Rustic Wine Glass Holder – DIY reclaimed wood

all right so the next project I'm putting together is a wine glass holder that hangs up on the wall holds four wine glasses. It's gonna be pretty cool! Follow along. all right so I'm marking out my 
spots where the wine glasses will sit down  and recessed I'm doing it in an inch and a half from the outside edge and uh about every five inches I think is what I've got to space out two inches on the end two or three so that's where the holes for 
the wine glasses will sit in too get my chuck key if I was smart I probably would have doubled these up and kind of both at the same time but some days I'm not so smart   kind of figured it'd end up happening 
had a little bit of a blowout on a knot   I'm gonna have to see if I glue that back in.

Kind of was hoping to have that little feature in there.   We'll get her probably uh it'd be better to use CA glue that garbage because it'll stick to 
something that I don't want it to stick to something that I don't want it to stick to! it's amazing using the uh difference in using 
the activator for this how quickly it'll stick all right let's hear in the comments down below what's the best way to get ca glue  off your hands or super glue Trying to work on getting a lot safer while working in the shop  so I'm not breathing in and doing 
crazy stuff other than cutting my hand   pretty impressive you want to catch that video 
of me running my hand across my ankle grinder   i wouldn't suggest that on a monday afternoon oh hey now it's time to do 
a whole bunch of sanding On to painting stain   i'm gonna do a uh white and then probably 
a colonial walnut is what i think i have and if you've watched any of my videos any of the 
projects i do or woodworking wise uh save your old   shower curtains use those as a drop cloth for 
painting they're cheap and that obviously works   you can see the paint all over it i'm not sure 
how much of this paint i have but this will do so what i used on my crown molding   we did our living room which crown 
molding's a hoot if you've never done it   actually i might have been wrong when i said 
sanding is my least favorite thing to do   it's actually painting my wife has got a talent for it.

All right 
moving on to the stain um do yourself a favor anytime you use stain especially on softer woods like pine like this is use some pre-stain conditioner you'll avoid blotchiness makes a 
world of difference as far as I'm concerned you uh basically put this on let it 
soak in for 30 minutes or so and then uh   works out really well highly highly recommend it so my goal is to hit it up it's with 
uh the colonial maple i said colonial   walnut i think but colonial maple is what i'm 
using stick around for the design i'm putting   on it i'm going to use a method using 
modge podge i don't have a vinyl cutter And I don't plan to buy one and the mod podge thing 
seems to work out well enough for me   i guess the only thing nice about doing 
the staining part is you can drink a beer   while you're doing it i don't dare do that 
type of stuff i like my fingers and such so put some stain on okay so I've got the backings painted uh the way 
I want them and then I have the uh the wine glass   holders stained the way that i want them the next 
the portion that i'm going to do is uh as a transfer   of uh some text to the backing and to do that i'm 
using modge podge which is stuff that's available   at your uh basically your arts and crafts 
store it works really well you print your text in a reverse form on a laser printer put some mod podge on it and then 
transfer it to your artwork whatever you want   to put it on I would recommend cutting out 
as much of the paper as you possibly can just makes it easier in the long run when you okay this is mod podge So you want to make 
sure you've got the uh all the ink coated   you don't have to get crazy 
with a huge amount of it it should do kind of just eyeballing it i 
don't have it lined up any particular way   and then you're just going to make sure it's 
uh pushed down really good any bubbles out okay the other thing that works real well 
is if you buy yourself one of these rollers gets it out pretty evenly all right that's number 
one we'll let that sit uh usually overnight   is what you want to do you know throw 
the first coat of poly on the hangers okay we're in the garage this morning uh we're 
gonna get to work and we're going to clean up   the mod podge stuff that we did yesterday i'll 
show you how i do that and put a final coat of   polyurethane on everything and then put it all 
together to clean up the modge podge to take the   paper off all you need is water doesn't really 
have to be any specific temperature i keep mine   a little bit warm i'm going to blot it on and 
until everything turns you can see the touch underneath and the trick is to get it wet 
enough rub it to get the paper off   but not rub it so hard that 
you're taking the ink off with it you can see it's starting to show through 
just keep working that until it comes off   okay good stuff now that the polyurethane's dried enough we're   gonna do the final assembly 
so we'll get right into it   put the battery in I'll do just a little bit of ca glue to  get it lined up where I want to put everything 
and then I'll screw and glue everything from there   a little bit of holding power so 
i can get the glue or get it up i put a lot of glue on that and there we are fancy uh wine 
glass holder what do we think? All right my friend's thanks for sticking around 
watch the video it's the four-position wine glass   rack made out of reclaimed pallet wood it turned 
out nice i'm happy with it hopefully the wife will   be happy with it as well you can paint it design 
it however you want to fit your area I suggest you   make one it's a cool project it's fun to 
do and again they turn out pretty nice if you   would go ahead and hit the like button subscribe to 
the channel it really helps out if you do that   this video gets recommended to more folks and 
hopefully, some more folks will get some value   out of this video or my other videos on the 
channel other than that I want you to know one¬†thing…

YOUR COUCH SUCKS it's time for you to get up 
get on and do something epic like drink some wine.

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