Three Examples of Simple Stringerless Stairways You Can Build

here's a simple stairway I think practically anyone can build it is a string or list stairway two by fours two by eight and build out two by sixes and two by twelves for the treads it's about three foot wide seven and a half inch riser and of course might not work for every situation but of course you can always adjust the height of the risers now if you need to stabilize it you can always add a 2×4 to the back something like this would provide a lot more stabilization put a piece of plywood on it you know it's going to make it a little sturdier and you can always put plywood on the side if you don't like this particular look though where the plywood is sticking up this might not look as nice you know with the plywood sticking up you can always lower it and move the wall in in other words let the treads overhang the treads and risers overhang give you this look here here's the second stairway you know this one here actually has a one-inch nosing on it will be a little smaller with a ten and a half inch tread width the other one would have had an eleven and a half inch tread width with out and nosing this one here is going to have an eleven and a half inch tread size but basically have a ten and a half inch tread run now here's an example of what it would look like if you left the original frame or the frame from the very beginning I just want to give you an idea you will need to modify the frames there if you're going to use this particular design last but not least if you're going to use a going to make a stairway a little wider let's just say a six-foot stairway you could always do something like this instead of using two you would use three and put one in the middle now for the good news I am going to try and create some type of an e-book for this for you for those of you looking for more information on how to put something like this together and I will put a link here at the end of the video once it is completed

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