Saloon Bird Feeder Follow Up – Outdoor Woodworking Project

hi everybody thanks for all the great comments on the bird feeder and I had some questions so I wanted to do kind of a quick follow-up video I made my bird feeder as a saloon theme but there's a lot of different things you could come up with just by changing the name at the top and maybe what's here on the bar such as you can do like an ice cream parlor or a diner or eliminate stand anything like that just use your imagination I also had some questions about how I made these bottles out of wood and there's a couple different methods I'm going to show you what I did and a couple of other ways that I came up with Billy all I did was took a piece of 3/4 inch scrap that was pretty long actually and I just drew a bottle shape on one end with that I don't know if you can see that and then I held it back here while I cut it on my bandsaw since this is 3/4 inch thick I'm just going to resaw it just a little ways just pass the bottle so that when I cut this out I'll end up with two bottles so as you can see I ended up with two bottle shapes and my hand stick can get anywhere near the blade did I just use the spindle sander to shape them into more of a refined bottle another method you could use to make the bottles is just take a regular piece of dowel and just trim off a piece it's about 2 inches long then you can chuck it up in your drill and just use sandpaper or you could just get out a knife and do some whittling I mentioned in my video that I use Titebond – and screws to put the birdfeeder together and as it turns out type on – is the perfect glue for this it's water-resistant and you can also use tight bond three and if you head over to tight bond comm you can actually look at both glues and see all the different applications and find out everything you ever wanted to know about tight bond glues I received a question about what to do about squirrels and I actually like squirrels and like watching them better than birds probably so squirrels are welcome to come to the saloon bird feeder over here I suppose they might break off those bottles that are on the bar but if they do I'll just glue them back on or just leave them off it's no big deal so bring on squirrels I received a suggestion about the possibility of water seeping in back here where the hinge is and getting in here and kind of gumming up the birdseed putting on keeping this cleaned out but they suggested that you shorten the back a little bit and you could actually overlay the top on top of the bat and that would keep the water out and that's a great suggestion and if you want it to sign on top you could still just glue it to the top another great suggestion I received was instead of using these square wood pieces for the seats on the barstools is to just put another piece of dowel across the top of this one and that might create a better perch for the birds someone suggested that I add a riding knife or a splitter to the back of my table saw blade and I was actually thinking of doing that this is a craftsman three horse power contractor saw and it came with this big clunky blade guard thing but instead of using this I need to make a zero clearance insert anyway so I was thinking of adding a thin strip of wood in the back of the zero clearance insert to act as a splitter I think I recently saw a plan for doing that so I think that's what I'm going to do and Plus that way I'm two birds with one stone thanks again for watching my videos and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and leave a comment and also visit me over at the Carmichael workshop comm and you'll find links there to my Twitter Facebook and my lumberjacks page so I'll see you next time you

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