Using this new hot wire EPS foam molding and shape cutter

in this video we're introducing a new smaller version of this RM 104 EPS stylus foam cutter we are the original designers of this highly accurate machine which was designed primarily for the construction industry although it has been copied by others non compared to the rugged versatile features of our original m-104 our new lightweight design featured in this video will quickly expand the ability of small packaging firms to satisfy even the most demanding customers it will also offer unlimited options to those interested in quickly cutting accurate shapes out of EPS foam we offer everything from construction plans to complete units ready for shipping and quick assembly by the end user if you are interested please send your inquiry to the email address offered at the end of this video now on to the assembly and operation of our new M 102 EPS foam shaped cutter once you have cut and see of a three-quarter inch sheet of plywood to the proper size you're ready to assemble your shape cutter screw the three rubber standoffs to the bottom of the plywood and the pattern shown here and turn the tabletop over with the two standoffs at the back of the plywood away from you place the left side main support bracket flush with the left edge of the tabletop make certain it is also flush front and back using a Phillips screwdriver or cordless drill with a proper Philips tip insert and snug up the six ten by three quarter inch screws after aligning the right side main support bracket insert only a couple of screws to hold the bracket in place remove the tape holding the plastic shoulder grommets in place these function is bearings for the primary arm assembly check to make sure they are inserted flush into the brackets raise the primary and secondary arm assembly so that the electric cord is to the left side bracket which has been secured with all six screws insert the half-inch rod into the grommet on the left side first then do the same on the right install the remaining number ten by three quarter-inch screws into the right side bracket to secure it to the tabletop slide one of the two plastic spacers onto the left side rod then the shaft collar with the Allen set screw make certain the arm assembly is snug against the inside of the grommet and snug up the set screw now do the same on the right side remove the tape holding the primary and secondary arms together then rotate the secondary arms down remove the stylus pin and install it in the arm opposite of the cutting wire secure it with the set screw then secure the ground wire to the control arm with a nut and small bolt provided next install the support bracket for the power supply using the quarter inch bolt provided do not tighten the bolt until the lower number 10 by 3/4 inch screw is installed then tighten both securely set the power supply on the support bracket and slip the retaining band over the power supply and secure it with the quarter inch bolt and nut provided once the power supply is secured make sure it is not plugged into an outlet or extension cord then put the cord from the secondary arm into the outlet on the power supply check to make sure the dial is turned to zero then plug the power supply into a 120 volt outlet or extension cord now turn the power setting to 30 volts next we will set up the cutting surface use two spacers such as a 2×4 shown clamp an ordinary square to the aluminum angle as a vertical cutting guide now set a block of EPS foam at least one and one-half inches thick on the block so it can be trimmed to size the finished size should be approximately 24 to 28 inches here we're measuring a slightly larger piece of bone to be cut to 28 inches make certain the power supply is in the off position and bring the cutting wire down to just above the phone align the marks on both sides with the wire turn the power supply on and cut the foam to the proper length if the width is not 24 inches then trim the sides as well place a mark on the tabletop about four inches in from the aluminum bracket on the left side remove the blocks from under the phone place the foam on the table aligned with the four inch mark and flush with the front of the table now slide the foam back away from the front edge of the table about a half-inch mark all four corners on the tabletop contact adhesive compatible with EPS foam is usually available in spray cans which can be used to secure the foam to the tabletop here we are using a glue that is specially blended for us as they contact adhesive once you have a quite glue and enough spots to secure the foam align it with the marks on the table and press it into place next we will trim off the excess foam to create a perfectly aligned platform bring the stylus into the arm down to the 1-inch lumina bracket and during the power supply on then slowly slide the stylus along the bracket until the hot wire has fully trimmed off the excess foam we now have a surface upon which to place foam for shaping which is perfectly parallel with the one-inch guide wire next we are going to demonstrate the versatility of the shape cutter by creating a packaging solution for 2 1 gallon paint cans we have designed this packaging to fit a 36 inch by 12 inch a 12 inch corrugated cardboard shipping box we begin with a pattern cut from 1/8 inch plywood we have also added 1 inch to the bottom of the pattern to allow for the 1 inch foam bed on the cutting table after securing the pattern to the guide bar with the screw we align the foam block with the cutting wire as the stylus rests against the front edge of the pattern once it is properly aligned we turn on the power and follow the pattern with the stylus pin when the cutting wire has cleared the other end of the pattern we turn the power supply off and remove the upper piece of foam to reveal a perfectly shaped piece of packaging since we only need enough length to equal the height of a 1 gallon can we mark and cut 2 pieces to length after trimming two pieces of foam 2 2 by 12 by 18 inches we have a complete set of packaging which assures in this demonstration that the 2 1 gallon cans will reach their destination without damage another feature of our complete kit is a setup which allows you to quickly and accurately create a cutting wire the proper length first remove the two steel pins located in the recess at the back of the tabletop and insert them into the tools provided wrap about two inches of the high Pro cutting wire around the pin and then around the wire itself 6 times do the same on the other end as well once you've done that trim off the excess on both ends you now have a wire perfect length for your machine if you would like further information on how to obtain one of these foam shape cutters simply email us for a complete price list we have kids available in various stages from which to choose a primary kit with all aluminum parts welded and ready for assembly including wiring plastic Rawat's washers – cutting wires all nuts bolts screws brackets stylus pin and packaging is available for $3.99 plus shipping a complete unit including a finished tabletop and power supply is only 595 plus shipping to save on shipping costs we recommend you purchase the 3/4 inch tabletop material locally although it is available with a complete kit

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