Simple DIY Plywood Plank Tabletop Makeover!

hey kevin here from today i want to show you how i flipped an old use of the views office table into a really cool dining table by rewrapping it was applied so check this out – really simple project and turned out really awesome all right so check out this ugly table I picked up at Salvation Army the other day it's about 30 inches wide 60 inches long so it's kind of a weird size it's too big for a desk it's kind of like a medium sized dining table but I'm assuming it was a conference table because it has this old Union Electric sticker on there so it's definitely business grade type materials so it has these really nice chrome metal legs that just need cleaned up a little bit and then the black aprons here actually powder coated metal I just got to clean them up a little bit and you can see it gets rid of some stickers and fingerprints and things like that now the top is the worst part it's particle board wrapped and laminate and the laminates peeling off this thing has definitely seen some abuse so that should be the perfect candidate for a rewrap so I should be able to keep it like it is for the most part now I picked it up and it was $25 but when I took it to the cash register it was half-price day so I actually picked it up for 1250 so this thing should be pretty awesome so I'm gonna try not to put any more money into it and only use materials that I already have so I want to rewrap it with leftover ply wood planks when we did our floors so they were just full sheets of plywood that we ripped down to eight inches wide and the full eight feet long so I should be able to fit four of them on here across I'll have to probably take them down to about 7 1/2 inches so that I can fit four of them on here just right there not too big let's go full length chop them off rewrap the edge with some real wood and should be a pretty simple little project and turn out pretty awesome so how about I get started on there and I'll show you how I do it all right so first things first I want to try to peel off the laminate where I can the edges will be really easy I think the tops gonna be a little more trouble all right there we go now all that laminate is off that was a huge pain in the butt not fun at all but it was the right thing to do so now I just have particle board surface that I can glue the board straight to and it will hold a lot better so now next I'm gonna go ahead and just clean up the chrome legs a little bit and then get rid of the stickers and any residue on the black aprons all right so to clean the chrome legs they have little tiny spots of rust on there and then some grind so I'm actually just gonna go ahead and use my chrome cleaning trick I made a video shows how it works it's pretty cool it'll get rid of rust and that won't scratch it or anything like that but let me show you what that looks like it's all done alright so you can see it looks a lot better now all those little spots are gone so I'll do the rest of the legs like that and then I'll move up to the metal aprons and get rid of sticker residue and just clean them them up a little better so now that the bottom half is all cleaned up I can start working on wrapping the top so I went ahead and threw on my plywood planks on here and they're only half inch thick so it's not adding too much to the tabletop here and they have some really cool texture to them and the grain patterns gonna look really cool now the thing is I mentioned earlier they're too wide you can see they overhang so I need to trim a half-inch off each of them because they're eight inches wide and I'm going to rip them down on my table saw to seven and a half inches wide the other thing is that they're definitely way too long they're eight feet the table is only five so I need to mark them and chop them so that's what I'll do next all right so I brought the boards in they're all nice and smooth so what I've done next as I made some homemade wood stain and a really deep gray and I have a video on that as well that's real easy to make and anyway just using the old rag here and it's soaking some in there and then what's going to happen is when I stain the wood the white spots are going to get really dark and then these brown spots aren't going to soak up as much and it's going to have a really cool look to it and a little more on there show you kind of what's gonna look like but should have a really cool effect I haven't really tried any dark gray furniture before so curious to see how this'll look but I was trying to figure out a color that would look good with the black metal aprons on the table I think this gray will look really really cool so anyway I'll finish out the rest like that and then once they're dry I can go ahead and start installing them on top of the table all right so now all the stain is dry on the plane so looking pretty good so now I just need to install them so be real simple also going to do put a nice squiggle of glue down make sure the plank is lined up the edges of the table and then nail it in with my air nailer so I'll do that next all right so now all the plates are nailed down nice and tight it's looking pretty good but I need to go ahead and make some trim for the edge so I'm going to do is since it measures 1 and 3/4 I can go ahead and take an old 2×3 ahead sit around and I'll chop it up to about 1/4 inch thick just to make a nice edge banding and I'll go ahead and stain it with the same gray stain Oh all right check it out the trims on there so it's looking pretty good so now the last thing I got to do is just seal it with a nice clear coat so it's nice and protected so I'll do that next all right so as you just saw I ran out of light last night putting the last couple of coats of clear coat on there but it turned out really smooth this thing is pretty awesome got the chrome legs the black metal aprons on the side and then that gray stain turned out really cool it's kind of half brown and half gray really interesting look haven't got that before this is a super easy wrap with those huge wide plywood planks but it doesn't really look like you know I just slapped plywood on there it looks a little better than that so anyway there you go that was a super easy thrift store furniture flip I only have $12.50 in it everything else was just old materials I already had sitting around so turned out pretty cool Oh

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