Top 5 Gift Ideas for Woodworkers

– You can be the hero of
your woodworkers Christmas by following this list. It doesn't matter if you're
buying for Christmas gifts or birthday gifts, I've got the right gift for your woodworker. I polled my followers on Instagram, as well as subscribers on
this channel and asked them as a woodworker what would
you most like to get as gifts? I've got the top five
answers coming at you. How are you doing? I'm
Matt at Today we're going through the best gifts you can get for a woodworker. These gifts are guaranteed to please any would work in your life. So if you don't know what
style tools they use, you don't know anything about woodworking I got you covered. Guaranteed you're gonna be the hero of the gift giving this year. If you're not a subscriber,
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of all the new content we've got coming. If you're a woodworker and I
miss anything in this video on what you want as a gift, drop a link below, maybe the one buying for you will read it and buy what you want. Let's get started. Check it, how awesome is that, check thyself before thy
wreck thyself, Acts 3:19. So I get questions about
where I get my shirts for these videos, I
bought every one of these nobody's sponsored me. There's a link in the description below if you wanna go check
out these style shirts, this one is from If you just absolutely
have no idea what to buy, I've got the thing for you. If you wanna be certain not to miss up, I've got a buyer's guide for you. If you go to, or you just go in the description below, I'll have the link down there for you.

It'll break everything
I'm talking about down, clickable links, you
can follow those links, buy your woodworker the correct gifts. That way you get the correct gift for the woodworker in your life. So if you wanna get the correct gift and you don't wanna mess
up, you're thinking, I just wanna buy them something
that they're gonna like, it's not gonna sit on the shelf, it's not gonna get returned
for money that sort of thing. Certain items, every single woodworker, no matter what type of wood
work and they're gonna do, are gonna use these three
things, clamps, glue, sandpaper. So on that buyer's guide, I
have two different style clamps, a budget option and a upgraded option, depending on the budget you're in to go check out these clamps. Either one would be awesome to get. No woodworker is gonna turn down clamps. If they don't want clamps,
they're not a woodworker. Every woodworker known
to man needs clamps. It doesn't matter if
he's just starting out, if he hasn't even built a project yet and he's talking about being a woodworker.

The thing he's dreaming
about at night are clamp. Every woodworker on
planet earth needs clamps. If your woodworker's an
astronaut and goes to the moon, they need clamps, a woodworker
can't woodwork without clamp. It just can't happen.
You got to have them. So be sure to check
that buyer's guide out, that'll get you some
clamps to get you started. What I would recommend is
if you don't have any idea what to buy, make a gift bag. Put some clamps in there,
put some wood glue in there, put some sandpaper in there.

They're gonna be happy. If your woodworker has an orbital sander that looks similar to this. It may not be the Dewalt
brand, but it looks like this. Has this on the bottom. You can go out there in the shop when they're not home and look at it. Has a Velcro bottom, hook and
loop, should be five inches. Most of them. Make sure it's five inches give or take. This is the kind of
sandpaper you wanna get. This is five inch hook and loop Sandpaper. It comes in many different
grits or courses. So some are more fine,
some are more course. Get a variety pack if you
don't know what to get, they'll use them I guarantee it. Now, if you'd have no idea
what kind of sander they have, and you're not gonna go look
because you don't want to.

A sanding block with some different core sandpaper on there, there'll be a link in
the description below to this buyer's guide. Both style of sandpaper will be on there. Orbital sandpaper type and
the sanding block type. I use this stuff all the time. I'll use this orbital sander all the time. Your woodworker will use
either one guaranteed. How much wood glue do you need to buy? You can either buy a little
bit if they only woodwork every now and then, or like they're a weekend
warrior DIY type woodworker. If you can't get them out of
the shop and that's all they do buy the gallon jug of wood
glue they'll appreciate it.

So this is my top five. So we're gonna start at number
five and go to number one. And at the end, you're
gonna wanna stick around for that power tip for buying
your woodworker a gift. I posted this question on Instagram, YouTube and my Facebook channels on what the woodworker
would like to get as a gift. I got hundreds of responses, these are the top five. Word of caution if you don't
know their brand of tools and you don't know exactly what
tool they want, what model, what size don't buy the tool. Stick with some of the
other gifts, you'll be fine. If you do know what they want, then get what they want, if you can. In the number five position,
we got consumables.

Consumables consists of
sandpaper, wood glue, drill bits that sort of thing. Maybe you don't know
anything about woodworking and you don't know anything about what kind of sandpaper they got. You can get the sanding block style. You can get the orbital sandpaper style. If you don't know if they
have an orbital sander or if you don't know what
style orbital sander they have stick with the sanding block style.

Check the link in the description below to the buyer's guide, and you'll be sure to get the correct one. As far as wood glue goes,
if you go out to their shop, look and see what kind they're using. It may be rural wood glue, maybe Titebond II or III, check that. If you see that they have a
certain style, buy that for him. I like Titebond II. That's what I use in all of
my projects. It's great stuff. Even if you don't know and
you don't wanna go look, if you pick up Titebond II, it'll be used. This is good, good glue. Good, good clue. Also a good thing to have
in the wood shop is CA glue. This is a star bond CA glue. Comes into several different colors. I'll put a link in that buyer's guide so that you can pick some of this up.

This is good for filling cracks, filling knot holes, things like that. A lot of woodworkers use this stuff. It's extremely handy to have. You have to have the
glue and the accelerator. You'll wanna pick up both. I'll get a combo pack
and put a link in there so you can get the right one. The number four requested gift items that woodworkers want are conveniences.

And what's a convenience? Conveniences are things
like bench cookies. They'll set their project on these. When they're working on their wood bench. These have rubber on each side. They keep things from slipping around. Great for when they're building, painting or sanding a project to
have these in their shop. Can't have too many of these. Typically come and sets of four. Chisels was also a convenience, they said they would like to have. This is a very inexpensive
Stanley brand I believe. I'll put a link in there
for both a budget option and a more upgraded option of chisels. Every woodworker needs
chisels for at some point, for some reason, it's
a good option to buy. Things like this digital angle finder are great for setting their blade. one part of woodworking is making sure you have
good square straight cuts. One precise way to make
sure that your blade is perfectly 90 degree angle
or perfect 45 degree angle, a digital angle finder. These are pretty inexpensive and they're awesome to have in the shop. They have a magnet on them.

They stick on your blade. They're awesome. Another highly requested item
is batteries for their tools. The one thing you're gonna need to know is what type of tool they have. All you have to do is
go out there and look. So I use Ridgid tools. I have to look on the side of the tool. You're gonna need to
know their brand name. So it'd be Ridgid, Dewalt,
Milwaukee, whatever it is. Look for the voltage, 18
volts is what this is. And maybe 12, and maybe 20, just make sure you pick
up the correct volt. So if this is 18 volts, you would wanna get an
18 volt Ridgid battery. So if yours is a 20 volt Dewalt make sure you get a 20
volt Dewalt battery. So the batteries will work on the tool so long as it's the same name brand. Ryobi makes all their
buyers will work on Ryobi. Ridgid all their batteries work on Ridgid. Dewalt the same way. Just make sure you get the correct volt because some are smaller
like if you get a 12 volt versus a 20 volt, they
might not interchange. So make sure you get the correct volt.

So you're looking for that 18 V. It'll be 20 V, 12 V that's volt. Make sure you get the correct
volt, correct brand name. You'll be golden. The number three most
requested item from woodworkers from my poll is wood. How much wood could a woodworker work, if it woodworker could work wood? They need wood, oak, walnut, maple. Maybe you don't know what
the types of wood are. That's okay. This list has you covered. You can buy this stuff
online, at woodworker source. You can even buy it on Amazon, link would be on this buyer's guide. So it doesn't really
matter what size, tight, that sort of thing so much, as if you get them a several
different species of wood, they'll be able to build items for this. So a lot of times people use
Walnut and maple to build cutting boards with. So if you get them several
different pieces of each, they will be able to take
those different types of wood to make cutting boards, Lazy Susans, all kinds of fun projects with those.

It's great to have those extra
types of wood in the shop. When you get ready to make a new project, you have those on hand. They can make awesome projects with those. Check those links out. You
can't go wrong with any species. It doesn't matter if you only
wanna buy them a few pieces of Walnut or a few pieces
of maple, curly maple. That doesn't really matter
so much as if you get them just a couple of boards each. That's perfectly fine or if
you wanna give them one each it's all good because you
know, we get this stuff. We'll have fun with it. Amazon actually has a box
of assorted wood pieces. They're like 12 inches
long, different thicknesses. That's a great way just to
get a bunch of different types that they can play with. Again, go check out that buyer's guide. That'll set you on the right track. The number two most requested
item by far was gift cards. You're taking gift cards are
so impersonal.

No, they're not. They're awesome because
you can take that gift card and go to Home Depot,
Lowe's, Menards, Any of those places that
sell woodworking items we love that. We love it a lot 'cause
then we get to either take that full gift card amount
or add some money to it with that gift card and buy the tools and supplies that we want most. Gift cards are fantastic. Don't think that they're impersonal because they're cash or a gift card.

Personally, I really
enjoy getting a gift card that lets me do my own shopping because a lot of times
the people that give gifts don't really know what
type of stuff to buy you because of the projects you're
making or they don't know, really know what goes into woodworking. So you're able to take that gift card, go buy exactly what you want. This was a highly
requested item on the poll. You got to know what the number one is. Number one, clamps by far, by far, by far the most requested item
from any woodworker on all three, Instagram,
Facebook and YouTube was clamps. We can't work without
clamps. Well, not very well. We need them. We need all
kinds of types of clamps. There's a parallel clamps.
There's these F-style clamps. You don't know what kind of clamp to buy. We got you covered. Don't worry about it. Go to that buyer's guide, We got you. I have some budget options. I have some more expensive options. Parallel clamps or for
tabletop, cutting boards, that sort of thing.

These ass style clamps like this. We use these in a tons of different ways. Bessey makes good clamps,
Jet makes good clamps, Bore makes good clamps. You can go to Harbor Freight
and pick up some clamps. I've got several of them
and I use them a lot. This is a clamp. This is a
different style of F-clamp. This come from Harbor Freight. I've had them for a couple of years. Harbor Freight makes inexpensive tools and the while they may
be on the cheaper side, they still are pretty good quality for what you're paying for them. I've used these for years. I've got some others that
I've used for a long time. Clamps come in many
different shapes and sizes. There's these tiny little
alligator type clamps. There's these tiny little baby F-clamps. Look how cute is that. Get
all kinds of little clamps.

This' a tiny C-style
clamp, tons of clamps. You can't go wrong with clamps. It doesn't matter what kind you buy, get them 20 of these and
they're gonna be happy. You can buy the two of these
and they're gonna be happy. We like clamp. We're woodworkers. A woodworkers middle name is clamp. So if you have no idea what else to buy, you have no idea of what
type of woodworking they do. Just buy him some clamps.
They're gonna like it. They'll probably even
hug your neck for clamp. If your woodworker wants a big tool, like a table saw, a miter saw, planer, a jointer, a drill press that type thing. You're gonna wanna make sure
you get the one they want. 'Cause if they're wanting a
Delta table saw like this one and you buy them a
contractor style table of saw it's not gonna fit their needs. And they're not gonna be able to use it as effectively as they would. This type of table saw. Or if you bombed the Delta miter saw and they were wanting the wall miter saw, it's just a difference in opinion.

It's like Ford and Chevy. It's like Coach and Louis Vuitton, is like steak and chicken. I mean, just depends on
your taste, what you want, like a cupcake and a donut. You know what I'm saying? So make sure you know
exactly what they want. Now, if you don't know,
there's a few ways to find out.

If you start asking about December 1st, what kind of table saw they want? They're gonna be suspicious if you're wanting to
surprise them with it. You know what time it is, Power tip time. If you wanna give the
biggest surprise of all, and you're getting them a big gift, like a planer, a joint or a table saw, start listening to them talk. Woodward is going to
tell you what he want.

He gonna be looking at it on the internet. They're gonna be talking about, "Boy, I wish I had a table
saw, boy if I had a table saw I could do this. If I had
a jointer I could this. If I had that planar, I
could make this item." They're gonna start talking about it. Listen, that's the power tip. You've got to listen
to what they're saying. So you're gonna have to go into full Sherlock Holmes detective mode to figure out exactly the tool they want. You're gonna need to know the
tool and the model number. If you know that, you
can get the right tool, you may mess up and get the wrong one. Know the model number and then make, be like, you want a Toyota Camry. And they roll up with a Toyota Corolla. Same make different model.
You want a Ford F-150 truck. Somebody buys you and
gives you a Ford Escape, same maker, different models. They do different things.
There for different purposes.

Make sure you get the right
model. So how do you do that? You don't have to start asking those sly questions about it when they start talking about it 'cause I guarantee you a woodworker is gonna
talk about what they want. "Well, if I had that planar, I can make such beautiful cutting boards. Well, if I had that table saw, all my furniture would
fit together perfectly. Well, if I had that jointer
there would be no gaps in my tabletops." We're gonna talk about it a lot. Just listen, then start
asking those questions. So if they say, "Well,
if I had a table saw, man, my furniture would look so good." "What kind of table saw or what
table saw are you wanting?" Just start showing some
interest in what they're doing and then let them show you
what they want on the slide. Don't wait until December 1st to start asking these questions, 'cause then you're gonna get suspicious. So you're gonna need to pay attention throughout the year. So how do you figure it out? Look over their shoulder.

They're gonna be creeping
on it on the internet. If you see them looking at it, their computer, tablet or whatever. When you see them looking
at that tool, say, "Hey, what's that?" "Oh, that's just a planar." "Planar, what's a planar do?" They'll tell you, okay. Start looking at it. And you'll be able to see
the make and the model on that page somewhere. So that's what you're gonna do is you're gonna have to be Sherlock Holmes and figuring out what they want.

Ask sly questions, ask
roundabout questions and figure out exactly what they want. Then you'll be able to take that knowledge and buy them the most amazing gift. 'Cause I guarantee you, if
they opened up a table saw they opened up a planer,
they opened up a jointer. They don't have that. They've been wanting,
they've been looking at it and you get them one.
That's gonna be awesome. If you do that, drop a comment below. Let me know how that went
because I wanted to know. Now if you're looking for
a more personalized gift to give your woodworker, we
got you covered here as well. So a lot of woodworkers
don't buy tool belts, things like that.

If you don't know what
they're looking for, but a lot of woodworkers will wear aprons. They're leather or a
type of durable material. That have pockets in them where
they can keep their pencils, tape measures, squares, things like that. That's a great option. And you can have them
personalized with their initials or their name or whatever you want. There'll be a link in the product guide to go buy one of those. These are really, really
nice personalized gifts that a lot of woodworkers
would enjoy having. If you woodworker has a logo or stickers with their logo
on it, kinda like this. This is our logo and you wanna get them a personalized gift. You can get them some
stickers or even better, you can get them a branding iron.

Now I've wanted a branding
iron for a long time. This way you can brand your
products that you're selling or giving away as gifts, whether that be furniture
or cutting boards or cornhole boards, whatever you're making and they're selling or
giving away as gifts you want, they can be
able to brand that item. That is an amazing gift. If they don't have one of
those for a personalized gift, I think that would make an excellent gift.

That is a perfect way for
them to mark their products, so that when other people see it, they see that logo and
they go searching it out. That'll make it help
them to make more sales that may make their brand awareness grow. It's just an excellent personalized gift that you can get for your woodworker. – [Female Voice] When you
catch him working on a video and you're trying to be sneaky. So I overheard him talking about how he's always
wanted a branding iron, which gives me a great tip for a Christmas gift. That's the true secret of finding out what your woodworker might want.

You just have to really listen to what they're out there
talking about to other people, because he doesn't always
tell me what he wants 'cause he doesn't want
me to spend money on but I think we know what he's getting for Christmas this year. – If you're a woodworker likes
to read on new techniques, likes to learn new things, then a subscription to
a woodworking magazine or a book of woodworking techniques book. Will be a great gift
to learn new techniques and to see other woodworking styles. There's several different options for woodworker magazines and books. Some of those will be
in that buyer's guide. If you have gift ideas, drop those in the comments
below so others can read them. If you liked this video, I would appreciate if you click that box right there, that takes it to the next set of videos that helps this channel
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