The Straightedge: Turning Urban Lumber (Part 4)

once I roughed out ball is dried for six months we can remount it and finish turning it you'll probably notice that your rough top bowl is no longer round but rather oval before we can true up the rest of the bowl however we first have to true up this tenon for shallower bowls I simply hold the bowl against the Chuck and hold it in place with the tailstock I'm not concerned about marring the inside of the bowl at this point since we'll be cutting it away later if the bowl is too deep to mount directly on to the jaws you can create a small jamb Chuck my jamb Chuck screws into the worm screw that came with my four jaw Chuck you could also turn a tenon into the backside of the gem chuck and mount it directly into the jaws now we can true the tenon since the bowl at this point is only being held on by pressure be sure to make light cuts with the tenon chewed up we can now flip around the bowl and mount it into the Chuck with the bull remounted in the Chuck you can now to the outside of the bowl and refine our final profile and after chewing up the rim we can focus on chewing up the inside of the bowl and taking the bull down to its final thickness from this point on there's no difference between having started with green wood and having started with wood that was already dry a little sanding a little more sanding a little more sanding and still some more sanding all that's left not was to clean up the foot to do this I'd like to mount it back into my jamb Chuck only this time I'll put a piece of neoprene between the bowl in the jamb Chuck to keep it from marring you can also use a piece of rubber or some leather again be sure to make light cuts when you have the ball mounted this way since the bowl is only being held in place from pressure from the tailstock also be careful not to apply too much pressure from the tailstock the bowl is at a pretty thin thickness at this point and the last thing we want to do is cracked a bowl after all the hard work we put into it and just when you thought we were finished sanding with the ball mounted this way we can only get so far I'll have to clean up this little nub at the workbench always great fun making those and greetings now although we've only scratched the surface on this topic especially in the area of all different ways you can cut a log into turning blanks I hope this video will provide you with a good foundation with which to start i'm brian havens thanks for watching for more information on reclaiming urban lumber and turning green wood in general look for this video on the video page at my website you this time on the straightedge we'll learn how to use that some of that my notes fell now although we've only touched the scrap especially in the area of a how many different ways we can now the

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