Quickest and easiest way to make drawers. Woodworking Project

Welcome to make something with me, Dave Picciuto and today I'm going to
show you the quickest and easiest way I know on how to make drawers. This is for shop furniture or for
furniture in your home. Check it. Today's video is brought to you by
SimpliSafe. So today we are going to. You build a drawer for this
piece of shop furniture. The techniques that I'm using
is for all plywood drawers. So if you're building furniture for
your shop or for inside your house, the techniques will be the same.

The very first thing I need to do
is I need to build out the insides. So it's flush with the face
frame. And as you can see, my sides are a little bit over an inch
deep. When I am building shop furniture, I find that the easiest way to do that
is with a two by four and a table saw. If I was building furniture
for inside the house, I would use something a
little bit more elegant, like a really nice
piece of pine or Poplar. So before we cut that thickness
out of this two by four, I'm going to cut it to
length at the miter saw. And the length that I'm going to use
is the length of my drawer slides. You don't need these fancy
tools to do this job. You can do most of this with a
circular saw and a straight edge.

The reason I am using the fancy expensive
tools is because they all have nice dust collection. It keeps things nice and neat and tidy
and keeps the dust out of my lungs. And repeatability is easier
for these simple drawers. You can get away with doing
this with a circular saw. Now cutting this to thickness would be a
little bit difficult and you might have to get tricky. You might have to glue up some pieces
of plywood to get the thickness that you want. But everything else could
be done with a circular saw. So now over here at the tablesaw. I need to cut my board to the thickness
that we need. But as you can see, my board is taller than
what my blade will go. You could run this through two passes. I've not always been a
big fan of that technique. I really only need about two inches of
this board to attach the door slide.

So. I'm going to run both of
these boys through here first. I've gone ahead and marked my
line for what I want to cut off. You'll find him woodworking. There are multiple ways to do nearly
everything I'm going to do this at the table. Saw you could also do this at
the joiner or the planer or the bandsaw. Typically what I have done in the past
is I've gone ahead and glued these onto the side to make my
life a little bit easier. I'm going to attach the drawer slides
to this first and then glue this on there. The drawer slide needs
to be sticking out a little bit.

So it is flush with the face frame. So I'm going to set this back
here and then I'm going to find where that is flush. And I know that the drawer slide
is going to stick out that much. Now I'm just going to
attach this to the spacer. And then as you can see, it sticks
out front to attach to these, to the inside of the cabinet, I'm
going to glue and screw them on there. And I have a screw that's a
little bit longer than the spacer, and I'm going to pre drill
and then get this screw started. So I can just hold this up
and then screw it inside the cabinet. The reason I'm pre drilling is
because this 2×4 will split pretty, pretty quick and easy. Make sure that that is going to
clear the slide, which it does. And I'm just going to
back it out a little bit. If your drawer is five inches tall. This can go anywhere within that five
inches. So it doesn't really matter. I have a Mark here at three inches
and then a Mark here at three inches, and I'm just going to line them up.

As long as both of the slides
are at the same height, we will be good. I am going to put a bead of glue on here, and I'm only going to
screw in this first screw. Then I can take my square. Obviously I got to loosen
that screw just a little bit, and then I can square that up and then get the other two screws. We have those installed now. And
it's time to make the drawer, which is what we are here for. So this opening is 40
and a quarter inches. To make the front face and the back face, we need to subtract one inch because
this drawer slide in this drawer slide is each a half inch thick.

So we need to make a front
face that is 39 1/4 and a back face that is 39 1/4. I like making my drawers out of
half inch Baltic Birch plywood. It's not as heavy as three quarter inch, but is still super strong
and makes for a hefty drawer. My drawer height is
going to be three inches. So I'm going to cut a couple three inch
strips first and then cut the button back to length. No, I'm cutting the front and back
to length here at the miter saw, and I'm going to cut on
both at the same time.

So they will be the exact same length. So now we need to cut the two end pieces. I want the depth of my
door to be 21 inches. And so that means these pieces have
to be 20 inches because we have the half inch front
and the half inch back. So now we Need to cut a piece
for the bottom of this drawer. Sometimes when I'm making furniture
for pieces for inside the house, I will use eighth inch plywood
and cut a groove on here that the plywood would fit into for
bigger drawers, such as this. And I don't want that
flex in the drawer bottom. I will use half inch plywood
like we're going to do today. So what I want to do is I
want to cut that bottom, the exact size of our drawer. So I'll just kind of
roughly assemble this, make my marks and start cutting. So now we're just going to
glue everything to this bottom piece, and all you need
is glue and clamps. I'm going to use glue and brad nails,
or pin nails to hold it together.

Those bred nails are not going
to add any extra strength. It's just going to hold it together
while the glue dries for me. And since I know that this bottom piece
is square because I cut it square on the table, saw that all I need to do is make sure
everything lines up along the edge. If you are wondering "Picciuto, you're just gluing the bottom on there
and there's no extra reinforcements or dowels or anything that bottom's
going to fall off?" It is not. I'll show you this drawer over here. This holds a bunch of heavy tools. This has been like this
for about three years now. And that bottom is just glued on no
extra reinforcements and it has not come undone. I'm telling you
wood glue is crazy strong. It's stronger than what you might think. So this drawer is going to be perfectly
fine. Just gluing it all together like this. If you're not using a Brad
nailer, throw some clamps on there, wipe off the excess glue and let that dry. If you are using bread nailer,
you can move on to the next step.

So now it's time to install the
drawer, slide onto the drawer. It needs to be at the
same height on both sides. So I cut a piece of scrap
going to set that on there, set this on top of that as a
little jig and screw that in place. Cool. The moment of truth,
let's see if this works. I mean, of course it's going to work. Of course. There it goes. It's got a catch
it's got to. Yeah, look at that. There's a really cool trick to install
the drawer face. That's perfect. Every time it's a trick that
I learned from Stumpy Nubs.

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sponsoring today's video. Now let's get this drawer face installed. You could take this and
then take a clamp on there, clamp that down and then
screw it in from behind. It's really hard to get everything
lined up to where you want it and your eyeball on it.

So instead, we're going to install the handle first, and that's going to make things
a lot easier. Check this out. So we're going to drill the two
holes where my handle is going to go. I've already gone ahead and marked
where those holes need to be. Instead of attaching the handle. Now, let me show you this cool trick. I've got a couple of dry wall screws and
I'm going to temporarily put in here.+ And I'm just going to find
the perfect placement. So if I was trying to line this
up with cabinet doors below, I've put a spacer in there, find that perfect alignment
and then screw this into place. So now I can open up this,
put some screws in here, remove these and attach to my handle.

So I'm just going to throw a clamp on
there to keep those two pieces together. I'm going to get in Dan's way and
then just drive a screw in here, Drill into your knee. One more in the middle. Now I can remove these. So I have to redrill this. So it
comes through the other side here. Now I can take those screws, pop them through And attach my handle. Okay. That is the quickest and easiest
way. I know how to make drawers. And like I mentioned before, when
I'm making furniture for the house, I use the exact same methods when
I'm making it out of plywood. When I'm using solid wood, I use some different techniques
and some different joinery methods. It's a little bit more complicated if
you want me to make a video on that, I will, but I've got a couple of older videos
where I show how to do that in the middle of the project.

So thank you for SimpliSafe
for sponsoring today's video. Thank you for watching. We'll see you in a couple of days
with another video as always be safe, have fun, stay passionate
and Make Something. All day, all day, all day, half the day. Part of the day, I could
do this all day. Part of the day. I can do this all day..

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