Simple Threshold ramp for Wheelchairs? – Easy install!

so a big obstacle for someone in a wheelchair that you might not think about is the threshold of a door that little 1 inch or inch and a half gap makes it hard for someone with wheels you know to get through it but I think we found a solution it's relatively cheap and last required awhile let's get started [Applause] [Music] so cambrie and I just finished installing a lift in our garage it's kind of you know just the standard platform lift that comes up to a deck and the deck goes into the house but inside the house there's that one and a half inch lip that stops her tires each time she comes over it so she has to pop a wheelie roll forward and then gets caught again on the back tires and it just takes a bit of effort every time she wants to get out of the house the solution that we found though is this guy right here this is a construction threshold map that we found on Amazon and they come in all different sizes the size you want to pay attention to is the rise or the thickness this one is an inch and a half because that's how big the threshold is in our door but we have we've done this to suffer other places in our house all the way from half an inch to an inch and it just makes getting over that threshold easier now we could just take it and leave it like this but there is a small gap between the door and the threshold which is a place for dust or cambree's tires to get caught again since the rubber is so thick and heavy though we can just cut it out with the jigsaw and form fit it inside of the door frame right here and the weight of the ramp helps so that it doesn't slip when I go over it so right now I'm just gonna Center it up with the door frame so it's an equal distance on either side and then I'm gonna mark right here where we need to cut the first line and then the depth of it is just gonna be how deep the door frame is until it hits that threshold in our case about 3/4 of an inch so I'm using a jig saw to cut this little notch out you can use like a handsaw or some other tiny saw as well this is what's fastest for me and it's just a little notch and now I have both ends notched out for the doorframe let's go install it alright now if you take the finish mat and it fits right inside of the door I want to give it a try yeah do it what do you think for something that's only fifty dollars and I use everyday it makes my life a whole lot easier and since they're made for like you know construction applications they will probably last really long time we've had some installed on a couple of our other doors for like four or five months now yeah and they haven't moved and they haven't worn out so they're pretty durable I like them I'll leave the links are the ones we use down the video description any rubber threshold mat that would probably do just as good of a job if you want to see cambrian other videos let us know what questions you have so we can cater to those and remember how we finished off thanks a ton for watching we'll see you around perfect

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