pair, a dollar a pair for the cheap ones. That's what I buy off Amazon. They're dirt cheap. They cover you all the way around. They'll save your eyeballs. You only get two, buy some safety glasses. This may surprise a lota people, but this is one of my number
one beginner woodworking tools that I recommend. It's a Kreg R3 or the Kreg K5. This is a pocket hole jig. Pocket hole is a method of joinery so you can put wood together. It allows you to hide the screw, basically inside the wood
because of that angle hole, you'll be able to drill into the sides and join up 90 degrees or Ts.

You can actually edge
join to build tabletops, things like that with pocket holes. There's other joinery methods. You can dowel, you can biscuit,
you can mortise and tenon. There's tons of other ways to join wood, but for a beginner who is
just learning the craft, who just wants to build awesome projects, these are perfect for that. The Kreg R3 is about 40 bucks and you're not gonna get a much cheaper joiner method than that. The Kreg K5's $130. I started out with this building projects. Once I was able to afford the K5, I invested in one of those. And I have used this for the
last three and a half years.

I use it weekly. I use it that much. This is one of my most
used tools in the shop. I like pocket hole joinery. Some people don't like it. Some people talk bad about it. It's creates extremely strong joints. They're extremely durable. I've built tons of furniture projects that I have in my own home, as well as for customers. I've not had any issues to date, none. And the great thing
about those Kreg tools, the K5 and the R3, both of them, no matter which one you
buy comes with everything you need to create pocket holes. They come with the drill bit. They come with the driver bit and they come with a guide to show you how deep each hole needs to be and how to set it on their equipment. Depending on the
thickness of your material that you're using. So, using just a circular
saw and two drills, they were all three of
those things were borrowed. The saw was borrowed from my dad, the two drills borrowed
from my father-in-law. I was able to make some awesome projects and start selling those to make money, to upgrade my tools as well
as supplement the income.

So, I've seen on a lot of
other woodworkers channels, the basic woodworking tools, and they're recommending
table saws, and miter saws, and things like that. It really depends on what you're building, but you don't need those
things starting out. Are they great as an
intermediate woodworker? Absolutely. But are they necessary for
a beginning woodworker? No, they are not and those
tools are very expensive. A miter saw, good miter saw, and a good table saw is gonna
set you back some money.

So, if you're just starting out, you don't have the money
to spend on these things. Or, if you don't know if
you're gonna like the hobby or if you don't know if the business is gonna work out for you, you don't wanna invest
a ton of money up front. I didn't want to invest a ton of money. I didn't have a ton of money
to invest to begin with which is why I borrowed the
tools in the first place. Starting out small and
working your way up, hard work pays off, right? That's why I like the fact
that I started simple.

I was able to make simple projects that look nice, sell those,
and then as I progress, I can look back over my
videos and over my pictures that I've taken over all of my projects and see the progression
and it just feels good because it's something
that I've worked hard at and I've accomplished up to this point. I wanna be able to share that with you, so that encourage you, that you don't need all
those super expensive tools to make awesome project. I started out in a 12 by 18
storage shed building stuff.

That's where I started
building my first projects, those chairs and table,
outdoor chair and table set. It was really cramped in there. It was really hot in there. My wife had mercy on me. She let me take over the garage, which is what you see today. And this thing has come a long way. You can see this miter stand
that I started out with was on a top of a toolbox with
some two by eights on top. It was a very basic setup, but I built tons of
great projects with it. You don't have to have the greatest stuff to make great projects. So, you see a lot of
these builders on YouTube that have 20, 30, $40,000 shops, maybe even more expensive than that, you don't have to have all
that expensive equipment to make awesome projects. You can do it with simple
tools and simple methods. So, I hope this video encouraged you that you can use basic tools
to create awesome projects.

And then as you progress
in your woodworking hobby or your woodworking business, then you can take the money that you're making off
selling those projects to invest in more
intermediate woodworking tools and that will expand your abilities. Really, that's one of the main things I want you to take away from this channel and this video is you don't have to have super expensive
equipment to make great projects.

Anybody can do this with basic
tools and just a little bit of want to, that's really all it takes. Like I said before, table saws are great,
miter saws are great. If you're just starting out
and you don't have the budget for those things, start simple. And then you work your way up. It's taken me three and a half years to build what I've got in here now. And that it's been very slow process.

I haven't been in a huge
hurry to get certain things and I've also had help on certain things. My dad bought me a planer for my birthday. I was extremely blessed
to be able to get that. I actually won a dust extractor from Tools By Design on Instagram. I would have never bought
something like that for myself. I was so blessed to have won that, I mean, things happen and hard work pays off.

You just work hard at
it, it'll come to you, just be patient. Use the tools you have
to create what you can. And then once you're able to make a little money
selling those projects, then you can upgrade your tools or buy newer tools to help
you with the next project. One of the main things
that I had always wanted was a table saw. A good table saw with a good rip fence that stayed square and true. It took me quite a long
time to be able to build up to buy one of those. And I was still able to make
awesome furniture without it. But, breaking down sheet
goods and things like that, it's beneficial to have a table saw, but it's not a necessity. And this video is all about
woodworking for beginners, woodworking tools for beginners and I think these items that I've laid out for you today are necessities if you want to start woodworking. Hey, if you want to
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