Super Easy Wood Shoe Rack Idea (DIY Shoe Organizer)

– My husband and I are gonna show you how we did this DIY show rack without killing each other. You might remember about, I don't know, 10 months ago, Eddie and I did a DIY project where we made this wood plank wall. And this week, we're making this shoe rack with a design that's been in my head. And you're gonna see all
the steps that we took to get the shoe rack done and finished (laugh) without trying to kill each other. – We didn't kill each other. – No, but we didn't get
along, either. (laugh) – Hmm. – I have control issues. Shocking. (laugh) – First we used a 1" by 12" eight foot long piece of wood for the base of the shoe rack. Then we used a 1" x 1" piece
that was eight feet long for the heel hooks, then a piece of quarter
round eight feet long. – One two by four cut into five pieces. Ten number eight 2" wood screws. – One circular saw, and one drill. Cordless, preferably. – One package of 1" Brad
nails, and a nail gun. Cordless, preferably.

– One bottle of Titebond
Original Wood Glue. One 16 foot measuring tape. – Safety first with these safety glasses, respirator, and heavy duty gloves. – Next, you'll need a
container full of propane gas, a fire starter, and a roofing torch. – Two horses to stabilize your project and work on, and one little helper, right there. And that's all you're gonna
need for this DIY project. So let's get started. So these pieces are six inches tall, and that's the measurement
we're gonna be using to give us the slope on our shoe rack.

I'm gonna be honest. I made a full-on attempt to saw, and I'm admitting defeat. I'm not good at sawing, and
I'm no longer going to saw, 'cause I'm going to allow him to do it. He already tried to fix it
before I got a shot at it, but I needed you to see. (laugh) I hate asking for help. I can't stand it! You see this nightmare? This was the pre-cut piece that Eddie did. This is the piece that I did. (sawing) Thank you for sawing my wood for me. – (laugh) – All right, so the next step is to sand. And, again, who's sanding? Not me! (laugh) I guess I'm gonna just go ahead and take the shoes out of the closet, and then we're gonna show how
we put this thing together, 'cause it really isn't that hard to do. And Eddie, you can have your glasses back, 'cause obviously, I'm
not doing any of this. (mellow music) All right, the shoes are done.

And now that they're done, let's go ahead and check
to see how Eddie's doing with cutting those
pieces for the shoe rack to make it at an angle, since I did such a crummy job. (mellow music) – So, I went ahead and measured this out. We figured five studs is
gonna be enough for this, instead of the eight that I cut out. – We figured out? He figured out. – So what I did is, I went a quarter inch all the
way down from the edge of it, and then we brought it about
a foot and three quarters. – We? He. – (laugh) A foot and three quarters. So we have five studs that are gonna be sitting there perfectly. This is a little bit of an odd
way of drilling these holes, or pre-drilling these holes. So I'm kind of… What I ended up having to do is mark out the spots where
they're at right there, then what we're doing is, we can move it down to the quarter, and I can see it underneath. – There is no we. It's he. – We'll start pre-drilling the holes, one and a quarter down and
two and a quarter down.

– (drill) – So that that way, when we put in the screws later, we rebuild this and put it all together, it will make sense. So also what I did is, I numbered the studs. I start from this side, one, two, three, four, five. So that way when I go back
and after I've pre-drilled, and I go back to put this together, I know what screws, or which stud goes to which holes. – You're my number one stud. (laugh) (upbeat music) – (drilling) (laugh) – Chuck. Chuck. – I broke it. I did a good job, though. – What do you think you're doing? – We're gonna burn the wood.

– I'm not letting you burn the wood! – I'm burning it. We did it the last time. – Yeah, I did it last time. – No. I got to burn some wood, and I'm burning this. You're not doing this
whole thing by yourself! I'm doing this. Okay, here comes my favorite part. So instead of staining the
wood like most people would do, that we did with the previous
video that we had done, which was burn the wood. It makes it look like it was stained, and it really brings out
the grain in the wood. I like it, because I get to use fire. Eddie doesn't like it,
because I get to use fire. But it's the one thing that
he's gonna to allow me to do, which is burn wood. So here we go. (upbeat music) As much as I love this look, and we could leave it just like this, the problem is, is that if you touch it, it's gonna leave soot on your hands and you don't want that on your shoes walking through the house.

But what you can do, is that you just kinda
take a little bit of water, just about half water, half paint. And what you did is, you take a rag and you start
rubbing it across here, and it will still leave that
nice wood grain stain look, but it kinda gives it
that old, rustic look that everybody likes right now. It's super easy.

So gloves and a paint
brush, if you want to, but we are gonna use rags. (mellow music) All right, before I
wipe it off completely, I just wanted to show that really you could use any kind of paint. I just don't use flat; I kinda use satin. What? – It usually says let
it set for two minutes. – – (groan) Well, we didn't do that the last time. We just let it kind of
absorb a little bit, when it looked a little dry to me. I didn't want it to get sticky, so I went ahead and… I'm gonna go ahead and
wipe it off right now. So we can just go ahead and wipe that off, and you'll be able to see that wood grain. So it kinda almost gives
it that beach, rustic look. And if we would let it
dry for two minutes, it would've soaked completely in, so I'm glad we didn't do that.

All right, so this is
what it looks like now. And I'm gonna put it
out in the sun to dry, 'cause I'm impatient. All right, let's put it out in the sun. (clock ticking) It's dry. So what am I doing? – So, remember these that we set up today, earlier today, and we put the numbers on them? – Oh, yeah. So we did this. So we put the numbers in, and now we're gonna
drill these legs in here. That's what's gonna support
the bottom of these. – Yep. – All right, well let's get drilling. Can I drill? – You're drilling. – I'm allowed to drill? – You're drilling. – Yeah. I'm allowed to do something. – All right, and then
what I'm just gonna do is, I'm gonna put a little bit of glue on it.

– Okay. – So it sets in there nicely, and then you'll drill it. – Um-hmm. – To create a tighter bond. (upbeat music) – I got a little carried away with the screw driver. Now that's all the way
a little in the wood, but it's going in a closet. No one's gonna see it. I mean, I guess I could put
some wood filler over that and kinda stain it up, or whatever, but. A blind man on a horse will never see it, is what my dad would say. All right, so we have this angled board, but it's kinda ugly. So we need to add some finishes, because there's a lip
here, which I don't like, and there's a lip at the
bottom, which I don't like. And we need something to hang
the heels of the shoes on, so that's gonna cover up my
messy screwing job right here, so we're gonna fix this and
make this a lot prettier.

Next I take the glue, and
I'm gonna run it along here, and then we're gonna use the nail gun. And Eddie promised I could use it. And I can put this little piece, and that's the piece that's
gonna hang your heels. (mellow music) (pffft) – So here you're gonna nail here and here. – Oh, okay. But the
opposite side of the screws? – So you're… The screws should be right here. – Right. The opposite side of each screw. – You want to try to get
as close to the screw, but not right on the screw. – (growl) – There ya go. (nail gun) – When having a project with your spouse, make sure you draw out all your plans. Tell them exactly what you want, because by the time that you
start putting this together, it's going to start war. Because, guess what? Even I forgot, we still
have one more piece. That piece right there. It's for the rounded top, 'cause I wanted it to
have a decorative corner.

Yeah, we're gonna have to reburn that. We're gonna have to paint it. We're gonna have to wait 10 minutes, and then we're gonna
nail that in there, too. (roofing torch) (mellow music) (nail gun) – That's it. That's the last of it. We have done the trim piece, and we have done the piece that you put on your heels
– The heels. – So, it's time to go in the closet, and hopefully I like it. If I don't, then it's my own fault. – Or mine. – Since this isn't gonna
be attached to the wall, I decided that it would be a good idea to put some felt at the bottom, so that way it doesn't
scratch my wood floors. And so we just bought
this little thing of felt that we got at Home Depot. No, we got it at Lowes. – Lowes. – We got it at Lowes. So you can buy it at Home Depot, too, or any hardware store. And it's got the sticky
tape on the backside, and then it has the
felt on the other side.

So we're just gonna stick that on each one of these legs. (mellow music) (mellow music) – Well, we're still married, and we got through it. (laugh) – Still. – And after we got it all done, before the comments even start, I want you to know that we realized there isn't another
little piece at the bottom for shoes that don't have a heel, but it's okay. – Oh, well I'm sure
they're gonna rip me apart throughout the whole thing. (laugh) – So I hope you enjoyed our DIY project. We're gonna be doing some more
DIY projects in the future, so make sure that you subscribe. If you want to watch our
last video that we did with a DIY plank, you can go ahead and click
the video right here.

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