Reclaimed Wood Project – Winter Home Decor 2019

let's turn some reclaimed wood into a
set of beautiful trees for your winter decor I was given some reclaimed wood and I
wanted to think of a really cool project to do with it something that wasn't just
building a table which I'll do with some of the rest of it but something that I
could use to display and decorate my house this winter season so I challenged
myself to make a set up three wooden trees with one piece of reclaimed wood
this is a 1 by 10 and it is 8 feet long so you could do this with a piece of new
wood from the hardware store or if you can get your hands on a reclaimed piece
yours can look just like this first things first
I had to get out all of the nails from the wood I did not want anything to mess
with my sander and then I grabbed my belt sander now you can't see my face
here but I am wearing my dust mask and I'm working outside on a beautiful day
because I didn't want any of this dust to get in my face I'm using my belt
sander with a 50 grit sanding pad and that really knocked down all of this
dirt and old splintery pieces of this wood really fast so it was an easy way
to see progress quickly and uncover this gorgeous wood underneath years and years
of dirt and grime once that was done I grabbed my pad sander with a hundred and
twenty grit sandpaper just to smooth it out a little bit more I didn't go crazy
with this I just wanted to hit any spots that might have some splinters or
anything like that then I cut started just cutting some pieces I decided my
biggest tree would be about 12 inches wide on the base and about 3 feet tall
so I cut a couple of pieces that were 12 inches wide for the bottoms of the trees
and then I just kept cutting smaller pieces moving upward because we're going
to make triangles so I could get the most out of this piece of wood that I
could just use my circular saw and cut a little bit at a time once I had my wide
pieces cut then I started ripping down the board's into smaller pieces and this
allowed some variation in the wood which I thought was just
more interesting to look at as I cut my pieces I just laid them out on my
driveway in the shape of a triangle so I could see the width of each piece kind
of the wood grain of each piece and if I wanted it to be the sanded side or the
really rustic side once my pieces were laid out the way I liked them I grabbed
just some scrap pine that I had using wood glue and my brad nailer I attached
all of these pieces we used one and a quarter-inch Brad
nails for this and I just randomly mailed the board and I did have to go
back and adjust a couple of them after I had cut my triangles but this was a good
start to hold it all together so I could get nice lines for my treat
then using a long piece of wood I just may triangles connecting the top of the
tree down to the base and this would be my cut line I tested my circular saw so
the depth of the blade was just going through the wood that allowed me to work
on these saw horses and cut just the amount of wood that I needed and this
gave me a really nice clean cut all the way up the side of my tree I did take my
trees over to my miter saw my chop saw and just cleaned up some of the edges
that didn't quite make it with the circular saw here also that backbrace
piece I had to trim that a little bit especially at the tip of the tree so
that it would be hidden behind my plank then this step was completely optional
but I just wanted to seal up this wood a little bit
I took some oil-based polyurethane and just gave the trees one coat with a chip
brush this just kind of gives it a little bit of luster and mix that would
come to life but if you would rather the lighter color wood you could definitely
leave the lighter color and not add the sealer either way is fine whichever you
prefer this definitely darkened the color a good bit but it did hydrate the
wood of it as well and just like that I have three a really
cool be plaintiff wood trees I cannot wait to use the holiday and winters
I think they add so much character and charm and it was a really fun way to use
this reclaimed work I hope you enjoyed this project check out this playlist for
a for fun easy building ideas that you can complete and don't forget to
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