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block we're over left in water overnight or something it's not going to come apart I'm ready to take the butcher block out of the clamps it's dried overnight so that it's nice and tight so the next step is to surface the top and the bottom and to do that I'm going to use a belt sander then once that's done I need to square up the edges using a circular saw like this one and then we want to round these edges off now I'm going to use a router to do that now if you have some stationary power tools you could use a table saw planer and a shaper so what I'm going to do with this right now is I'm going to move this into this clamp here and clamp it down so it's going to be steady move the belt sander over now since this is pretty rough right now I'm going to start by running the belt sander at a diagonal and then once I get the rough the really rough edges down then I'll start sanding with the grain [Music] one of my favorite things to do in the shop is turn a pile of scrap like this you know a cute little project like this box we showed you earlier this really started as a pile of scrap and you can use any kind of wood you want in this case we're using pine and we simply alternate the layers so that the grains run in opposite directions glue it up clamp it tightly overnight and we end up with a blank like this as you can see here the edges are still very rough from that glue up so using the bandsaw which is the only tool we're going to use for this project just about we're going to cut off those rough edges I've smooth the sides on my blank and I'm ready to go onto the next step I've got this little mock-up here which will help us illustrate how we solve the mystery of this cute little box I'm going to cut the two sides off and I've arbitrarily measured this about a half an inch I've got my two sides cut off before I made that cut however I drew this V on here so I'll make sure I get the right side back on the right side of the box on the left side on the left side of the box the next thing I'm going to do is cut out the drawer and I've got it drawn on here sort of arbitrarily do that but it's about a half an inch on each side you may begin to figure out the mystery of how this box gets put together now we've made our radius cut the drawer comes out like this there's two more things to do cut the sides off and make this radius cut inside here hollow out the drawer we're all set up here on the bandsaw I've already cut off the two sides we're ready to make this cut right here well I guess it really wasn't much mystery to our jewelry box after all what I've done is got the glue put on both parts the drawer in the box I've made my registration marks line up now about the only thing to do is round off the corners here you can do that with either a belt sander or a router after that the only thing left to do is put on your finish now we're set to round off the corners on the belt sander the belt sander is going to do something else for us too because we can sand all these surfaces that have glue lines and other things on it now ordinarily I'd be using some dust protection but because we have a dust collection system hooked up to our belt sander that's not necessary watch how easy this is [Music] how do you like that you are getting a wonderful polish on that box that's great it shows you what you can do with pretty ordinary lumber we started with those plain white pine boards as you know we sanded it very carefully after everything was assembled put on some stain to change the color and then we're waxing it to give it this nice gloss that's great I'm using a salad bowl finish it's non-toxic which of course we would want to use since we'll be putting food on our cutting board you know I love finishing my projects because you spend all this time measuring and cutting it putting it together and sanding it but when you put the finish on it's like the color and the grain just pops out and comes to life well your cutting board really looks great I love the window just right so much life in it look at that really you did a great job on that these are make great presents too oh yeah if somebody gets something you made yourself boy that just that's the way to do it my own personal opinion is that the finest small projects are ones I turn on a lathe I've done all these within the last few months in my own shop and these are terrific because lathe turning its everything is so plastic you never really know what's going to how it's going to turn out until you're really finished with it I this is a piece of governor's plum and when I started I had no idea what the finished project would look like it's look at this no ninety degrees it's all really just kind of come together as you're doing it but a little word of warning don't try to turn on a lathe until you had really good instruction and what are we going to show you today are just informational this is our project for today it's five pieces of walnut glued up together we've got a little block on the back to take our face plate screws we're going to rough this out on the bandsaw and make a bowl out of it now the next thing I do is start working with this bowl gouge I really design the outside profile of the bowl I've got the outside of the bowl turned just where I want it now I'm going to go to the inside to make turning the inside easy I'm going to drill a hole just to the depth I want the center of the bottom and then start my actual turning [Applause] I'm going to keep our tools razor-sharp at all times now we're ready to attack the inside of this baby [Applause] okay we finished our sanding now we're going to hit this with some tung oil and I'm going to saturate this rag with it and with the bowl turning in there put it on not great I'm just going to work that right in there we'll come by on top of that sanded a little bit more that beautiful or what okay now we're ready to put the oil on the outside of this bowl not beautiful well there's our finished product I hope you like it remember don't try a bowl turning project unless you've really had adequate instruction yourself but I do hope this has kind of inspired you to get busy in your own workshop well our bathroom shelf sure came together fast it sure did you know if we'd gone out and bought this ready-made it would have cost us far more than it did to build it ourselves I hope these small projects we showed you today will prove useful to you be fun to make and that you'll use these techniques on some bigger woodworking projects I'm less physic and I may be in Rogers thanks a lot for joining us [Music]

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