Sharpen gouges with the Tormek Gouge Jig SVD-185

With the Tormek jig for gouges, SVD-185, you can sharpen fingernail
shaped turning gouges, different types of round and
spoon shaped carving gouges, straight or curved V-tools and
also changeable turning cutters. You can set the jig to
get the shape you want. At zero, you grind an almost
straight across profile. At 2, you get this shape and at
6, you get even longer side edges. By using the same setting and by mounting
the tool with the same protrusion, you can exactly replicate
the shape of the tool. With the Tormek Turning
Tool Setter, TTS-100, you will have full control over the
three factors that determine the shape: No. 1, the jig setting, No. 2, the protrusion, and No. 3, the distance to the stone. When you control
these three settings, you can easily sharpen your tools
with precision, over and over again. With the right settings, only 1000th
of a mm of the steel is removed, and the sharpening is fast.
A few strokes is enough. Then hone away the burr
and polish the bevel with the tool still
mounted in the jig and you will not risk
rounding off the edge.

You hone the inside on the
profiled leather honing wheel. You get a very fine edge and
minimal wear on your tools. If you want a rounded back, you can
easily grind off the heel of the bevel. Just unscrew the back knob and allow
the tool holder to move forwards. You can also sharpen
changeable cutting heads. Loosen the sleeve and mount the
shaft that comes with the jig. Then, fit the cutter, adjust
to the edge angle and sharpen. If you need to remove a lot of steel,
use the coarse side of the stone grader to make sure that you have
a fresh cutting stone. Press harder against the stone,
and grind one wing at a time. Remember, this is a once only job. Once you have the desired shape,
the sharpening is very fast. With SVD-185 you can also
sharpen woodcarving tools. Like this carving gouge. Colour the bevel with a marker and
you can see that the angle is right. Now you can sharpen to exactly
the same shape as before, and you remove only
a fraction of the steel. In the same way you can
sharpen spoon shaped gouges, and even back bent shapes.

For fine, thin edges, adjust the stone
with the fine side of the stone grader and it will work like a 1000 grit stone. In this way you will not
remove too much steel. When grinding V-tools, set the jig so that
the edge is straight across the stone. The angled profile on the leather
honing wheel is made for V-tools. Now you have exactly the shape
you need and a perfect sharpness!.

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