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today I'll show you how to build the ultimate chopping block for splitting cord wood so to get started we're going to need some 6×6 material we're going to cut on a 2 feet long and we're going to need a total of six of them so here's where you're gonna have to make an important decision I've chose to use six six by sixes just because it fits my height I'm six foot four and with my boots you know it puts me even a little bit higher so what I ultimately want to end up with and it is when I come in and when I strike with my Maul I want the handle of my Maul at the end of my power stroke to be horizontal right here so whether you cut 16 inch or 24 inch rounds you have to determine that what your typical or what your average length is felt it may be that you want four by fours on top of here instead of six by sixes so do take that in consideration you want to use your energy efficiently and having this at the right height is very important all right so now it's time to assemble the ultimate chopping block and we have an assembler the fresh pea stopped by and I put her in tin pants and in a wool cruiser and I put her to work so she is going to be helping me with this all right so what do you have there we've got some all thread what all thread is is it suggests threaded rod you can buy this at Home Depot or any good hardware store and it's just a lot less expensive than long bolts you can cut it to whatever length you need and we're going to be using this to hold everything together so the problem with all thread is when you cut it it leaves a jagged edge that the nut will not start on so you can see this one right here I've ground it smooth on the bench grinder there is before there's after so fresh pea is going to go to work on getting those ground and then I'll start drilling the holes have you ever used a grinder before so it's mine so the base of the wood splitter we're going to need to countersink those bolts so I've just ground off the little burrs on the edge of these and got the rest off of where the nut is going to thread on to and there what five short ones to do I'm about a foot long about a foot long okay so we've got our base this is actually flipped upside down this portion is going to be come in contact with the dirt so the reason for the counter seen because we want our washer tar not to be flush or below flush with the bottom if you're using this on concrete or on a gravel surface we don't want it wobbling so that's why that's done so I've got a long half inch drill bit here and we will go down through both pieces alright so what we need we're going to need to dig through granddad's bolt box here and get nuts and washers and I'm going to put you on that and then we'll get started here all right so we've got all of our holes drilled and we're going to put these together gorilla glue waterproof gorilla glue this stuff is pretty awesome so I see no downside of putting a big glob of that on there it's just going to help keep it from twisting alright so we'll put this down here line up our holes that's a brass nut that's a fancy one use that for something special so I'm just going to tighten these up until the washer is start to press into the wood and then we're going to square it up with a sledgehammer so first P is going to cut off the excess with the sawzall there this is my most feared tool why is that they're just so wily they're so unpredictable I think nice we kind of cut the nut alright so the fresh P is going to whack that with a ball-peen hammer what that does is it mushrooms it out what did you say when you first saw the tire ghetto you're gonna make me a believer I'll let you try it without I do appreciate a good recycler yeah well this is recycling yeah too bad it's not a white wall or slick Chris or Racing's like yeah that would be even better so you just said the fastening system you're talking about it's gonna be a little more elegant this is elegant all right let me let me explain my elegance alright so I'm going to I'm going to explain what I mean by elegant design I mean I know elegant and a used tire out in your yard doesn't really go together but at the elegance of design what that means to me is when I'm doing something to have multiple purposes multiple uses for an object like for example I'm going to use this all thread to fasten the next set of blocks to the main frame if I can also incorporate this to hold the tire that's a perfect example of elegance of design it's it's a simplicity it's using the fewest parts to get the most effect that's that's would be my definition oh yeah how's that the biggest decision that I have to make is whether to go white letters out more white letters in it's always always it's always I'm going to go with white letters down black letters up alright so I'll take the tire off here you can see that this is roughly the layout why why I'm gonna have it this way wouldn't it make more sense to put on the outside well what I'm thinking is that the problem with chopping inside of a tire is you get a lot of debris in here you get bark that builds up and then after five or six chops of pieces you got to clean it out by hand so what I want to do is I want to flow again more elegance of design here I want the wood chunks and the barks and the slivers to be able to fall through the bottom so I'm not constantly cleaning them out so I want to space this so it's just a couple inches apart equally on both sides and then I'll have a pretty efficient system I think here hang it right against the bench okay slice okay so everything is together and we have the two long studs here which will go through the tire and that's what will hold it in place so let's lay that on there and then we'll drill holes in the tire and it should be done it's a step drill it's got all the different sizes on it so how deep you just keep going deeper and deeper for the next size up yeah they're cool beautiful behold the block yeah I think that looks pretty nice I think mrs.

Wrangler star is going to insist that I put it on the other side of the woodpile not visible from the road but we'll start right here if you haven't chopped on inside of a tire on the chopping block like this man it will it'll change your life I mean it really is a wonderful tool so it's an axis trap extravaganza for you today I've got here on the top left the worst axe I've ever tested the Baco top right the best for the money best axe for under $25 the marbles bottom left is a little cruiser X that I put together custom-made the handle and it turned out really nice a beautiful little tool that I gifted to a fine young man I was happy to do it and the bottom right is my beloved Sager chemical chemical Sager Chemical Fugit sound pattern acts it belonged to my father full restoration custom made handle so I think these axe videos if you like axes if you watch this video to the end you probably do I think you'll enjoy them so you can click on those videos and we'll take you right to the link for mobile users I'll put the links also in the subject headings so you can enjoy them as well so please take a moment to click the thumbs up and really appreciate it so thanks for watching and we'll see you guys in the next video you

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