This is the handiest step stool ever! Easy woodworking project.

MicroJig, maker of the Grr-ripper. Work Safer.
Work Smarter. Big shout-out this week to Earshel Futrel
for inspiring me for his design for this step stool. I've made a couple of different step stools
in the past, but I like this one because of the handle. The handle serves a couple different purposes: One, it's easy to move this around from
place to place, you don't have to bend over to pick it up
or -more likely- use your foot to scoot it along the floor. And it also doubles as a hand rest so you
can support yourself while you're standing on it.

And lastly, if you want to use it as a chair, you can certainly do that. This is a good project for me to use some
of my scrap wood, I don't have to buy anything new. You could either use solid lumber, or I'm going to use ¾" plywood. I've taped together the full-sized cutting
templates. I mostly need them to cut out the curves,
especially on the legs. First, I'll cut them down to their square
sizes on the tablesaw. And it's a new day. I decided to stop and leave it off there yesterday
because it was raining so hard I couldn't get the camera outside to shoot
my bandsaw! I'm going to tape the two leg pieces together
with double-sided carpet tape. I'm attaching the template with spray adhesive. You probably don't need to attach this template
to the platform piece but it might make cutting these corners a
little easier.

I'll drill a 1 ½" hole in the handle. I probably didn't cut this tenon out to
the exact size of my square on the template so I'm going to make a new mark with an
Xacto knife by lining this up. That should give me a better indication of
where to cut. Over here at my router I'm going to round
over all the edges except for the tops of the legs where it meets
up with the platform. I'm going to square this up with my jigsaw. And that's how all the master woodworkers
make their mortise and tenon joints! I'm going to join everything together with
pocket screws and I'm going to start with the stretcher
between the two legs. To line this up, I've drawn a center line
on these legs. So I can line up the middle ply of the plywood
with that. I'm going to glue and screw these on.

This one will be easier to put the screws
in if I clamp it down. I can't fit my drill in here so I can use
my manual screwdriver instead. Good, that's all there is to that. To assemble this I'll start with the handle
and just drop it in. I'll put a little dab of glue under these
shoulders. And I'll flip it over and put the legs on. I'm going to put some glue on the inside
of the tenon and the top of the legs. I'm going to clamp this to that tenon, just
temporarily. Make sure it's all lined up. That should hold it in place long enough to
drive in these pocket screws.

In addition to that glue, I'm going to secure
the handle with a couple screws. ~Advertisement~ I'd like to thank Earshel one more time for inspiring me to build this cool little step stool. If you'd like to make your own, check down
in the description for a free set of plans. And I'd like to thank you for watching Woodworking
for Mere Mortals.

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