TV Wall (FAST EASY BUILD, €95 DIY) [subtitles included]

Hi Guys, if you saw our last video, you know that we chose to build our own things And this time we made this panel for TV very stylish We did it in the same style as our coffee table, if you didn't watch this video check out this link We wanted more free space, without cables and devices. Check out the video! Get to work!!! First we check where wires and pipes are located, after that we measure the space, to cut the wood correctly After that, we cut the wooden boards to size and sand and a layer of oil for a better finish While the paint dries, we mark the place where to place the TV stand and now we can already put the first beams for the support and the wooden boards That was the most difficult part to do on this panel, after the beams were properly placed We can start placing the wooden boards that will form the panel We pre-screw and use gold screws to make them less visible In the wooden beams, we made some holes for air circulation inside the panel to avoid heating the equipment We made the last two wooden boards together, to use as a movable compartment on the panel We use pocket jig, glue and screw to join the two wooden planks The first idea was to use magnets to open and close the panel We made a few more holes for cable routing Ana is working hard, for that We made the holes to allocate the magnets both on the beams and on the wooden planks As you can see this idea didn't really work …

On the sides we cut small rectangles of wood, to further improve the appearance of the panel And since it didn’t work with the magnets, we then used two metal brackets The same as we used on the coffee table, the final result was better than expected Here I made the holes, to pass the television cables I also put the support, and then the speaker, and screwed more holes for the cables We made brackets for the devices as well and installed as planned Finishing the last details and the project is ready! And now I'm going to show you how we organize the devices and cables and with a piece of wood we can easily keep the compartment open Here are all our devices, connected to an infrared receiver So that we can easily access the commands with the remote control Here we put pressure locks, then we can close and open the door to access the devices I hope you like our project, if you want to see more projects like this, subscribe, bye !!!!

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