TOGO DIY COUCH / How to make a home made designer sofa

we are making the tutorial on top of the world! good morning everyone! we are literally doing today's 
tutorial on the rooftop of a friend on top of the beach in Tel Aviv. I think 
we could not have a better location for this.   last time we did a couch tutorial it was this one 
over here, and i just got tons of comments from all of you saying: why don't you do a Togo couch?!? well you asked for it, we are doing it! This Mario Bellini was absolutely my first attempt and i think that now i got a little bit more experience that i can try this other couch and turn it out so 
good in half of the time. in case you have no idea what i'm talking about this is the couch everybody's dreaming of; super comfortable and super design.

What we need for this tutorial is foam two meters times one meter and thickness 10 centimeters. then you're gonna need the material that you most prefer, i chose Alcantara that also has a double layering inside that it's gonna make it super resistant and then some extra foaming to make the material super soft. extra simple equipment: is paper tape, a marker, a precision knife, a meter, and some 
spray glue. it's important that it's spray glue for foam, it's important that it resists. at the end we're gonna take a sewing machine and also two meters of a zipper, buttons that i have already covered in the same material, and a varying long  needle guys as you know i love to make tutorials 
that are achievable for everyone and this does not mean that all of them are simple, but all of them are done with very simple equipment.

As a start we're gonna have to cut the foam in three; this¬†means 66.6 six centimeters you just mark the lines and trace it, then you're gonna go with¬†your precision knife and cut it out it's gonna be exactly three identical shapes also the depth¬†of the couch is 80 and not one meter and that's why we're gonna have to go and cut away 20¬†centimeters so to make 80 centimeters depth¬†¬† believe it or not we have already built the entire¬†base of the couch, what is left to do is take out your glue spray and spray it on each side of the¬†foam that you want to attach. now… like every spray in the world it's a lot easier if you spray it in¬†vertical compared to it lying down so put them on vertical, spray them, wait a few seconds,¬†and then stick them together.

Shake! shake! shake! gotta shake! shake! shake! shake your spray glue! shake your spray glue! do it on both sides of the foam 12 seconds later so the instructions say that you need to wait 10 to 20 seconds and then place one on top of each other and then wait 10 minutes. so i guess that we're just getting tanned for a little bit while i use myself as a heavyweight for it time to go ahead and do it on the third layer 
of the foam, spray both sides, wait for it to dry a few seconds, and then place one on top of the othe,r and put something heavy on top. now that we did the base it's time to work on the 
back of the couch, and we're going to do it with the second piece of foam. this time we're not going to cut them equally we have to do 70 70 and one of 60 there you go DIY army, you know the drill, just mark the centimeters that you need, draw a line to connect them, and cut it out with your precision 

Do it three times. time for some spraying. you do it on both sides, wait a few seconds, place one on top of the other you let it dry like this and you're waiting again. time to spray the third layer again yep yep yep! i see it. this piece is smaller than 
the other ones, but don't worry it's done on purpose and i'm gonna explain you everything very soon. now once you have the base and the back of the couch just connect them one on top of the other put something heavy on top.   we literally have the shape of the couch that is already done   i'm actually going to sit down here, put a picture 
over here of how it's supposed to come out, and go through the details together of how we're going to transform this shape into the right one.

First of all, i kept aside the pieces that i cut out, the 
extra ones, because the couch has like two little curves on the sides so more volumes on the external side than the middle side, and we're gonna use it to create that little V on the top. besides that also the front as you can see in the picture goes a little bit higher. Then there is a curve 
going in and then again the top. i have a degree in creating disasters, and i didn't want to make one. so i created this technique where i would draw the stencil on all the papers, stick them together and then draw the exact picture I want, and then you can cut it out. you would have an identical shape on the right and on the left.   now we have the perfect guideline and we are going to follow it with a marker   once we're done with one side we flip it around and do the same exact shape on the other side and cut it all out.

So the shape should be identical on on the right and on the left you simply have to trace the lines that you have already cut out on one side then we de-attach it from one side, stick it on the opposite side   flipping it around and then stick it again 
and trace it again. at this point, it's gonna be super easy to cut it out. an important step is also to connect the lines that are on top of the foam so that they both would touch each other. cut out everything! this is the biggest satisfaction ever to see the shape coming out in the drawing. it took like forever while doing it, but such a cool fast forward and i just see it appearing in front of my eyes we literally did so much work, you can 
already start seeing the shape of the Togo couch it looks insane and it just took a couple of hours.

Like i started at 2pm and it's not even sunset yes i think it's like three hours. anyway take out now the pieces that I told you to collect before, and now we're going 
to cut them in slices of 10 centimeters then cut them diagonally so that they're going 
to become little V that we are going to put on the corners so to 
make these extra volumes on the side.   very simple draw lines of 10 centimeters and 
then you cut it diagonally so that you have two identical parts that you're gonna use both of them on the couch. spray, wait a few seconds, and you go and stick it on top. you have to follow the shape that is now round off the couch and so push it really well, down with the fingers and then you're going to do exactly the same thing also on the other side.

Here i had some extra material you just cut it out and it becomes perfect. this is amazing! i am so thrilled! we moved indoors because it's freezing outside and also there's no light anymore. now all we have to do is make the dress for the couch. it's gonna be two layers; a really soft foam and on top of it the material. i chose something that looks like leather, but it's actually Alcantara and it's very, very more 
thick because it has also an extra material inside   every single part is gonna be doubled with the 
foam like this, but first we literally are gonna place it on top and pin it in the shape that we want so that we do not need any weird plan or complicated drawing we're gonna sew it as it looks.

The original design has two main sewings one on the top of the couch, and one on the¬†front. here you see me placing the end of the material exactly where i want the sewing to appear and then i'm gonna start folding the material so to create six-folds on the front of the couch that¬†are gonna become the shape. i do on one side and then i go in the opposite direction just to make¬†sure that the shape is gonna stay and that i will go and cut out the right amount of fabric. okay,¬†so what we got now is this huge line of fabric. if we look at the drawing there's like 12 lines of which six are folds, so that's why we did six-folds. now i will measure it, find out what's¬†the height, and then divide it by the 12 lines plus 3 centimeters on the top and the bottom¬†that we're going to use to sew it. after all my genius calculations it came out that i had to¬†do 12 lines of 15 centimeters, i was absolutely shocked that it came out such a round number, but¬†yeah…

I'll call it the lack of the beginner! go ahead and connect all the lines. day number two. it's time to take out our best friend or more like our worst enemy: the sewing machine! and start stitching all the lines that we did on the fabric and sticking on it with it the foam on 
the other side. so basically the entire fabric is going to become super smooshy, and fluffy, and super 
comfortable! what we're doing now is put the pins on the lines that we have drawn previously and then you're gonna have to sew half centimeter on top and half centimeter under the line so you won't have a double line.   once you do it all over the material you're gonna have the nails on the other side and these are the lines that we're gonna follow to make our drawings   the moment a girl puts her hair up, that's the moment you know that it's getting serious! guys let's get this clear, I'm a terrible seamstress.

can make you any calculation you want but i cannot go straight and if this couch turned out nice¬†with me doing it… you can definitely do a good job here we are after we did this for like a trillion¬†times. yep, you can see all the lines both for the front and the back, we're now gonna place it¬†directly on the couch, connect the lines together,¬†¬† and make the shape out of it. let's get this pretty¬†couch dressed up. we have a super important sewing on the front, that was a little bit higher so¬†you're gonna see me now pulling up the material¬†¬† after that, i connected it exactly at the height¬†where i wanted it. once i reached that angle, i finally go and connect the sewing of the lines of¬†the top with the sewing of the line of the bottom.¬†¬† this is very important so that it's going to look¬†
like a continuous line. I press the fabric together and once i reach the shape that i need on the couch i go and pin them together.

I'm gonna go do this all around the couch and even on the back. you're gonna have a lot of extra material falling on the front and we want it because that's the folds. yeah guys that's exactly how it goes.   on the other side, you do not close the material, 
otherwise how do you take the couch out of it?   so you go and place line online and then you put 
a pin on the top, and a pin on the bottom where you want them to connect without closing the material. so now you can undress the couch and go sew it you are gonna end up with a sort of rectangle, 
so all you have to do now is sew those four straight lines, and you're done with this part of the couch.

We finished sewing, and i know that you're thinking: 
oh, Micol! how are you gonna put it back in your couch if you sewed all four corners? well, usually I would say that i just didn't think about it, but this time it's not a mistake. before taking it off i did this picture over here to remind myself how many lines are visible and 
how many are going to be under the couch this way i could draw the square where we are gonna cut it completely out, and add the zipper so to put it in and out the couch every time.

Yes, it means your couch is washable! yeah, i know it's not so visible but there is a blue line drawing a square over here, can you follow it? go ahead now and cut out three of the four lines not all of four of them, because one is going to become where the fabric is together, and only on the rest of the material we 
are going to go and clip the zipper. first of all one pin on the bottom where we are gonna pass with the sewing machine so that it doesn't open completely.   and then just pin it around on both sides of the 
material so that you can open it and close it anytime.

I really think that if i put together all the sewing that i did in my life i wouldn't reach the amount of fabric that i had to sew today. anyway we did the zipper, in the middle we also did a vertical line in the middle of the couch 
that is literally just a vertical line and it's again just an aesthetic thing, i did not do it on the¬†flap but here, i fold it in half and it becomes the middle of the fabric. let's go¬†and dress our couch. it is finally time to put the material inside out and finally see how gorgeous¬†all the sewings that we did actually turned out there's gonna be a unicorn passing in front of the camera…¬†
oh sorry very delicately go and insert all the couch cover on top of your foam, and push it all the way in. it's important that you know that the corners of the couch have to be flipping outside, so pull out completely the material so that it makes four little ears.

Then zip the bottom. recreate all the folds that we had pre-made and the couch is gonna appear in front of you! only little step missing is adding buttons. no, these buttons do not have any use of opening 
and closing the couch they're just gonna be useful to keep all your folds in shape. doesn't matter how many times you're gonna throw yourself on the couch it's gonna stay in perfect shape. so put the needle inside one of the folds and come out from the other side of the couch. three on the back and three on the bottom oh yeah you have to put another button also 
on the top so to hold the button in shape.   so guys the couch is done and i'm honestly super 
duper duper super super excited about the result   like always let's go through the things that i 
would have done differently if i would have known   first of all the nail that i bought wasn't 
long enough so i couldn't insert the bottoms in all the little folds, like this one where the foam was over 30 centimeters i couldn't reach the nail on the other side so the link 
that i'm gonna give you is for a longer nail   i couldn't do that and there was no way i was gonna wait for a new nail to arrive   another thing that is important is to not put the 
foam in the middle of the material where you're gonna put the zipper, you just have to rip all the foam off because otherwise, your sewing machine is gonna get stuck.

but besides that the project was so good, so easy and i love the result! how much i spent? that was around 1000 shekels that in dollars is like 200 but there's to remember that israel is a super expensive country so the links that i'm gonna leave you down here are to order the material for a total amount of like a hundred dollars maybe 130. that's it   what? you want me to move out 
of the couch? you want to see it? .

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