TGO Splitting Black Locust Bow Staves

howdy folks Texas Prevnar with Texas Grabner outdoors a lot of you guys have been asking me about my primitive bow making project and if I'm ever gonna do anything about it well the mome logs have been drying out there in the garage here so I got a buddy coming by that I shoot traditional league with and we're gonna split these logs I'll leave the pry bar oh yeah I'm making a little bit of separation there the bow in here somewhere devil there's two of them maybe maybe put it a little bit closer to prime are ya after all people ain't happy unless I'm hurting myself Oh what's that the wedge oh yeah let's do a good job if we had the tools with me an initialcontext grab their outdoors the long and short of it is bow making is a slow process it requires patience however I am far from an expert in lowering and so I would like to refer to you too Billy Burton a primitive pathways a good friend of mine I'll put his link down in the description I'd like it very much if you guys have go subscribe to them if you're not and tell them Tex revenue sent you anyways these boats days now have been drying as Bo logs for about nine months and I don't know when the hell I'm actually gonna have the patience to work on them but I'm working my way through the traditional bowyers bible and so we'll see how it goes any now I hope you guys enjoyed watching as always god bless all my sportsmen up America join the internet detector rights this is got my friends are relieved leakin thank you very much those of you involved in law enforcement and those who serve in the military that thanks for watching text Brandner outdoors

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