The $6 DIY Bar Stool Made Out of 2×2’s | Modern Builds | EP. 9

I'm Mike Montgomery and today we're going to be building the super easy to make barstools for about six dollars out of all two by twos on modern builds a good thing to note is that it's not going to be exactly six dollars it's going to depend on how much lever costs in your area I just said generally two-by-twos cost it on two bucks apiece that's what I'm doing so we're going to start by cutting two twenty-seven inch pieces out of our first two by two and then once that's finished we're going to cut two more out of our second then we're going to grab our untouched two by two and cut eight eleven and a half inch pieces out of it then finally we're going to have to cut four seven and a half inch pieces as well there's quite a few different ways that you could get these specific pieces out of these three boards here's an easy way to do it now that all the pieces are cut I'm just going to put everything together and drill the holes making sure that everything is going to fit right it so now I'm going to go ahead and save and stand everything before I assemble sorry for these weird bars going across the screen I was having some weird issues with the fluorescent lights in my shop but it should be taken care of here pretty soon and now that the stains dry we can go ahead and put it all together and since we pre-drilled all the holes this should be pretty quick and easy and finally it was time to put the slats across the top of the barstool and notice how I used this little spacer block to make sure each of my slats were the correct width apart it's a cool little trick that will save you a lot of time but just make sure you measure your specific two by twos first because they will vary and wit and you want to be able to account for that whenever you make your spacer finally I just filled in the holes from the brad nailer with wood putty once it dried I sanded it and just touched up the stain in that specific area once that's finished you are – thanks again guys so much for watching don't forget if you like this video give it a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button right here I really appreciate that because I put out a new video every single week and you'll be want to sure to check that out also if you have any questions just leave a comment below or you send me up on social media Facebook Twitter Instagram whatever you want and we'll see you next time on modern builds

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