The Easiest DIY Headboard Ever

want to know the quickest and easiest
way to build your own headboard let me show you how we are building a headboard out of an
old door so the first thing we're going to do is measure and cut the door to size
you can use any door that you want on this I will put the common headboard
dimensions and measurements down below in the description so you can see what
size headboard you have and what size you need to cut your door this is going
to be for a full-sized bed I'm gonna make it about 61 inches wide kind of
where it falls nicely in the pattern of the door you all right we've got our trim cut to size
for the top of the door and I think this just really makes it look like a
finished headboard when we're done you can use a piece of crown you can use a
little piece of trim whatever you have or whatever you like I am going to
attach this with some glue and my nail gun a light standing on any rough spot and
cleaning and then this project is already to finish this headboard off I am going
to use dixiebell chalk paint in the night sky it is just a step right above
black so if this is for my son's room it's gonna be nice and masculine and
really stand out and the pop off of looking for more home DIY projects you
can do too check out this playlist and don't forget to subscribe to my channel
so you won't miss a thing we'll see you next time

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