Super Easy way to make butterfly knife popsicle sticks – DIY 2019

Let's Make one! Things needed: Put the small popsicle stick on top of the medium size popsicle stick then mark the tip of the stick. Then carefully cut it with a cutter. Mark the tip of the popsicle sticks. Mark both ends. Then carefully cut it. We will use these two small pieces later. Glue the small piece on the tip of the small popsicle stick. Make sure that it is properly aligned. Then also glue the last piece. Let the glue dry. Now let's glue the stick to the small piece.

Make sure that the gap is equal. This gap if for the blade. Also glue the last 2 popsicle sticks. The slide the bigger popsicle stick in the gap. Make sure to properly align it. Mark the tip of the popsicle stick. The drill bit and the cotton buds stick needs to be equal in diameter. Then Let's drill the marked spot. Hold the stick firmly so that it won't move when you drill on it. Remove the handles and make the holes on the blade wider. This will make the handle and blade move freely when opening it. The holes on the blade is now slightly wider than the handles. Put the handles back. Then put the stick in the hole to lock the handle in place. Cut the excess part. Do it on the other one aswel. Align the blade and the handles. Mark this part of the stick. Then drill thru between the gap. Hold it tightly and make sure that it won't open when drilling. now put the stick in the hole. Then cut the excess part. We need to drill another one on the blade.

firmly hold the stick together then drill between the gap. put the stick in. Then cut the excess part. put glue on the sticks to make sure that it stays in place. Now let's draw the blade pattern. You can just draw a simpler blade design if you want. Then let's cut it. be very careful when using a sharp cutter. You can just stick with this design if you want. This is the easiest blade design. But if you want a cooler blade design then you can copy this design. Alright! so this is the finished product. It can do some tricks. Also check my other butterfly knife collection. This is also made out of popsicle sticks. all links for these butterfly knife tutorials are in the description. Now this is the world's smallest butterfly knife!.

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