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I wanted to make my Aunt a Birthday gift The idea that came to me was a glass box minimal wood, just to frame the pane So, I started off cutting the first and second
pieces When I went to make the next glass cut, it
broke I only had one pane I had salvaged from the
trash And then I didn't have enough for the glass
box So I changed it into a wood and glass box Till I broke another piece So I tossed that idea and came with the SteamPunk
lamp The only parts I didn't have on hand were
a vintage bulb and toggle switch oh and a cord so I got those at Home Depot When I was in private school my Aunt would drive me in the mornings the bus would bring me back in the afternoon She always tells me how I was a curious child I would always ask her questions on our drive. non stop if we passed a cemetery, I'd ask why do people die? and so one she said it was too heavy for a drive you could imagine So she always took me places to the movies, to the beach and on vacations
to Disney World I can remember my Aunt giving me gifts for
Christmas She gave me a mork doll from mork and mindy Books and a writing desk.

As a child, I always felt loved I even got into simon and garfunkel because
of her The family went on a trip to sanibel island
one summer She put in a cassette tape of graceland by
paul simon The last track blew me away. it was with blacksmith mambazo I asked if she could play it again and when it was done, I asked her to play
it again I get obsessed with something I like and wear it out I enjoy this type of project You can really break from the norm and be
creative in a different kind of way I hope you liked it If you're new and have not checked out my
other video's Consider checking them out I do handyman work but also do commission
furniture for customers Inbetween all that, I create projects I'm
interested in I have video's of builds like A farmhouse table, LOTR Ax, Comic book chest/box,
a skull chair and secret compartment furniture to name a few Subscribe, like and comment This is Escagedo Woodworking

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