Scrap Wood Project – Build a Picture Frame Box: Pt.2

now that I've got the walnut' glued down to the MDF I've got both of those pieces I can start to cut these down to size to fit inside of the frames you know looks like the frames are about 2 and 5/8 of an inch in each direction but I don't want to cut these out of exactly that I want to work my way down to it so I can get an exact fit on there so first thing I'm going to do is make one straight edge and then I can set up a stop block so I can keep turning turning each side to make sure it's perfectly square the first cut I'll make without any kind of stop block I just need to get a nice straight edge on one side [Applause] and with one side perfectly flat now I can rotate it 90 degrees and idle ensure a square cut [Applause] so rather than try to measure this I'm just going to use this box as a guide now I know I've got the square corner there I can just sort of fit it in about like so and make a mark and obviously that's not going to be a perfect mark but it'll get me close and I'll start just outside of that mark to cut and then work my way in so using my one of my flat edges I can put it up against this stop block now I've set up the stop block outside of that line that I drew just because I don't want to cut too much because you know you do that if you can't add it back so just give this a shot [Applause] and now I've got three square sides so I'll do is take care of this last cut and you know ensure it's all square and I could take it over and check the fit and I know this is going to be too large but nice thing about using rubber bands on this frame is I can just spread it all out and obviously I can see that it's not meeting so I'm going to need to take off maybe a sixteenth of an inch on the first cut and see if that gets me down a little bit closer so I've moved the stop block over just you know a fraction of an inch it's about a half of the width of the blade and what I'll do is I'll just make two cuts to keep it square I certainly don't need to cut all four sides I just cut one and then the other and I'll know that I'm still square [Applause] so after a few more passes through the table saw just creeping my way in looks like I've got a good fit so that's gonna be the outside of the box and we've got the two halves that are going to fit together like so and these inside circle pieces I cut out the same way just inched my way down the only difference is these need to be a little bit smaller you don't want them to be tight so they should just drop in because they're going to be removed you know to replace pictures one last thing I want to do before I glue up these centerpieces is I want to route out a really tiny groove that's just called the shadow line so that when the frame fits around here there's a little gap and it's just a decorative element so what I've done is I set up a zero tolerance fence on my router and I've got an eight-inch bit straight bit set up and it's about a sixteenth of an inch high so it'll be just a sixteenth of an inch in and deep [Music] and I've got both halves glued up and I just used a whole bunch of rubber bands just to clamp it down doesn't need a lot of clamping power as long as your joints are fairly tight it'll hold it and so you can see that the panel with the shadow line around it and then the inside is recessed and that's where the picture will sit now I just need to cut some small mortises in the sides so that the hinges will set down in there and that the box will close nicely before you do those cut those mortises put the box together the way you want it and make sure that you've got the grain going the same direction on each side you don't want to do something like that and then if you open up the box you've got grain going this way and on the other side that grains going that way so figure out whichever way you think it looks best and and then you can set up some marks and I'll take it over to the router so I've got my mark set up and I've set up the fence far enough back so right it'll cut the mortise neatly now I've got a three quarter inch straight router bit which is the same width as the hinge and so the only thing I wanted to do is make sure that this is up just the thickness of the hinge which is probably you know 1/32 of an inch it's fitting it's not very deep so make a couple passes through here make sure I don't go all the way through because I certainly don't want to cut through the other side so I'll stop when it gets through that side no I've got that first mortise made now to do the other side so I don't have to reset the fence back further I'm just going to feed it through the opposite direction I'm going to reverse feed it through the router bit and on something like this it's it's pretty small but you still want to be careful if you're going to do it because the wood could just go flying out [Music] and I actually had to go back and make those mortises a little bit deeper what you want to look for is you can stick the hinges in there without screwing them down but you really want to make sure that the those mortises are deep enough so that when this closes together you have very little gap in between there so it makes a nice seal so now that I've got those down to size I should be able to screw them in [Music]

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