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BAM Mr. Tarrou Today my wife and I are
working on another wood project and like we did in another video where we
refurbished this bench out of a discarded pallet we're gonna do some
recycling and keep this discarded deck wood out of the landfill by making an
awesome bench our friends asked us to make them this bench and this coincided
with our neighbors replacing their wood deck because of some rotten wood and
such so my wife she went online found some plans for a pretty simple bench
something I could easily make with some hand tools I'm not really a woodworker I
don't have a full shop we're going to be able to do this with a simple drill and
inexpensive circular saw I've got a very old Black & Decker belt sander and I've
got a very nice new orbital random orbital
Dewalt sander and I finally have done enough wood projects that I splurged and
got a really good miter saw huge benefit when trying to make some precise cuts so
here we've got a before and after shot kind of basically we've got the top and
underside of the deck there's been some seen in here already but you can see
that they're obviously with some rods it had been resurfaced a couple of times
and we have turned you know the sampling into this pile of supplies that we have
here after a lot of sanding and cutting out the rot we have got two pieces now
this says 2×4 lumber but this decking is one by five and a half's we're going to
make some adjustments to the measurements but we'd have two pieces of
lumber that are 24 inches long and two pieces of lumber that are 36 inches long
that are going to make up the arms of the bench we've got two pieces of lumber
60 inches long and four pieces of lumber which is 18 inches long that are going
to make up this frame that's going to go below and support the seat we have five
pieces of 2×4 lumber except really we're going to have less than that we have
three plus a little bit of one by five-and-a-half lumber which is 60
inches long for the seat we've got two pieces of lumber 20 winches long and one
piece of lumber which is 55 inches long for the stretcher now this is the blue
piece that's underneath here for extra support with my lumber being one by five
and a half decking we're going to get this bench
built and then decide how much of this extra support we need at the base of the
legs we've got let's see that was D isn't it yes we've got one piece of 1×6
lumber 60 inches long and seven pieces of 2×4 lumber now my lumber is going to
be 1 by 4 because of the rot we did cut some of this lumber down four inches
wide and all of these are gonna make these vertical slats in the back and
that's one by six for me or the two by four by the directions are gonna make
the top part of that bench and then finally we've got two pieces of lumber
24 inches long which are going to be the armrests and again I'm using one by five
and a half inch decking I'm gonna go ahead and make these arm pieces 4 inches
wide that's going to take less seat space out and like I said these vertical
slats in the back are gonna be as close as I could cut them by hand one by four
lumber so here we have the frame assembled for our seat and for our you
kids that think you're never gonna do fractions here's the math to figure out
the space between the boards because I can't use the plans I'm not using the
same size wood you got 60 inches takeaway four inches because each board
is 1 inch in width that leaves you with 56 we have three sections comes out to
18 and 2/3 inch for each opening but of course you can't if you're using a
regular u.s.

Ruler not you can't take 16 and evenly divide it by 3 so we've got
roughly 18 and 5/8 inch inches for each of these openings now as I put in some 2
or 2 and 1/2 inch screws to attach this frame in the middle we're going to have
a screw at the top and the bottom of the board to keep this middle one from
rotating at the ends here I'm only going to put a screw 1 screw in the center of
this board because later as we attach the 1 by 5's or 1 by fours that are
going to hold the arms or the back of the bench that's where I'm going to come
in and put a screw through the top and the bottom I don't want to hit a screw
that I used to assemble this frame of the seat so I've used my square to mark
an inch down and an inch up on my board and I've pre-drilled my holes and press
on them this greatly minimizes the chances of
your woods and taking the time to do this
pre-drilling is a lot less time than it takes to fix a piece of wood that has
been split and it leaves you with a perfect looking project to be proud of
and as you can see we have kind of sunk the screws a bit but you want to make
these countersinks too deep that's just going to give a place for it to hold
water and accelerate the rotting of the wood okay so now I'm using this little
Kreg jig that is really really cool you just set the width of the wood on the
bottom of your jig it tells you what screws go with the appropriate widths of
wood that you're trying to mount together and you get this special drill
with a collar that you set for the depth and very long bit and what you can do is
drill these pockets that these screws are going to go up into and suck the
vertical slats of this bench into the top board you I am and here you go I have created with
the help of my wife and some plans on the internet a 60-inch very sturdy
60-inch wood bench out of salvaged deck wood and let's be honest it would have
been a lot quicker to just go to the hardware store and buy some brand new
wood I wouldn't have had to do all that prep but this kept this out of the
landfill you know one effectively was free all I had to do was pay for some
sandpaper and mentioning that with my craftsmen not black & decker but my old
craftsman belt sander I'm using a sixty grit I like to buy the ceramic belts a
for me or lasting a lot longer than a traditional belt sanding belt on my
random orbital sander I was using 120 grit sandpaper actual my wife did a lot
of the sanding to you know take out the smooth edges take all the splinters out
and just give us a nice finish to this bench by the way we've not sealed it yet
but we will and when I was not using my Kreg jig to attach the top board here to
my vertical slats of the back I'm using two and two and a half inch t25 wood
fasteners wood screws those t25 heads are fantastic they like
never strip I used a little bit of glue in these joints where the arm meets the
back and you know some of these places where there's a lot of surface area
between the pieces of wood I just went ahead and use the screws but in some of
these joints to increase the strength I did use some wood glue I am absolutely
pumped about this bench I do not make a lot of wood furniture and this came out
absolutely fantastic I know my friends are going to be happy when they receive
this now we're jumping right to the final project because there was a lot of
noise in the neighborhood neighbor was taken down a tree and so on and so on it
just did not lend itself to doing a number of individual assembly scenes so
let me give you a tour include some measurements of you know the heights of
the arms and the seats and so on so that you can make this on your own
the by the way I could just say this the seat as determined by the plans is 18
inches off the ground I guess apparently a standard seat and bench height is
around 16 to 18 18 inches up it's very very comfortable and the
depth here for this design as you saw in the plans is 20 inches it's extremely
comfortable bench there's no incline to the back but if
you put you know the seat depth is deep enough that as you put some some small
pillows along the back of this bench you're gonna get a nice incline it's
gonna be very very comfortable these arms are extremely sturdy it's just it's
just fantastic and to think that it was just salvaged
wood that was going in the trash it's awesome now as we prepared the wood to
make this bench as you saw from the other side we we prepped this wood so it
would look like it was brand-new you know that we really made a nice piece of
outdoor furniture but on the back of the bench as we did the sanding we left a
little bit of the finish from that deck but you know just to let you know or
anybody else that sees this bench that this wood has had a previous life and we
thought it added a nice character actually all of the wood has this
partially sanded surface just on the back of the bench this is the only place
that you can see it and I think I don't think I've said this yet because it's
not the first take for this video but to attach this the large back of this bench
to the seat I had the seat sitting on the ground
vertically and had my wife you know help hold the bench at the appropriate
measurements as I attached these four screws now I'll do some close-ups with
some measurements here but all of these screws if these decking these deck
boards were one inch wide so I took some too much wood screws I pre-drilled all
the holes and as you saw earlier in the video made some pre counter something
you did some pre countersinking drilling I don't really know what the real word
term for that is but since the would each of these slats are exactly one inch
thick I used a pair of good wire cutters and just knit the points off of my wood
screws since I pre-drilled the holes anyway so it wouldn't go through so I've
got a screw that just goes almost completely through the complete two
inches of material but I wanted to make sure that my all my screws did not go
all the way through and any screw that I put into this bench that we're
going into another perpendicular piece of wood I used a two and a half inch
screw just again give it a little bit more strength you this video inspires you to do your own
woodworking project I hope the plans in the measurements I
just gave you help and I mentioned a couple of times that I'm not really a
woodworker I'm actually a math teacher so you can find over 600 math videos on
my channel as well covering everything from algebra all the way up to calculus
2 and AP statistics so if you or any of your kids or friends need some math help
hopefully you'll find those just as helpful if not more because that is my
living then this video I'm mr.

true I am go do that
project you.

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