Stunning Star Sign Wooden Present DIY Idea | Wooden Gift Ideas

Hi Guys! Welcome Back! For our 5th wedding anniversary I made 2 fretworks with our star signs
First I am fixing the template onto the plywood with double sided tape I am using some masking tape on the back of the plywood to avoid the wood to splinter I am drilling some holes in the parts that will be sawed out To be able to put the fretsaw blade through I am cutting a strip for a back frame. Corners should have a 45 degree angle Then I am gluing and nailing the frames onto the back of the fretwork For the front side of the fretwork I have used a strip with some design on it and glued it only I am covering the back with crafting black board I am spray-painting the whole thing in a nice bronze-gold colour If you want to support my work please consider subscribing! Thanks for watching! See you guys next time!

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