Simple diy Modem stand from scrap wood to prevent overheating and keep the modem upright.

Try Adapt Learn In this video we will make a modem stand with scrap wood. If you haven't already don't forget to subscribe 
now for more videos including maintenance diy and other random projects. A modem stand may be used to help reduce the footprint of the modem on a crowded shelf. With this modem a stand was made to help reduce the chances of the modem getting knocked down by the tension of cables or by people passing by. Although similar modems have vents on both sides of the case, this modem has vents on only one side of the case. We will begin by taking exterior measurements of the modem case. With regards to the center channel depth, we will set it below to the first row of vents. Before setting the blade depth we will check that all power is disconnected from the tool. We will set the blade depth to cut the center channel to hold the modem but  also keep the first row of vents open.

We will make multiple cuts to the inside of the center channel. We will cut the back at the depth of the center channel first. This will allow us to cut out pieces of wood from the center channel while the whole piece of scrap wood is still clamped down. We will use a wood chisel to cut out the wood inside the center channel. We will check the fit of the modem with the center channel. We will make additional  cuts to the depth of the center channel to accommodate the width of the modem. We will set the blade depth to cut through the whole piece of scrap wood.

We will then cut the sides of the piece from the scrap wood. We will then cut our stand out from the scrap wood. Also note that if the wood was milled on the sides then we would only have to cut the back. Once the pieces are cut we can make final check with the modem. At this time the stand can be sanded down and finished with wood stain or paint.

As seen a stand made with a scrap piece of 2×4 was¬†
painted black. The black paint allows the stand to be almost unnoticeable when set into place. More importantly it keeps the modem upright and the vents open to allow heat to escape from the modem.  As I make new videos I want to share them with you, so subscribe now. Also comment, like and check out some of the other content on our channel.

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