Scrap Wood Projects for Beginners…FUNKY Cactus Planter!

get a folks uncle knackers here from DIY for knuckleheads and in today's video I'm going to show you how to make this awesome little scrap wood cactus planter for under five bucks it's a great gift idea as well as being easy quick and cheap just how I like it so come on get out in the shed put on your now bag and let's make it [Music] right here we go there's two balloons flying across the desert and one balloon insists to the other hey mate look out for the cactus and the other balloon says what cactus get it the balloon the cactus prickly blue and soft and pop okay alrighty tough crowd how about this one what did the cactus say to his wife hello Vera not too bad and a quick one one for the kiddies why did the cactus cross the road anyone know or stuck to the chicken and that my friends is dad jokes 101 with uncle knackers variety on with the project so as you've probably already guessed today's scrap wood project involves cactus and a pretty cool little cactus planter and like my last scrap wood project which I'll link to up there somewhere make sure you check it out it'll be a limited tools project and hopefully we'll come in under that magical five macaroon e mark alrighty oh yeah one more quick thing if you want to see more scrap wood each type rustic e type projects make sure you hit that subscribe button and make sure you click that notification bell that way you'll be notified every time I upload a new video good stuff now this is the piece of scrap wood that I'll be using for the project it's an off cut of an old brand a post that I had lying around the house so total cost zero you got to love that and what I want on this is a section of timber cut out which would be 65 millimeters deep which is a total cutting depth of a seven and a quarter inch circular saw and cut it to a width of 90 millimeters so overall our cactus planta is going to be 65 millimeters high by 19 millimeters wide now because my circular saw only cuts to a depth of 65 millimeters to cut right through the block I need to turn it over and cut it from both sides with that first cut now out of the way and after having a good hard look at it I've had a change of heart I actually like the height of the cactus planter now to be 90 millimeters which was originally going to be the top of the cactus planter so I'll keep the height at 90 and the top will be cut to a width of 100 millimeters which for you Imperial folk is 4 inches there's nothing wrong with changing your mind I'm only human and once again I need to turn the block over and attack it from both sides so that I can cut through the entire depth of that block [Music] and after all that here is a finished piece of wood now if you can find a piece that doesn't need all that work done to it in the first place happy days now you can see on the end there of mark a 45-degree angle if you can come up about 30 millimetres which is about an inch and a quarter set your circular sort of 45 degrees and we'll cut that angle down the entire length to easy let's do it [Music] not happy people not happy at all I've cut too much of an angle on this piece of timber because now it's become a bit too unstable hey that luckily I've got a spare piece back in a sec well that was lucky this time I went up 25 millimeters and then cut the 45 and as you can see it's way more stable luckily I had this spare piece disaster averted onwards and upwards let's go now next up on the agenda is we need to cut our cactus planter to length and the first step to doing that is to set our miter saw or our drop saw to 15 degrees which is just simply a matter of loosening the locking mechanism on the back of the saw and then rotate the saw around until that red pointer lines up to that 15 degree mark then just simply retighten the locking mechanism and you're ready to rock and roll too easy and just before you start cutting make sure that that 45-degree angle is on the base of the miter saw and if you can I'd highly advise clamping the piece to the miter saw because once you start cutting that piece will start to wander and it's also a lot safer all righty let's turn the piece around and what we need to do now is from that short point of that fresh new cut measure along three hundred and forty millimeters which is this mark here and as you can see that's Abby's little toe under thirteen and a half inches clamp that would imply slot before and then cut that fifteen degree angle and after all that this is what we've been shot with this is the face of the cactus planter and this is the top and before we do anything else we need to drill the holes for the actual cactus plants and for that I'm using one of these fancy bits let's call it a force in the bit and if you want to find out more about these or whether pick one up from I'll leave a link to it in the description box down below now if you haven't got one of these you may have one of these hole saws in your tool kit that's used for drilling out door handles drill into the wood down to the desired depth and then you'll just need to simply chisel that wood out not quite as neat and a bit more time-consuming but it'll do the job alrighty it's Marcus out and drill those holes [Music] now the back's a little bland on the cactus planter so I'm just going to try an image transfer and I'll link to how I do this in the description box down below so make sure you check it out so carefully lay it on the wood and then just rub that you John sometimes it's works sometimes it doesn't hopefully this time of does she's been very careful not to move the paper [Music] there you go that's not too bad one more to go and we'll finish it off with a picture of a cactus here somewhere no rhyme or reason it's supposed to look a bit rough and ready like I said I'll link to how I do this in the description box down below so make sure you check that out okay let's have a look at that too bad it'll do the job and now with that sauce still set on 15 degrees I'm going to cut this into three nice little bite-sized chunks now this last piece can be a bit tricky to cut because it is so small and you can't clamp it down like you normally would as that blade comes down your fingers are going to be pretty close to that blade no one wants to lose any fingers so to help this situation out there yourself a piece of timber place it on the side of that one and then grab that first piece that you've already cut slide it in between the base of the saw and that timber and then just simply tighten it up and what that does is it presses this against that makes that very secure which means you'll be going home with all your fingers [Music] and here it is folks three separate geometric cactus planters and I reckon it looks absolutely fantastic and have finished it off all it needs is a quick sand a lick of paint and then plant too easy [Music] hang in there folks only one more step to go and that's to give these a couple of coats with some sort of finish now on a step around here personally I'm just using this exterior grade wood varnish in a satin finish it's marine grade and it's just something I've found floating around the shed because like I said these are cheap projects so don't go out buying stuff unnecessarily but I'm also sure that a polyurethane or some description would do the job and just remember that when doing these you need to get the inside of that hole a really good couple of coats because that needs to be waterproof and you may have noticed that I didn't drill a hole through the bottom for drainage and that's because these will be sitting inside or my brand-new bench and I don't want water dripping all over them and I also don't want those to be sitting inside some sort of tray but the good news is is that these are cactus and cactus require little water so I think we should be okay alrighty let's do it [Music] now these are looking absolutely fantastic and it's amazing how only after one coat of that varnish those colors really pop out and what we'll do next is I'll let this dry come back give it another hit with that varnish come back again and we'll plant that cactus you little Ripper see you then all righty these are now nice and dry and it's time to plant that cactus but one more quick thing is that after that varnish dried I then grab myself some exterior-grade PVA wood glue and place that or rub that on the inside of those holes lift up to dry now hopefully these are totally waterproof fingers crossed all right the plant is cactus [Music] these are really spiky just be a bit careful [Music] so that's the cactus planted and to make it a little snazzier just to finish it off I have these pretty cool-looking black stones so just drop those in around the top and that will finish it right off and there she is folks another scrap wood project all done and dusted and just between you me and the fence post I reckon this turned out absolutely fantastic and I'd love to know your thoughts in the comment section down below well I hope you enjoyed and found that video useful and as per usual a big thumbs up is always greatly appreciated make sure you hit that subscribe button for more handy tips and if you want to see more scrap wood type projects make sure you click on my playlist which should be up there somewhere so make sure you check that one out alright this has been fun thanks for watching I think it's time for a cup of tea so to the next time be safe and I'm out of here Cheers

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