Simple DIY Door Makeover (that we almost ruined…)

It all started with
our humble pantry door. And then we painted
or shed doors. Next was our front door. KATELYN: Hey! Which brings us
back to our bedroom. Wait (laughs) No, no, no, (laughs) Originally we just wanted to
renovate the space in some way. We were actually
thinking about doing a giant accent wall
behind our bed, but that just seemed kind
of hard and intimidating. Well, and what we learned
from our past door projects, the reason we're so addicted
to them is painting a door is like a tiny accent wall
that has a huge impact on your space. We're not just gonna paint it. We're also gonna do
some cool customization.

And I think it should be
something that anyone can do. I don't know what I'm
doing with my hands. This was like a point and
thumbs up at the same time. (laughing) Alright, let's go shopping. At Lowe's. They are the sponsor
of this video. Thank you Lowe's. (car starts) ♪ I like painted doors
and I cannot lie ♪ ♪ You other brothers DIY ♪ ♪ When you walk in
your house with a ♪ ♪ Itty bitty space ♪ ♪ And a bland door
in your face ♪ ♪ You get angry ♪ (upbeat music) EVAN: Alright well There's too many greens.

EVAN: We'll check
back in in 30 minutes. I lied. It only took two minutes. Aww, man. These are perfect. KATELYN: Oooh Okay, so at this point we
should probably explain what we're doing with the door. My hair is stuck in this door. (laughing) EVAN: That is literally KATELYN: So we wanted
to make our doors look more customized with
some modern trim.

And what does one do when
one wants inspiration for a project? One goes to Pinterest. I found all these cool
modern accent walls with these angled lines. And I thought, "Hey, that could be a door." (laughing) So I photoshopped
these skinny rectangles to represent our trim
pieces and arrange them in a design that I
thought looked nice. The plan for this door
is to do a dark green slight variation on
our typical dark blue. And we're also gonna add
some new handles and hinges.

Because every time we
don't replace our hinges, everyone yells at us. Okay, this is what
it should look like. Alright, this first
part should be easy. (laughing) KATELYN: Oh god, Easy. Ha ha. KATELYN: Why is it not free? Pull it out that way. There ya go. (old piano music) Alright so our doors are naked. Our hole are filled. You don't like my joke? And now we're ready to add the most exciting
part to our doors. I say it's the most exciting. It's like maybe medium exciting, but it's like the
most transformative. Now you could just take these, slap them down anywhere
wherever you want. Just kind of like KATELYN: That kind of
actually looks cool. (laughing) It's cool. But because I know Katelyn
is a perfectionist, and I am a little bit too, we're gonna be using this
angle guide to align it and get everything perfect. Alright, quick, hopefully
motivational message. You don't need a fancy
compound double angle miter saw like we have right here
to do this project.

You can do it with a
jig saw, a hand saw. Just start with
whatever you've got. KATELYN: You just break
it with your fists. File it down. (laughing) EVAN: She's not wrong. How do we make
gluing interesting? EVAN: And now BOTH: A Tale of Two Glues KATELYN: There was once a glue that had a very strong
bond, but it took 24 hours and clamps for anything
to even happen. AUDIENCE: Awwww KATELYN: There was another glue that dried super super fast,
but maybe wasn't the best for long term
adhesion solutions.

EVAN: But together,
together (laughs) KATELYN: They are
the perfect match. ♪ I'm having the
time of my life. ♪ EVAN: (laughs) ♪ And I never glued
this way before. ♪ (applause) KATELYN: Okay we're adults. (laughing) Life hack. We're going to, There's not really a life hack. We're gonna clamp
it with super glue. This will dry really quickly
and hold really strong, while this more permanent
glue will have time to dry. EVAN: Life hack. Life hack. (laughing) Precision time. KATELYN: That's
good, that's good. Press down for 10 seconds. (humming) EVAN: Were you counting to 10? KATELYN: Oh no. (laughing) EVAN: Yeah. It feels like it's solid. KATELYN: Oh my gosh,
this is the last one. I think it worked really well. Me too. So there's a lot of different
ways to paint doors.

We've had success with
HVLP sprayers and brushes, but the best way is magic. Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew,
pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew (laughing) EVAN: Right here? KATELYN: Got it. (old piano music) KATELYN: Woo! After several coats,
they are done. Look how good those look. It's like professional. Oh, shoot. Ahh, god dang it. So next step is hardware and literally every hinge
in our house is painted. So for the most part, we've
just kind of left them. But this time, we
got knew hinges. We splurged, what
like $3.00 a piece. $3.00 KATELYN: $3.00 a piece. Alright guys but I think it's
about time for montage mode.

KATELYN: Sorry that
was a terrible zoom. I'm holding the hinge. (laughing) (upbeat music) KATELYN: We're all
working very hard. What if we get it back there, and we realize we put
this on the wrong side? Well, then we would just
burn the whole thing. EVAN: Burn the whole
house or the whole door? KATELYN: Just the door,
don't be excessive. (upbeat music) (record scratch) Well, we discovered something. EVAN: It's worse than this. KATELYN: No! EVAN: It's that. (laughing) Alright guys so in
general you really have to be careful when you
mix oil and latex paints. KATELYN: Look how
good those look. Professional.

In the past, we've gotten lucky. This time, we were not. So we have to scrape
all of it off, sand everything down, which
is what we should have done in the first place. So guess what we get to do? EVAN: The whole
thing over again. (sad music) (metal music) (sad music) (metal music) (sad music) (metal music) It is done. To the final shots. (upbeat music) Ooh. Hi.

Okay, you wanna hang out
with us for the outro? Well that was a little a detour. And it's worth it cause I
really like how they turned out. But don't don't do that. I wouldn't recommend
that as one of the steps. (laughing) Yeah, get all the way
to the finish line, and then redo half of it. It's great. Well, if you wanna hear
more about this project, we're gonna be doing an after
show in just a little bit. And you can get that over at Where we're gonna talk even
more about this project. Yeah, we do one after every
video, if you're ever curious. Yeah, alright. And thanks for hanging out. We'll see you guys next time. BOTH: Bye. Don't don't don't include that. KATELYN: D'you put
your butt on it? No. (laughing) When you have a door, dang it. When you walk into a space that's boring and white (laughing) KATELYN: Like us? (laughing).

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