Sliding-door garage storage cabinet. Easy woodworking project to organize your shop.

well Happy New Year everybody I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are ready to get back to some woodworking I took last week often as you can see I've been doing some shopping upgrades I've still got a lot of work to do I did paint the walls white which makes it much brighter in here and I moved this work fish which I had against the wall over here out and now I've got all this extra space I think all that extra wall space gives me plenty of room for storage so I've got this wall cabinet since this cabinet takes advantage of the small space between my garage door and the wall swing out doors were not an option so I installed sliding doors there's no back to it so I can still access this electrical outlet if I need to the entire thing is held in place on a fridge cleat it's bigger on the inside if you'd like to build your own check in the description for a free set of plans [Music] these plastic tracks for the doors come in pairs the quarter-inch thick piece goes on the bottom and the half-inch piece goes on the top so with my dado blades I'll cut rabbets on two of these shelves for those tracks now I can make one for the lower side [Music] here I'm using solid wood to cut out 3/4 by 3/4 inch strips I'm going to use two of those strips to back up those rabbits I'll glue them and tack them down and uh glue and tack on these side cleans on the top shelf I'm going to put cleats on both side [Music] I'm marking off locations for the sitter shelves now and I'll install the cleats before I put this all together [Music] now glue up the basic box I'll just check and make sure it's square pretty close looks like about a sixteenth of an inch off and that's close enough for me gluing these shelves in is going to give it a lot more stability I'm taking care to line these shelves up to the back not the front side because I need this gap for the doors I cut these plastic tracks to length now I can glue and tack these in this is super glue I'm going to use to hold it in place while I tack it down these one and a half inch wide frame pieces will hold the doors in place I cut these two quarter inch door panels so that there's about a 1 inch overlap between them when they're closed and they just slide up into this slot coming to the bottom plot I'm trying to find the optimal spot for the finger pole I put it up too high the door seems to fly down here maybe one third of the way up is a good location a 3/4 inch hole seems like a good size this French cleat is just a board that I've cut at a 45 degree angle I'm going to install it on the top back of the cabinet French cleats are a strong easy way to hang something heavy like this I cut a different board also at a 45 degree angle and this gets mounted to the wall so that the whole unit will drop down into it like that [Music] I'm going to screw this cleat right into the stud [Music] and that's all there is I made sure that the shelf didn't interfere with this outlet because I can use that to charge my tools well now I just got to find things to fill it with which shouldn't be a problem don't forget I've included a free set of plans you can download and make your own cabinet you can adjust the sizes however you like I'm looking forward to a great 2014 I hope you all are able to get out into your shops and make some really cool projects if you find value in this type of project please subscribe to my youtube channel I have new woodworking videos every Friday if you'd like to support woodworking for mere mortals whether that's through subbable subscription or PayPal donations all that information can be found on my website right over here thank you so much for supporting free woodworking content and I'll see you next Friday [Music]

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