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we machine skill squares from stainless steel 
to the same tolerance as our legendary precision   woodworking squares the blade is one-third the 
thickness of a traditional carpenter square   putting the scale closer to your material 
for better accuracy speaking of the scale   the laser engraved angle and inch markings 
are crisp and sharp and will never wear off my favorite feature of the skill square 
is the complete set of scribing guides   along the top edge all the way from 1 8 inch 
to 6 inches in eighth inch increments just drop   any marking device in the laser cut notch and 
scribe perfectly parallel to the material edge   if you're framing you have another set of 
scribing guides on quarter inch centers that   are tailor made for a carpenter's pencil marking 
angles whether it's for furniture construction   or rafter framing takes a huge 
leap forward with skill square too   the pivot point is well defined and reinforced 
with stainless steel for a lifetime of accuracy   just pivot off the point and use the scale that 
matches your project degrees common rafter pitch or hip and valley raptor pitch there are two models of the skill square the basic 
model will feel very familiar to anyone that's   used a carpenter square the xt model adds another 
feature that takes the tool to another level   once you're away from the end of your board 
the scale on a carpenter square is useless   the shoulder that makes the tool what it is keeps 
you from using the scale skill square xt adds a   second scale outside the beam letting you measure 
accurately in the middle of your construction   you can buy either skill square by itself or get 
the set both come with a wall mountable racket to   keep your skill square in plain sight and ready 
to go to work whether you're building remodeling   or making furniture you'll love skill squares the 
speed and convenience of the traditional carpenter   square amped up with woodpecker's commitment to 
quality materials and precision manufacturing   the rockler small piece holder it securely holds 
small work pieces to give you the best possible   cut results all while keeping your hands far from 
the cutter the keys are its stability and ease of   handling the two outside bases and the interior 
adjustable fence are solidly connected by two   plain steel rods and a steel lead screw the 
results are a sturdy assembly and a footprint   that's large enough to resist tipping the 
smooth bottom surfaces reduce friction for   easy movement on the table and the large rounded 
handles provide both comfort and complete control   securing your workpiece in a small piece holder 
is easy too the interior fence has a quick release   mechanism that allows instant positioning up 
against your stock and an adjustment range   that accommodates pieces up to eight and a half 
inches wide a knurled knob on the lead screw lets   you dial in the pressure for a secure hold and the 
abrasive clamp faces keep the stock from slipping   and to keep the work piece from lifting during 
machining the small piece holder incorporates   adjustable hold down pins that secure 
tightly against the top of your work piece   if you're concerned about tear out while routing 
you can sandwich a sacrificial block between your   stock and the adjustable interior fence or 
attach the block with a couple of pan head   screws driven through the slots in the fence 
and if you're working with thicker stock that   won't allow the bases to make contact with 
the table surface you can attach an outrigger   block to the outer base to ensure stability 
and an even cut all told the rockler small   piece holder will help you work more safely and 
achieve better results when shaping small work   pieces measure mark and level in any project with 
this feature pack nine in one multi-purpose tool transfer measurements with a double-sided 
scale in imperial or metric units   use the depth gauge up to 5 inches lock in 
a 90 degree square to measure inside corners   outside corners or scribe 90 degree angles two 45 
degree angle slots will let you mark a right hand   or left hand miter joint dual levels ensure 
perfectly vertical and horizontal builds   the 3 16 inch reveal allows quick door and window 
casing trim alignment set up a sliding t-square to   copy and scribe with precision or remove the scale 
from the base to use it as a simple six-inch ruler the x-acto is a jam-packed 
tool with so many features   it will help you get the job 
done right on every project   think you need to be a woodworking pro to 
get professional results well think again   because if you can hold a ballpoint pen and snap 
a rubber band you can achieve professional results   with spring tools two pistons connected by a 
spring are the secret to spring tools and using   them really is as easy as it looks spring tools 
are perfect in tight spaces where a hammer or   nail gun just won't fit our unique no pinch grip 
makes spring tools safe too start guide and dry   finish nails into any surface with a single tool 
precision chisel in tight spaces set nails set   brads and center punch too and never bend a nail 
never smash a finger never damage expensive wood  

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