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do you like solid surface countertops better known 
as Corian countertops in this video we're going to   show you how to save 10 times your money solid 
surface usually sells for about 50 to 55 dollars   a square foot you can do it for five bucks a 
square foot it'll be more durable last longer   it's easy to do it's do-it-yourself friendly 
stay tuned enjoy the video the secrets are coming the steps are simple in this case we're going 
over MDF that's medium density fiberboard   you can go over your existing countertops 
you can even go over plywood we're going   over MDF we're gonna router those edges to a one 
quarter inch round over so the epoxy will flow   nice and smooth we're gonna do two coats of 
our epoxy undercoat in white because that's   the recipe we're doing today we'll let that 
dry and then we'll be ready for the next step have you seen our speckled spray that 
speckled spray is the secret sauce   to making everything look like solid 
surface Corian countertops you can get   them right at stonecoatcountertops.com 
we're going to spray that right now   we have five different colors of our stone spray 
i love this stuff what color should i choose   i don't know this is the hard part but i tend to 
like this black and white speckled almost like   a salt and pepper granite look and then maybe 
i'll add a little bit of this gray one so i'm   going to choose these two let me know what 
you would have chosen would you have chosen   the black and the gray or would you have chosen 
something different what's your favorite color   let me know in the comments below alright guys 
pro tip you always want to start on your edges   shake your cans vigorously warm them up test 
spray maybe on a piece of cardboard or plastic   get the flow going just how you want it so 
you know exactly what you're going to do when   you hit that edge and then cover the field or the 
major portions of your countertop or your project   you can do all kinds of different 
projects using these same methods   can you see that i'm just pumping i'm just pumping 
that spray tip i'm not holding it down and i'm   just kind of using it like a hopper have you ever 
done drywall texture where you got that hopper   and just pumping that trigger that's 
exactly what i'm doing here very similar okay you've seen that i've done the 
perimeter now i'm doing the field i'm doing   the inside of this space the reason i'm doing 
that is if i did the inside and then i went to   the edges inevitably i'd have an uneven stripe 
around that perimeter you see how high above   the surface that i am and i'm going straight 
down i'm not shooting it at an angle therefore   i won't get little tadpoles or stripes going 
the way that my spray is going okay so that's   how i'm doing it is i'm shooting it from above 
have you seen the video where i mimicked the   ocean with that big round table i used our 
stone accents to create realistic looking   sand i loved how that came out this product 
is a million different fun accents in a can   okay time for the gray let's do it this is 
actually called greystone i got it right yeah that's cool it's giving it 
a little bit of white specks and   stuff like that see what it did over that nice man dang mitch come check that out dude 
that does look like a crayon right oh dang that's   pretty yeah it's got a lot of variation in it 
it sure does look at on the edges too yeah great   on a cove you know vanity oh yeah if you're 
going over existing and you want to make   the backsplash match perfectly in your 
laminate your cultured marble your sinks   you know spray this and then just 
do clear epoxy it would look perfect   pro tip this stuff takes a little bit to dry so 
be patient test how it dries on your sample before   you touch the finished piece let it dry let it set 
up maybe wait till tomorrow we'll come back and   we'll sand it and we'll do our first clear coat 
we'll do two clear coats to create some high build   we'll sand those edges between coats and we'll 
get this to lay out like a sheet of glass all   right guys it's the next day and our speckle spray 
is all dry i'm going to sand it with 220 grit on   a foam backer and i'm going to get this nice and 
smooth to the touch keep in mind that stone spray   it dries a little bit rough you can feel that 
texture so just take your sander and smooth it out all right i'm gonna do clear stone coat 
countertop epoxy i'm gonna do two coats at   three ounces per square foot that's going to do 
one coat that covers that texture and a second   coat for added depth and durability this also 
gives my edges some build up so i don't feel   any roughness on those edges i'm going to 
do this by first mixing the epoxy at a one   to one ratio then i'm going to trowel it out 
with our 1 8 by 1 8 square notch trowel after   that i'll chop the surface and then i'll torch 
it to remove any bubbles i'll repeat that same   system on the next day so i get that clear coat 
if you're going in place over existing countertops   follow those same steps and if you haven't seen 
our video on how to prep like a pro go check it   out now you know it's amazing how good this looks 
without any stone coat actually on the surface   but wait till i pour it it really gives it 
that stone-like appearance it mimics solid   surface it mimics Corian let me know what do 
you think of this process can it get any easier do pull any loose bristles out of that brush before 
you chop it out and prime that brush just get it   wet so that you don't start pulling up the epoxy 
where you start chopping pro tips when you chop   the surface do it in a random fashion you don't 
want to do rows just do it randomly but be sure   to chop the entire surface this also helps mix 
the material and it removes any trowel lines that   i may have caused by troweling out the stone 
coat epoxy now that i have a saturated brush   i'm going to go ahead and brush out these edges 
with long horizontal strokes i've also pushed   any material over those edges by chopping all the 
way to the edge that's why you want to finish by   spreading those drips out long horizontal strokes 
across those edges so you get an even finish   all right to torch out any of the bubbles on the 
surface i'm just using a propane torch you can   use a heat gun even a hair dryer but i like the 
propane torch because it's fast and effective okay we're going to let this dry it's a little 
bit bumpy i have tiny little high points   from that texture spray and that's okay my 
coat tomorrow will completely lay out like   glass we'll let this dry and we'll see you 
then hey what's up everybody Luc here with   stone coat countertops it's been a couple 
days and this is ready for a second clear   coat however while it was curing there was a 
lot of stuff that was accidentally set on this   there's random runoff epoxy from other projects 
coming off the tools i see a little wood chip here   a couple random smudges i don't even know what 
that is but that's completely fine we're gonna   sand this down with 220 grit sandpaper and then 
you're gonna tag along with me for the final coat i'm gonna use some acetone 
to help me clean this dust up all right sanding is done time for the 
next step as mike has already explained   mix pour trowel chop torch and your piece 
will be done so let's dive right into it   do all right everybody it's as easy as that mix 
pour trowel chop torch you're done this is   gonna set up overnight that's it for this video 
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you the DIY'er how to become an epoxy pro   and from all of us here at stone coat countertops 
You Got This we'll see you on the next video

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