Scrap Wood Projects for Beginners. Under $5 Bucks!

hey do you know what I really like keep it clean people is that when you're doing a project and all you need is one stick of all wood that you've found on the side of the road like this plank of old how it would cost you nothing and a bit of cash in your pocket and while cash in your pocket I mean five bucks max there she goes rolling the cash baby I better get that did a folks uncle knackers here and welcome to DIY for knuckleheads now buckle up and strap yourself in because today I'm going to show you using a limited tools how to easily build four to five really cool projects using only one plank of reclaimed wood and a measly five bucks let's do this oh yeah if you're new to my channel please hit that subscribe button and click the notification bell class dismissed your legend that's guy okay first cab off the rank project numero uno and I'll just be using this piece of over and a post off cut that I managed to salvage after I built my house a couple of years ago told you I would use it one day and by the way if you haven't seen that video I'll link to it up there some where so make sure you check that one out oh yeah also I will be running a competition throughout this video where you win one of these magnificent projects so make sure you watch right through to the end where you'll pick up vital clues that you'll need to know to answer a couple of simple questions alrighty let's get this show on the road the first thing we need to do is to cut a strip and this old block which will be 50 millimeters by 50 millimeters which is 2 inches by 2 inches and to do that I'm just using my trusty old Makita circular saw which offset the saw guide this thing here fifty millimeters away from the blade I hear and don't panic folks it's not plugged in yet so chop off my fingers and also remember we're never using power tools to use your eye and ear protection all right let's do this [Music] so that's our strip all cut that's pretty easy wasn't it and the next thing we need to do is to drill a hole through either end that will accommodate a rope and a distance back that I've come for that hole is half the distance of whatever you have cut your strip out as was fifty by fifty or two inches by two inches so I've come back in 25 by 25 or one inch by one inch and make sure when you drill now you drill from both sides because if you don't you drill through once you burst through the other side that edge will splinter you don't want that alrighty let's get our Juliet and start drilling [Music] with those two holes now drilled I should let you know that the total length of this is 350 millimeters which is these left ear under 14 inches they don't tell you that in the woodworking manuals do they good today and the next thing we need to do is with the holes on top we need to cut a 45 degree angle from that long point and up and from that long point and up you got that let's do it [Music] almost there folks all you need to do now is to drill a hole through the top of this to accommodate a test tube shot glass which I bought from a party supply place drill a hole the same diameter or slightly larger then the test tube slide the test tube down through the hole and the flare on the top there will prevent it from going all the way through [Music] well that turned out pretty good all you have to do is to place a test-tube in the hole just like that that flare stops it coming all the way through just get a rope tie it on either end and Bob's your uncle to easy let's finish it off [Music] now before we attach the ropes on either end I just give it a quick hit with a clear satin varnish I'm just using an el cheapo brush and I had this varnish just lying around the shed so give it a quick hit see how it turns out it's looking okay so far with that varnish still wet I think I'll place it on one of these hooks and hang it here and wait for it to dry a lot of that's drying let's have a crack at project number two let's bill it now for this project I'm just using this old sheet of scrap ply that I found lying around the shed and what we're getting to make is this very simple device so that you can watch your mobile phone in the upright position without it falling over let's do it so all we know for this project is to measure up roughly 140 millimeters which is about five and a half inches something like that and then come in two inches or 50 millimeters and just mark out that rectangle now check out my fancy square for some reason I can't locate my square so I'm just going to use whatever I can find this will do the trick Marcus there just like that so we've got ourselves a nice little rectangle and then just grab your phone and use that just to round off the corners just like that so from here now grab a tape measure and you come down 35 millimeters which is just under one and a half inches put a mark there and then come in 14 millimeters yeah all right there and there is a busier under one and a half inches now put a little cross I mean that's your squat now what we're going to do is drill a 1/8 hole through that cross [Music] now for the second hole I'm just using this larger 12 millimeter bit which is probably a Flies fart and a half an inch and we're going to use that first hole or the initial hole as our guide will drill half the way through turn the board over and drill from the other side and the reason for that is that ply is fairly fragile and if we drilled all the way through in one hit it would splinter out the other side and you don't want that okay let's go okay we'll turn em over and we'll just finish him off and support done okay next step now all we need to do is to run a line from the side of the hole to the outside edge of our new phone holder I've got my fancy Square yet again I really miss not having a square anyway sometimes you just have to improvise simple as that okay run those lines out and then we can get our jigsaw cut along those lines and we'll have a nice little slot for our phone beautiful now if you don't have a jigsaw on hand you can cut this with a normal everyday handsaw but I do have a jigsaw so away we go [Applause] we can now cut this rectangle ass and then we can just round off these corners with our jigsaw and once again if you don't have a jigsaw you can use an electric sander and if you haven't got one of those even a hands–and would do the trick beautiful so that's the phone holder thingy all cut out now all you need to do is to give it a good sand and then what I might do is apply my DIY for knuckleheads logo to the face of that to see how that turns out it couldn't be good give it a crack anyway now all I'm doing here is transferring this reverse image of my logo onto the phone holder now if you want to find out how I do this the whole method I'll leave a link to it below in the description box anyway wish me luck see how it goes a bit shaky bit shaky down it goes and now I just need to rub that image hopefully it works onto the phone holder it's really important not to move the paper because that will smudge the image so I'm just really cautious I've never applied a transfer to fly before so I'm not quite sure how well it's going to take okay let's take it off and have a look well it's a bit faint it's not too bad we'll do the trick alrighty a bit of a coat of varnish and we're almost done okay just give it a quick coat with that varnish which makes the logo stand out a little more not much but a little more I think maybe a printer may have been a bit light on ink I'm not sure but anyway it's done that's the main thing Wow looks really good paint it up I love it and while this dries let's go back to project one and finish that on off cool above it okay this is now all dry and looking pretty spiffy now all I want to do is grab some rope which I've got here and run it through the holes run through there one through there we'll tie this off and then we're good to go it's about the right length for what I want beautiful let's cut those loose ends off and just lightly burn these ends to stop the rope from fraying here we go okay let's hang up on the wall okay let's get this up on the wall now the workshop probably isn't the best place for this but you'll get the idea okay that looks pretty good now give me one sec go get yourself a test tube fill it for water and place in a few plants and judging by that main shell a lot flower-arranging isn't my chosen field of expertise I can't place the tube into the hole and there you have it I reckon that looks pretty good it'd make a great present and I think your mum your wife or your girlfriend would absolutely love it there you have it project one done tick oh yeah I almost forgot how much did it cost the timber or the wood zero test tube $0.50 the rope at 50 cents and for that scary curve varnish I'd say about 50 cents so for a dollar fifty you've got yourself a pretty cool item good stuff and to finish off the phone holder I'm just going to stick some of this sticky back felt to the insides of that check out there so it doesn't scratch your phone [Music] so all you need to do now is to place your phone in the phone holder and you can watch your favorite youtuber in comfort who's that handsome devil so that's it folks a couple of really easy projects out of scrap wood that anybody can do and cost very little money now I know at the start of the video I said I was going to do four or five projects I simply ran out of time but if you'd like to see more simple scrap wood projects let me know down below in the comment section and I'll see what I can do now competition time if you'd like to win this phone holder the very one that I made for the video I'm going to select the first 20 correct answers to the next two questions that'll go in the drawer to win this little Ripper alrighty question number one mmm let's see in reference to a bee's Anatomy apart from the obvious what unit of measurement do I use and secondly what was the total cost of that tum you know the plant hold up theme with the test tube and the plants in it thingy okay good luck for the competition and as per usual a big thumbs up for the video is always greatly appreciated and if you don't see more pellet woody type projects please click on my playlist which is either there or over there make sure you check those out alrighty after all that I think I'm due for a cup of tea so till next time be safe and I made a beer Cheers

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