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hey guys just a real quick update here tonight I'm on the show up working away i'll probably post the winter to the giveaway tomorrow I haven't even looked into that yet I think I shut down the comment so that people couldn't leave comments after the deadline or whatever but I still have to sort of sort them out and do the video response and give them a three extra entries and you know pick a winner with the random number generator or something like that but I'll probably do that tomorrow go home from work today it came around the shop I have a EDC blade here it's kind of soaking 2 WD 40 but this is for you for customer put a deposit down on it a while ago it does have a nice tip it just sort of hiding under the tape here no edge on yet I'm just sort of working on scales here tonight he has OD green but the toxic green liner so as you can see it's still very preliminary right now I still have to kind of contour it a little more it looks pretty two-dimensional right now kinda if you know what I mean just really flat with the groove so I'm going to round them out a little nicer than that all the fixed blades I have going kind of covered in dust but I'm kind of cleaning up the bevels on I'm trying to get them nice and symmetrical so go over the colors real quick I guess what I ended up doing was a OD green and black for this big tant oh this is actually for a YouTube order not going to say his name in case doesn't want me to know want me to say it sorry but uh but uh maybe he'll do a video on the knife when he gets it he ordered a custom 5-inch tant oh so you can see him work on the bevels on that right now besides giving me a bit of a hard time so going to straighten up that line obviously but he's getting orange and blue g10 this is a I didn't do any skills actually I did do scales for that one I was going to do sort a bit of a mess in here peel ply and Jade those are both 18 but uh kind of scrap that idea so no scales for the Scout model yeah this is the bushcraft model i have coyote brown g10 liners and this darker brown my cara de really really comfortable knife you can see if stove again cleaning up the grind lines but just the way it feels in the hand it's just a like that then I have another tant 0 this one has the blue and coyote is combo then I have the three woodsman which I'll have black micarta scales sorry little frame there one has forced green liners one has coyote liners and one has maybe to a coyote brown liners then the last thing I got here are two tan toes I'm actually going to do tiger stripe on the one if you can see that I'll do my pattern and everything and then already showed you that one so let's kind of the status of that last batch it's hard to find time to get here and work on the stuff but uh oh yeah that's what I've been working on tonight it's coming along nicely hi every time I finish with the bevels I take off the blade just so I don't get any scratches in it but you can see I left myself lots extra meat on the pins so we'll get those cut down and contour the handle a bunch more and then it's going to be a nice little EDC and yeah so you can see this is kind of what the what the shop looks like when your work and earplugs I protection where these sort of filter masks to I know it's not sort of the full respirator but those do it for me show you this I guess to this is a jade and blue EDC I was working on really nice knife and then I sort of working on it a bit and you can see I don't know if you can see not really right kind of by the tip of my thumb nail there it is that nice scratch there since everything's epoxy time when I'm going to fix it probably she's the first shop knife and another one my buddy Tom Smith 65 you actually sent me a paracord bracelet a lot like the one gap co guys night out here in the shop but thanks a lot for that dude and I'm gonna be sending him a knife as well so this is the one will be sending to him it's the full flat ground EDC and I actually put a little swedge along the top edge there it's hard to see in the video but allah maybe he'll do a video on it showing a little better but a yeah it's the black with the blue liners and again really comfortable actually got an edge on this one it's nice and sharp so so I ones coming your way brother just need to make the sheath for it let's see so I got all sorts EDC's here this one's mine that one's mine those two are going out and yeah I guess I can show you well it's my guy here this is the start grind on the one of those tanta a dcs bring that up a little higher kinda reminds me of an emerson or something like that but uh that's i haven't even started you see getting some surface rester gotta grind that off but yeah anyway guys that's just sort of a quick update from out in the shop see when I'm working at a it gets pretty crazy over here so drill press corners looking pretty lonely again again it's not plugged in so I can't even maybe I'll do that real quick show you my drill press set up some over here is the drill press set up you can see this big drill press I mean I'm 6 feet tall my head comes up to about this knob here so it's nice an eye level and then beside it I got another little smaller drill press nothing special but it's this big one that gets the most use everything sort of adjustable on it and then again over in the corner the metal cutting bandsaw bleeding all my belt so hey guys just thought I'd give you that quick update from out here in the shop and yeah I'm going to send some picture to this one to the the customer he's been asking about it so anyway thanks again Tom Smith 65 for the bracelet like i said i wish i could show up when it's inside there you go in that light you can see this wedge a little bit at the top there it's a nice little EDC super light too anyway guys thanks for watching

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