This is The Easiest Way to Do a Resin Pour

Hey everyone it's Dylan from the Black Forest Wood 
Company so this week we're going to be showing you   guys how we use these reusable HDPE epoxy forms 
uh that require no sealing no silicone at all   to make one of these resin charcuterie boards 
so that process could also be replicated on a   larger scale because we have these molds all the 
way up to 48 by 24. uh you're also going to see   us delivering a bastogne walnut desk with resin 
cast legs to a client here in calgary and then   we've also got this really sweet kind of like LED 
wall art so it's ten foot by four foot curly maple   and we got LEDS that go all the way around it so 
i think you guys should enjoy that and if you can   before the video starts leave a like subscribe and 
turn that bell on because that really helps us out   and also there's a giveaway if you guys stick 
around there's gonna be a giveaway on this   announcing that later okay so our new bay our 
new location is coming along pretty good it's not done yet uh but we are open to the public now i need my mask to go in um but we are open to the public now so we've got customers coming in 
picking things out uh we got all of our slabs in we've got these reusable forms in there and it's actually Haley's first time seeing it so we've got all of our big dining table slabs basically 
just stacked vertical along here we've got burl slabs all kind of throughout, charcuterie 
stuff if you guys come here you'll see Marc we got more of our reusable forms so this is actually 
what I've got in the box here um and what we're   gonna do today is just kind of show you guys 
how they're used so it makes it really easy   because we sell um the wood on our website and 
it's already pre-cut to lengths that would fit   good in this form so I've got the 18-inch form 
here and I got one of our 18-inch charcuterie   boards off our website fits in perfect and then 
basically all I'd have to do is cut it down the   middle if I want a river clamp the pieces down 
pour the epoxy so let's go see how they work all right so with these um no seal forms you 
don't even need to put silicone on them they're   completely reusable and this is the 18-inch 
charcuterie stock that I've got here from us   so I'll place one in, put it to the outside edge 
place my other one in just make sure they're all   the way um what I could do actually on this 
one I might cut it down just a hair shorter   because the edge of this is just getting caught 
on the plastic bead on the inside so it's not   quite going down in between them instead it's 
kind of sitting on top so I'll just shave off   a little off each thing now they should go in 
perfectly I've got them trimmed down to length   so that slides in nice that slides 
in there nicely and then one thing   I might do is just grab an air hose and 
blow out all that dust that's in there now we're going to use our very scientific 
colour selection process to ensure that we   get the exact perfect colour um 
for that pour that we're doing   so you really just want to make sure that 
you're picking specifically and making sure   you're getting that exact colour you want so this 
um this is the colour you're going to want here   these, these four this is exactly what you 
need if you would have done it any other   way you would have got the wrong colour so we'll 
mix these four and we'll see what they look like so here we go we're gonna pour these in 
I'll just start with these two I guess I'm scared sweet alright so we have demolded our piece um one 
thing you want to do before you go ahead and   start planing is, check your hardness you don't 
have to do this but if you want to plane it as   quick as possible you should check the hardness 
first we recommend at least 0.75 before you plane   so we're at .745 0.79 there 0.785 so this piece is hard enough for us to plane   over the next couple of weeks it's 
going to continue to gain hardness   when it's fully cured it's probably going to top 
out around 0.85 so that would be when it's fully   cured but at this rate, it's not going to move 
or deform any bit at all so we can go plane it alright so we've got our 
charcuterie board here in front of us   I've only sanded it to 320 grit that's the 
same thing we do in our tables I wouldn't   really go any higher than that for a charcuterie 
board because you want to get good penetration   then I'm going to be using the Polyx on here 
today so I've also got a white scotch-brite   here to apply it I think on our website they're 
called our woven hand pads so just take some of   your product directly on the pad and then you 
can use this pad to work it into the surface you don't need very much of this stuff at all 
like the amount of product I have on there is   probably going to do about 
half of it at least I would say alright so we've got our coat 
of Polyx finished up on here   if you guys were making your own piece i would 
probably do at least one more on there just to   have it be totally sealed but we are actually 
going to be giving this piece away it's going   to be on Tik Tok it's not going to be on youtube 
because we've never done a giveaway before on Tik Tok   so if you head over to Tik Tok you guys 
will see a post of us making this piece and then   you just gotta comment on that post and that's 
how you enter to win and Jo really wants to   win he's pointing at himself but uh I don't know 
do you guys think we should give to Jo I don't   think so okay and then we have also got our first 
order of our reusable molds going out this one's   going the united states and this client literally 
ordered one of every size which is awesome for us   to see these are them here and this is the pricing 
that we have on there on our different sizes so   sorry for the phone uh we've got as small 
as basically charcuterie size boards   all the way up to like a decent sized coffee 
table so if you guys are doing your own pours   definitely check these things all right so 
we are here in Calgary doing a local delivery   um you guys saw that resin cast leg 
table that we were making so that's   actually what we're going to be delivering and 
we'll head inside the house now and see where we   got to go looks like we got a few stairs that we 
kind of got to climb up but shouldn't be too bad alright well let us know what 
you guys think of that piece um   one of my favourite desks that we've 
done I can actually see them in there   through the window checking it out right 
now they look they look like they like it   um we're super pleased he was a super nice 
client to work with let us know what you   guys think and I think we're going to be seeing 
a lot more of those resin cast legs here soon is this nice mood lighting well we 
got our LED art piece finished up   this is two remotes this one does 
the top so we can change that one to whatever colour we want and then this one can also 
change so this was quite a process to get this   in here we had to make sure everything was flush 
with our french cleats so i had to actually recess   these power boxes in because they're too tall so 
those are recessed in velcro down everything had   to be super tight because we didn't have 
a whole lot of room to play with because   since there's two power boxes they're gonna need 
two power sources so two outlets and we don't want   wires hanging down like this so they're gonna be 
putting in an outlet probably somewhere in the   middle here but it's going to have to go sideways 
because the rest of the french cleat goes here   and so yeah it's going to be a fun process to 
get this in there but it sure will be worth it alright well I hope you guys enjoyed kind 
of seeing how those reusable forms work we've   had them out for a couple weeks now and they've 
been a huge huge hit um they just they save a   lot of time and they make things a lot easier 
like we've actually got we use leftover epoxy   we've always got one on the go so if we need to we 
just throw a piece of wood in do a pour this is a   Bubinga I think Jo did again go to Tik Tok if 
you guys want to win that piece that we showed you   that we made and then I'm giving you guys a sneak 
peek right now what we got going on next week so   this is claro walnut burl it's for a client 
of ours in new york city really thick we   left this the full thickness and she's going 
with a colour of resin we've never done before   I'm not going to say what it is yet you 
guys can make your guesses on that but   I think it should look really good so you 
guys will get to see this one next week   but with that, i hope you guys enjoyed 
this video and see you next week

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