Top Farmhouse Style Woodworking Projects That Sell

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Matt with Today, I'm gonna tell you about the top farmhouse furniture, that sales. That's what this video is all about. I'm gonna tell you about the farmhouse projects that sale, why they're selling, and why you should focus on their market. If you follow this
channel very long at all, you know we build quite a
bit of farmhouse furniture and there's a reason for that. It's because it's sales. Let me tell you my top farmhouse projects that I've sold and continue to sale, and I hope you can take them and make sales with them. Now keep in mind, all of these projects have built videos, you can go follow, I'll link them in the description below. When you see the project you just go look for
it in the description, it takes you to that video. I'll also put a playlist together, I link at the end, you can go look at all of these projects, let's get started.

So if you've seen my top five woodworking projects that sale or my five more woodworking
projects that sale, some of these items are in those list because that what's selling, they are very good sellers. I've heard from several of you who messaged me on Instagram at 731woodworks or on Facebook any of those places or in the comments. I get messages daily people will send me and say, "Hey I started
making these projects. "They're selling like gangbusters. "They're selling like crazy." These things really, really sale, people like the way they look. If you can build them, they will sell. Sometimes it takes a little longer to sell than others, but these
are hot items right now, and I think you need to look into it.

So let's start off. So you wanna stick around in the end to see all these products, but I'm going to give you
my top seller in tables. Farmhouse in tables, super simple build, there is plans available
to this build actually, these are so simple and they sale. People love them. You can reduce the size
or make them bigger whatever you wanna do, These farmhouse in tables, you can build them in a variety of colors, they sell well, these things really do well for me.

They're actually fairly easy to build. You build them in a few
hours and they just… We have one in our home actually, and still have it, I built it three and a half years ago. They hold ups extremely well, no issues with them. And they're really strong
pieces of furniture and they make a statement in the home. It was one of my very first projects I actually put on this channel. The video quality is not quite as good as the rest of the videos that progress in the future but just like building and woodworking, we learn as we go. And if you're looking
for a little in table with a drawer, this
little farmhouse in table is perfect for that. It's that slimmer profiles, it's that more modern farmhouse look that I think we're gonna
trend into in 2021, and so does Ms.

731. We think that's where the trend is going to the more modern look, it's less chunky, it's thinner profile,
it's cleaner looking. I think this is gonna be really popular. I know that I've I heard
from several of you who build these, and say they're really good products for you to have and for you to sell, they're doing well for you. I think if you'll try one of these you'll get some sales on it. Second farmhouse style furniture item that sells very well, are coffee tables. And now they're a little bit bigger and a little bit more hard… A little harder to store, if you don't have a place to store them. But I have about three different styles of farmhouse coffee tables
I've made over the years, and the all three of them do very well. Now the one, the big square one, it's a four-foot square type coffee table like you see here, this thing is a really big project. It takes up a lot of room. If you can build one, having it in your
portfolio, those sell well.

And when you start getting into the one with the breadboard ends, that is a phenomenal piece that I've heard from dozens of you that have messaged me that say, "Hey, I built this, I sell them "as fast as I can build them." They sell very well
because they're chunky. That's that classic farmhouse look, paint that base, stain that top, man they look good.

Now the newest one I made, it's a little more lower profile. It doesn't have the breadboard ends. It's a little more lower profile, it uses those onebasixes, onebafours. It uses the theater one ba material, one by material in case
you're not from the South. It's got a lower thinner profile, it's a little cleaner look, a little more modern look, that's that modern farmhouse look. If you painted the base of that thing, stained the top, I'd love to see a picture of that, 'cause it's gonna look good. Of course, farmhouse tables, those things are big. So if you don't have a place to store one of those, or if you're not gonna
make one for yourself, which is a good idea, make your own, take pictures of it, telling people you're
making those in business. Those things sell pretty well, but the farmhouse coffee bar or the farmhouse console
table, like you see here I've sold a bunch of these things, man.

These things sell so well because I think I think because they're multi-use. Like people can use them
for kitchen islands, they can use them for extra storage in the kitchen. They can use them in their dining room to put dishes on. You put them by the door,
have an entryway table. There's so many uses for these things that people can use them
in many different ways.

They can use them for baking stands put your kitchen aids on them. They can use them for coffee stands put their coffee on their,
coffee makers on there. They're just, they're multi-use pieces that I think a lot of people enjoy having in the home and
they look really nice. Another popular item is
a farmhouse sofa table, or that DIY bar, both are
fairly similar builds. One has the X on the back, the other has the X on the ends.

Those are very clean,
very nice looking builds, those are really popular in this area. One of the more popular
builds on the channel is the farmhouse TV stand we made. We've got some plans
coming for that as well. That thing it's a really big piece, but it's so nice. And that's when we're
talking about remaking or redoing re finishing, to make it look more modern. It has a distressed base, we're fixing to clean that up make it look a little more modern, to fit what we're transitioning to in our own home is the
modern farmhouse look.

Those things sell pretty well, but again they're really big. So unless you're making one for yourself I wouldn't recommend just building it and waiting for it to
sell because it's so big, it's gonna take up a bunch of space. And then this isn't
really a furniture item but those stove covers that I mentioned dozens of times, I can't tell you how many things… I've sold hundreds of those things, hundreds of them.

Last year at this time,
that's all I was doing was building stove covers, just bang, bang, bang, bang. As fast as I could build them, I was selling them. They were selling so fast. Now typical size on those things are about 30 inches wide by about 20, 21 inches deep. It's a common stove size. So if you just want to
build a common size, couple of them, just to show people
that you can build them. And then you can start customizing for custom orders because some stoves are 31 some are 29. Some are 20 inches deep, 19, 21, just depends on the stove. I always put a disclaimer on there, don't put those things on hot stoves. Make sure the stove is off. They're made of wood, they will burn. I mean, use common sense with them. We use one in our home, still have it for three, four years now. They're extremely,
extremely popular sellers. People can use them for ottoman trays, they can use them for serving trays, they can use them for stove covers.

There's a few uses, you
can use those things for and they look really cool. You can stain in them, you can paint them. You can do whatever you want to with them to make them look unique. You can monogram them, to make them more custom for people. Those things are hot sellers and they have been hot sellers hot… I shouldn't use hot stoker. Those things are big sellers, they sell extremely well. And those of you of making them I'm seeing the pictures
you're saying to me, stacks of them. You've got stacks of them stacked up because you're making so many, five six at a time and selling them. Those are really good sellers. Watch any of my videos about how to grow a woodworking business, you have to cater to your customers.

If your customer is asking
for modern furniture if you're that's the majority
of your customer base then you need to cater to those customers. If your customers are asking for more farmhouse style furniture, you need to start catering to those, that's where the business is at. How do you know what to build? Man, I'm telling you there's
a bunch of different ways. Main thing is you start looking for what people are asking for in your local area. Another good idea, Google trends. Just go check out Google trends, you can Google, Google trends.

And actually in 2019, one of the top home style searches was farmhouse style. Why? That was the number one
home style search in 2019. We're fixed to go into 2021, farmhouse hasn't gone out of style yet. Now what has changed
is it was a little more rustic farmhouse where you could get away with a little more rustic builds, distress bottoms, that sort of thing. Now it kind of went contemporary farmhouse in 2020, I think. And then at 2021, we're going into the
more modern farmhouse. All that means to me is
the base of your product. Now farmhouse to me means it's basically a two-tone, you got a colored base with a stain top.

And then of course the
style of the furniture goes with that as well. It's more square, squared
off type furniture. The base, if you paint it a solid color. Now the more modern farmhouse what we're fixing to transition to in our home actually, is we're gonna take some of our old pieces that we've made on the channel, and we're gonna start painting the base a solid color like white or solid gray, whatever Ms. 731 decides. If you wanna see a video on us, kind of refinishing. If you wanna see a video
on us touching up… If you wanna see a video on us, modernizing the products we've already got drop a comment below, let us know that. So you wanna cater to your customer base, this depends on your area. So if you watch Ms. 731 video about how to market your
woodworking projects to women, you hear her talk about keeping up with current trends.

And one of the ways is doing that is going into the department stores. Kirkland's, Pier 1, are Pier 1 still open? Pottery Barn, Dillard's, any of those type big department stores that are selling furniture, go in there and see what they have on display. The reason you do that
is because they've got big marketing teams
that know what to push. So I recently went in Kirkland's and Home Goods, it's
other home style store and what did I find? Farmhouse. Where at the end of 2020, farmhouse table, farmhouse TV stands, with sliding doors, the barn doors. It was everywhere, all farmhouse style. Why do you think that is? It selling. If it's not selling, it would not be on display in there or it'd be clearanced out. It's selling. Farmhouse, I think 2021 we're gonna continue
into the farmhouse style. The goal of this channel is to help you make money woodworking, help you grow your woodworking business, and to help you grow
your woodworking skills. Hey, if you liked this video go and click that box right there, it takes you to the next set of videos.

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