Simple DIY Wire Stripper (for Scrapping)

hey given here from DIY your calm today I'm going to show you how I made a really simple wire stripper using a couple parts of head laying around the house and there's no special tools or anything like that it actually works great so check this out it's pretty cool all right so this wire stripper I'm gonna show you how to make is really simple this have a little piece of leftover 1×2 right here it's going to be the base for it and then used some razor blades I'm used to so I have two different sizes and some sheet metal screws these are number ten by half inch but whatever you have will work and then I have two different sizes of drill bits and I have this base those so that they're a little bit bigger than the size of the wire playing the strip basically what I have is a bunch of leftover wire I had a whole bunch of old AC adapters that I cut the wire free from them and then I have some leftover wiring from when we redid our house I think this is ten gauge so I'm going to make two strippers on this piece of wood so that I can strip both just fine all right first steps real simple I'm just taking my razor blade and I'm clamping it down onto a little drill block here onto my table so that it won't move and then I've taken my bigger drill bit that just happens to be a little bit bigger than these screws I'm going to drill two holes in there so I can screw it down to the wood later so let's do that real quick all right now do one to the other side and when it's done it'll look something like this now that my razor blades are drilled out it's time to make the little channels in the wood so that's what the two drill bits are for take my smaller one it's a little bit hokey but it works and alls I'm doing is turn on the drill and I'm laying it down on the wood so it kind of cuts into it to make a little channel you might have to kind of hold it in place but it will work eventually all right basically what you want to do is make the channel deep enough so that when your wire lays in it it'll basically the top the wire will just be flush to it so that way when we put a razor blade in there we'll be able to pull it through so I'll finishes up and then I'll show you what they look like when they're deep enough all right so I got my little channel dug out there and you may notice when you do it that it leaves like some frayed edges you can take some sandpaper or sanding block and just kind of clean it out and you know it's deep enough when you can set your wire in there and then take one of your razor blades lay it on straight and your wire can just move through there like that because what we're going to do is once we screw this down we want to be able to push the wire through and then start getting it to cut all right once your channels are good set your razor blade on there Center it and then screw it down tight all right now we're ready to go and I'll show you how to actually use it all right so let me show you how to use the stripper it's actually fairly simple I'm going to do the ten gauge wire first like I said when it goes in it should be just enough room that it can slide through so you can get it started and then you kind of just lean it up against the blade so it starts cutting it might take a little practice to kind of get a feel for how deep you need to go all right and you'll see that the wire starts to get exposed here and then you just start pulling it through and just kind of using both hands to make sure it will strip okay and then also I mean it pretty obvious but I have it clamped down to the table so it don't move on yeah all right here we go let's pull it through like that and then once you got it through then you just want to take your fingers and kind of dig out the wire and pull it out and this is a little harder than the actually using the stripper but it's a lot easier and sitting there trying to use a pocket knife or a pair of little handheld wire strippers and trying to get it going there we go all right and this pulls right off so just that little stripped open it up there you go and then this last piece you know you can just pull off like regular strippers or you could run it through here again this time run the bear wire through and then just get that one cut same thing and then just start pulling it off as well there we go nice and clean now let me show you the smaller one it's a little trickier so you got to kind of learn the pressure but it's just about as easy alright now this thinner gauge wire that I got from AC adapter it pretty much works the same way but it's a little trickier because it's actually made of a whole bunch of really small strands instead of solid wire let me show you a quick here's a solid wire and here's what the inside of that looks like so you can see that your blade could easily cut these wires so you just got to learn to figure out the pressure just right so pretty much the same thing just poke it through so that you can push it through there and what I like to do is go ahead and hold pretty firm with this hand right here and kind of pull it towards the edge and then you just gotta figure out the right pressure to get that to cut without cutting that little thin wire in there alright and I got the sweet spot already here but it takes a little practice there we go you can see they're hot I cut a little too much just figure out your sweet spot and then what I'll go ahead and do is I'll just cut it and I'll show you that it peels out just about the same take all that wiring out and it pokes your finger and doesn't feel too good but there we go pretty much just as simple of course I didn't same thing at the end here you can just peel it off or strip it off or run it through there okay there we go alright so there's the thinner wire here so a whole bunch of strands but it comes out just about as easy it just takes a little a little more practice to figure out the right pressure so that you don't just cut the wire right in half because this is so small okay easily there you go really simple design and I hope it works right for you because it worked great for me

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